Sunday, January 29, 2023

Dec 2022 from Mike - Troy and stamp selection/pondering

I met Mike through the Flourish Forum and we've corresponded a bit. He has been to IAMPETH and I keep forgetting to ask him if he is going to IAMPETH in Chicago in 2024. Obviously, that is a ways into the future and none of us can predict what might happen within the next 30 seconds to possibly prevent travel. I could have (would have) met up with him in person in Omaha - except I had that close encounter with the edge of my kitchen countertop which has altered quite a few things. I am going to pencil in IAMPETH in Chicago - since it is easy for me to get there. Even if I only attended that one Round Robin event in the evening - it would be worth it to sign up and show up. 

I'll jabber more about it - when it gets closer. When they meet in Chicago - it is often times at some college campus that is way the heck out in the suburbs. The thought of being that older lady who is all about penmanship appeals to me. There used to be the sweetest older lady - and it annoys the heck out of me that I can't remember her name. She was sooooo sweet. Not that I am anything like her in terms of sweetness - but, it would be nice to be one of the *elders* in attendance. [quick edit - her name was Irene Calendo]


Troy was keeping an eye on the new stamps and was only interested in half of the cat/dog love stamps - and wondering if I might be interested in whichever one he was less interested in. I was sad to report that while I love cats and dogs equally - I found those particular cats and dogs a little creepy. They remind me of the Keene big-eye portraits. I suggested that even when I do not like an image on a stamp - if the colors are fun to work with - I am oblivious to the subject matter.

He went ahead and ordered some dog/cat/love stamps and was considering more of the George Morrison stamps - which I agree are fabulous. Great colors - and abstract. It doesn't get better than that. 

I have to copy/paste his exact words about letting the colors guide the design because he chose one of my favorite words - and wondered if there was a better one. Nope. That word is perfecto.


I’m starting to adhere to your admonition (I couldn’t think of a better word. If you have one let me know) of matching color with color. That may be the saving point with the Love stamp. 

One question I’m becoming more and more curious about- how many of us spend 5 minutes or more at times debating on what stamps to send to a particular person. 

I think there are ways to do polls online. I’ll look into it. 

Anyway, enough rambling for now. 

BACK TO JEAN'S WORDS: I think it would be fun to poll the readers about how much time is spent deciding who gets which stamp. Oh.My.Gosh. You can't imagine what I go through -- trying to guess - and sometimes I get feedback - for some very random reason -- and it's always fun to find out when there was some serendipity going on. 

I actually think about emailing people to ask about stamp preferences - but - they are fleeting thoughts - and I doubt I would ever go that far. 

Feel free to forward stories about yourselves and the gyrations you go through with stamp decisions.

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