Tuesday, December 31, 2019

End of Year - Off topic

(written on Sept 11, 2019)
(re-written on Dec 26, 2019)

Originally I wrote:
I have 30 days to fill in 2019. This image popped up on my morning surf. It reminded me of my own thoughts of having a grave marker of my own that looked like an envelope and was stamped *Return to Sender.* But, my family doesn't do graves, we scatter.
(More blah-blah-blah has been edited.)

More from 9-11-19:
Whew. What a year. Maybe 2020 will give us a subliminal message to see things clearly and nudge things in a more constructive direction.

It strikes me that in early Sept, I was ready for a fresh start. Or maybe I was just writing the way we all feel when it is time to start a new calendar.

Actual life does not pay attention to pieces of paper with 12 pages of numbers.
Real life just flies in and out -chaotically.
While there are bits and pieces of fun (like when the mail arrives), there are also various bits (and boulders) of news from friends, family, and pen pals that are challenging as well as heart breaking.

In spite of the challenges and heart breaks, so many people send me uplifting thank yous for the blog and the exchange. [staring at the computer screen - trying to find words that match my level of gratefulness] All I can come up with is: Thank you for taking time to thank me. Little did I know how much fun I would have making friends through the blog and through the mail. All y'all rock.

The rest of this post is from 9-11-19

Here is the link to the article about the charming lady who had her favorite recipe carved into her gravestone. There are no details about Naomi and I couldn't even find her obituary. I made spritz cookies for years. I do not have a press anymore - but if I find one to borrow, I think I might make them one more time.

spritz cookie gravestone

Happy New Year
Thanks to everyone who shares my love of letters - both the alphabet and mail.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Wedding planning

This was going to be my Jan 1, 2020 post, but I discovered that I had one random empty post to fill in December.

This was going to announce that I am ditching any plan for orderly posting or organization or logic in 2020.

Real time comment.
I already alluded to this grand announcement. Because I write the posts ahead of time and then go back and edit, none of my comments are sequential.

If we were to review my 4,000+ posts, we would see that the quest for organization has been going on since the beginning (2010) and very little progress has been made. It is time to let it go. It is time to embrace chaos and disorganization. Not everywhere - just on the blog. It has taken me almost 10 years to figure out that the blog is a perfect place to park my chaos and disorder.


This photo is from Style Me Pretty. I like the writing on the envelope liner. I love lined envelopes.

Ten years ago, I was doing a ton of wedding work and pondering the hopes and dreams of a possible wedding for my daughter. I had some layouts for wedding invitations that I had started when she was in grade school. All I cared about was the invitation and paper items for the wedding.

I even spotted the groom-to-be in a photo. She was home for a holiday and showed me some photos from a party with co-workers. I pointed to one guy and said, "He's cute. Is he nice?" She said, rather wistfully, "Yeah, he's really nice. But he's the guy that all the girls are chasing. I'm not even going to try." Those are probably not her exact words - but close enough.

Ten years later, she is happily married (to THAT guy) with a darling 6-yr old daughter. I saw a cake on Pinterest (pictured below). I clicked on it and saw the invitation and immediately emailed her the link and asked if it was too soon to start a pin board for her daughter's wedding. (She wisely ignored me. She's busy with things that matter.)

Keep in mind, this is not a real wedding. Stylists set up fake weddings to promote ideas. If you would like to see the whole fake wedding, here is the link:


Here is a link to the woman who produced the invitation:


Here is the cake.
I agree that it is timeless.
Let's see - If Alex gets married around 30 - that will be in 14 years and I will be 82. Sheila Waters just turned 90 and her penmanship is still in fine shape -- so I'll keep my fingers crossed that Nanna gets to do her invitations.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Bonus Post - The Orphan File

This seems like Maggie's, but I could be wrong.
The orphan folder is where I put all the photos that I find in random places - and I can't remember if they have been posted.

There are quite a few - and I will not be able to put names on all of them.

I'm writing this on Oct 15 which was a pretty good day. At least it was pretty good at 6:30 am.

Today's regular post is right below. Although it is probably too much of a rerun of yesterday to be very interesting.

From Smash.

Vellum envelope from Smash

From MissCathy

From Lynne

From GraceE

From Lauren to Sara - but it was returned after about a year.
The same thing happened to my envelope to Sara.

More BIG Copic Leslie

Remember that trial sheet from yesterday? I was going to put it in my pile of scratch paper and flipped it to the wrong side. There was so much bleed-through - that it caught my eye. I did not take a picture of it without the addition - the addition was the LESLIE KANE you see. I tried to fix the S and I wanted to put some space between the LE and the LI - so there is some improvement.

I also wanted to try some different versions on the letters in the last name.
Below is just the paper - not cropped.
Although, I am liking the space.

And below that is the flip side of the the image to the right. Somehow, I can see doing the entire address at the very bottom.

Mostly I could explore this whole method for the entire day. But, my to-do list is making some serious threats.

This will get a follow-up label.

Saturday, December 28, 2019


Writing on Oct 9th. Two days left to fill. I am pretty sure I have mentioned - previously - that a good way to compose envelopes would be to write on paper and then crop to your liking.

You can see the first attempt below. I needed to fix that S and the L was wonky.

The S was still too small at the top, so I added those lines and I actually think that bit of texture adds some visual interest.

I do not like how the li combo looks like a t on both of them. But, I have to let this one go. The part of me that is eager to wrap up 2019 and approach 2020 with a few changes is ....... on a roller coaster of --- you can do it ---followed by --- you are delusional. And yet, there are a couple things that I have completely modified in the past couple years. So, I'll remain hopeful that I can implement long lasting change.

I will refrain from calling this a resolution. The only reason I am even launching a change is because I file the envelopes by year.

Leslie mentioned that she liked to see her name BIG on the envelopes. I think she probably prefers lovely traditional calligraphy. I might attempt some of that.

Some day.



Real time P.S. Embracing the chaos. I edited out some of the stuff I wrote in October. The only thing I know is that the blog will be there - faithfully - every single day. Until I expire. (or some condition arises and I will have someone in charge of notifying you) It will be daily. It will be fairly short and sweet. It will aspire to inspire. Nuf said.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Bonus post - Maggie's holiday artwork

Maggie sent these -- and I assume she knows I post whatever people send unless they say - Don't post this.

I can't tell if they are cards or the the left side of envelopes. Either way, they are gorgeous. There is nothing like *after-xmas* to get me all worked up to start on the following xmas ---
and then by Nov - I am just like everyone else - scrambling to get things done.

I'm looking forward to some springtime variations of these techniques - from both Maggie and Ruth...and anyone else who is tempted.

Maggie also let me know that there is another brush - besides the wedge brush that she really likes -
“beste” angular brush 
from Jerry's Artarama

Today's regular post is right below.

Janet's Scooby + Chuck's stars

Janet's style of writing would make a perfect example for how you could make something really fun without an exemplar. You could take some random lettering and add big chunky serifs and then outline it. Starting with an uber-bold marker will make it much easier. Now that I am looking at it - she might have started with a chisel point - which is a little trickier. I'll flag this to return and maybe offer a tutorial.

My suggestion for anyone who wants to write like Chuck - get yourself some really fine tipped pens and markers and a ton of patience and lay off the coffee.
 I wonder if he had templates for the stars? I wonder if there is a quick trick for making a star if you only have a circle template?
You only need one angle. Will someone pleeeeease leave an answer in the comment section.

Real time P.S.
There have been some nice comments left on the posts. Regular readers probably don't go back to look for comments - so I will let you know that it only takes one comment to give me enough incentive to pursue something I have mentioned. One person liked the idea of being a volunteer to respond to letters from Santa - so I will look into post office policies and report back.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Bonus Post - Ruth's Poinsetta

Today's regular post (below this one) is a hodge podge. I have no idea if it is even worth looking at.

This is one of the envelopes that Ruth did for her 2019 holiday mailing.

I'm getting closer and closer to buying one of those wedge brushes.

Hopefully, I have time to find the link to the person who teaches the classes - if not, you can do a search for *Ruth* on this blog - and it should lead you to a previous post that gives the link to the person who teaches wedge brush flowers.

I wonder if there are any YouTube videos on wedge brush flowers. I do not have time to look right now, but maybe I will on the 26th. I make cinnamon rolls on the 25th and then I eat some and then on the 26th, I take a day off to recuperate.

Here is the IG for Phyllis who teaches wedge brush flowers - and yes, if you search YouTube, there are lessons, but I have not looked at any of them.


Holiday Hangover HodgePodge

Did this one already run? Me testing all my markers in stripes is not a new idea.

The rest of this week might be a hodgepodge of whatever I find as I straighten up my virtual desktop.

Dec 21: Yesterday BigHelpfulBrother came over to find a pen to write his Xmas cards. I will refrain from describing the process of a non-applied-artist choosing a pen. After he found a pen he liked he asked if I had any computer issues for him to sort out. I attempted to pull up the two emails with questions that had his response, "I will have to come over to help you with this in person." Often times he can help me via FaceTime. All of a sudden the mouse FROZE. Then we spent about a half hour trying to clear things up and there were ominous warnings. I'll leave out a whole bunch of stuff that is boring, yet scary, when you are faced with the possibility of losing stuff on your computer.

If you do not have adequate backup of the stuff you want -- don't forget to backup.

That is like telling you to brush your teeth. You say, "Yah-yah-yah."

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Where's the post? Chuck and Karen save the day.

As I write this,  it is still Dec 18, about 20 minutes after I discovered that Dec 19 had no words. I've been reading all the scheduled posts to see if I missed any words and discovered that Dec 25th was devoid of both words and an image. Maybe I had something in mind. Also -- I'm reminded that I made the announcement that Hunter - my son - has gone to work for the PO. I was guessing back in October that by December, I would have some good stories about the inner workings of the post office. Actually, I have enough to start a new blog - but I am going to rein myself in on the story telling.

At some point, I will start sharing some of the information that explains some of what's going on that causes (some of) the post office customers so much frustration. But for now, I will just tell my favorite story of the season.

Hunter chose *rural* delivering rather than city delivering. He is in the heavily populated suburbs where he does not walk from house to house or business to business. He drives a truck and either delivers to mailboxes that are at the curb or fills those giant cluster boxes that you see at apartment buildings and in some neighborhoods.

One day in early December, he saw a flag sticking up on a mailbox indicating that there was a piece of outgoing mail. He opened the box and there was an envelope, no stamp, and childlike printing that said -- Santa. During his training for the job they had not covered letters to Santa so he decided to bring it back to the station even though it was missing a stamp. He figured they would just dump it in the U-dub. I think that's what they call the tub of mail that is probably undeliverable as well as unreturnable and someone else deals with it. He showed it to the supervisor who said - "Oh, we forward letters to Santa to --- "  I have forgotten what he learned -- but they do send them somewhere. I Googled and read a nice article about the volunteers who read and respond to letters to Santa. Now, I have to find out if I can become a volunteer.


And, good ol' Chuck sent this image to me - so that I have an image for today. Next year, I hope to observe all of the seasonal holidays. The PO provides the stamps and I like the designs.

Good ol' Karen sent me some wonderful photos of a table scape. She arranged her holiday mail as well as other calligraphic work on the table, covered it with clear plastic. You may see more images at her InstaGram account. Click on this image (at her IG) and then you click side-arrows to see more shots of the table. I should have posted this earlier - but it is an idea that would work at any time of the year. How about John Hancock's birthday which is coming up in January?

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

CathyO - Queen of Italics

I'm declaring CathyO the queen of italics. She has many ladies-in-waiting, but her italics are really dreamy.

The Bister ink is dreamy as well. And, once again, I regret that I did not buy those PO mural stamps. Last time I was whining about not getting any, Marti let me know that they are still available.

Soooo pretty.


Some years I post a long story on Christmas Eve. Maybe someday, I will figure out a way to organize all the stories.

In the meantime, here is a story that I really like --about a gift.

Mr. Wilson knows how to do taxes, so he does them. He did them every year for my parents and his parents and all three kids, and for a friend of his. He was very organized with files, etc. No matter how hard he tried to get things done ahead of time, other people would always cause delays and April 15th was always an insane time of year. But, he managed to get 'em done.

One year, during the era when I was teaching art and calligraphy classes at our local museum, we were sitting in our sunroom chit chatting about charitable donations. Someone else was present - possibly my parents. I made a very ornery comment that I had no idea how much our yearly charitable donations were because Mr. Wilson made all of them and he did not share that information with me. Furthermore, I did not get to participate in deciding where the donations went. It wasn't like I had ever shown an interest. I was always preoccupied with other things and figured he was doing a good job at making charitable decisions.

After I made my snarky comment, Mr. Wilson, because he had an audience, adopted a humorous *huffy* attitude and said, "YOU sign the tax return every year. The amount is right there in front of you if you cared to read it."  [Side note: this would have happened back in the day that we actually signed returns. Signatures are now electronic.] He knew that I never looked at the numbers, I just signed the paper. It was not enough for him to tell me that it was my own fault that I did not know how much our charitable donations had been, he went to his closet with all the important documents in binders and pulled out a big black binder. He flipped through, scanned down the page, and started making some really ghastly noises. None of us had any idea what it meant.

Eventually, his breathing returned to normal and he said that he had completely omitted the charitable donation amount. I asked if he could file an amended return. He said yes. I asked if that meant we would get money back. He said yes. I asked if I could have all of it. He said yes.

Yippee. Mad money.
I figured I should use it for charitable donations.

The next time I was at the museum where I taught, I told the director of the studio education program what had happened. I knew her well enough to share the story about Mr Wilson and my windfall of monies to be donated. I asked her how much she thought I should donate to the the museum. Without skipping a beat, she said, "All of it." I laughed and said, "Yes, you are right." We proceeded to discuss what would be the best use of the money.

It always bothered me that the folding chairs we were using in classes were the folding chairs from 1949, when the museum was built. Any time we had family events where adults and kids could sit and work on art projects, the smaller kids would sit on their knees on the chairs and if they were not careful, the chairs would fold up and dump the kid on the floor. It was so dangerous. I dreaded the thought of being present when some poor kid caught their fingers or hand in a collapsing chair.

My friend agreed that new chairs were in order. We were able to buy enough stacking chairs for every classroom and there was money left over for some new tables. My only regret is that I did not insist on a *Donated by Jean Wilson* to be stamped on the back of every single chair. I know they would have done it if I had asked.

So, it was a nice gift and I received a very nice letter from the director of the museum. And little children's fingers have been saved.

Sadly, we were not able to come up with a cool project to turn the retired chairs into works of art.  This all happened just a bit before *upcycling* became trendy. I know they went to places that needed them, but it would have been fun to upcycle them, and sell them and make even more money for the museum's education program.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their favorite level of giftyness at this gifty time of year.

Monday, December 23, 2019

To Sam - Mid-century design for Crush

Big oops yesterday -- I had the wrong name. It was Alyce who sent the adorable postal themed card and envelope. Thanks, Alyce.

This was an idea for mid-century design that did not work out at all. Rather than waste the envelope, I sent it to Sam. She sent me her favorite Gee's Bend quilt stamp back in July or maybe it was June and I have been having a hard time doing an envelope worthy of the stamp. So, Sam gets a lot of mail letting her know that I have not forgotten.

As I write this on Oct 8th, I have noted that i can't count and that I actually have 6 days to fill. Also, today is the day that I have to finish the bible project. A nice man asked me to write family trees in bibles that are to be Christmas gifts.
The pressure of writing in bibles is intense. Thankfully he contacted me in August, so I have not had to do this under a time crunch. Although a time crunch might have been better. This way, I have spent far too much time obsessing over how to not make mistakes.

I did not have any mid-century stamps - but the colors on this one are so perfect.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Alyce's Adorable Postman

Here is the rest of the story of Hunter going postal illustrated with the most perfect postal card and envelope from Alyce.
I just love it.

Younger son, Hunter, grew up playing hockey with a guy who was *wild and crazy." Long story short, Hunter launched his career in the food world making pizza at the restaurant that the *wild and crazy* guy ended up owning. Over the years, Hunter learned every aspect of the restaurant and was even able to run the restaurant when the *w&c* guy took off on vacations. Hunter had a food truck with another guy and spent one year getting an actual restaurant up and running with him. But, after high school + plus college years working in restaurants and then 10 years after college, learning the ins and outs of running restaurants, Hunter said, "I think I want to work for the Post Office."

Whaaaa?  Where did that come from? Apparently after he graduated from college he mentioned his interest in the PO to his dad and Mr Wilson discouraged him. So, he stuck with the restaurants until he hit a wall.

So, as I write this - it is the first week in October and he is just finishing up his training at the *academy.* He will start on the job training next week. I imagine by the time we are reading this he will be beyond exhausted. They work 7 days a week during the holiday season. I'll add an update. Obviously, I am wildly excited about learning some of the things that go on in the PO inner sanctum. I can tell you which career I would have chosen, postal inspector. Wow. It's like FBI and CIA for envelopes. Right up my alley.

That looks like a little girl on Alyce's card -- but my Hunter also looks like a little girl sometimes -- if it is 2 am and you are at a bar with girls who want to make a guy look like a little girl. So, there's my little boy - on the right.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

To Robert - Arts&Crafts Design for Crush

As I write this on Oct 8th, I am celebrating that I only have 5 days to fill on the blog and then 2019 is a wrap. This envelope was a design idea for an article I am writing for Calligraphy Crush eMagazine. I ended up ditching the idea of using envelopes as examples.

It's a really fun magazine that you might want to subscribe to if you are interested in calligraphy and lettering. There is a new issue out - and my article will be in the next issue - coming out in 2020.


I knew I would not have any arts & crafts stamps and would have to use whatever I had on hand. I liked the colors and if time permits, I would like to pull a little more color into the flowers.

Note-to-self: Actually it is a question. Did you make peace with your decision to not do any halloween exchange envelopes? I know you were thinking about it - but, you often times turn to your envelopes to avoid some chores that need to be done. Which way did you go? I recall that you were greatly encouraged by Leslie and Sam who sent several envelopes for you to post in 2020. They are on the honor roll. How many more have been sending mail to post? It's been rewarding to have this blog turn into a group effort.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Sept from Chuck - Pretzel Tree

It's a pretzel tree from Chuck. All y'all probably did not know that pretzels grew on trees.

Eating my first pretzel roll was mind blowing. How could something this wonderful exist and I did not know. I've had more than a couple experiences like that. Boursin cheese. I wonder if anyone serves a burger on a pretzel roll with Boursin cheese - or if that would even be any good.

That photo of me that I use for my Google ID is very dated. But, I will probably keep it forever because it was a phone snapshot that my daughter took when we were at Kuma's Corner in Chicago. It was the scene of my first pretzel roll. It's a biker bar. It's so loud my head almost exploded. I wonder if I have already written about this. I had raved about it so much that my younger son (the faux-chef*) wanted to go. So, I've been there twice. I need to make a point of going again sometime. I bet they love the grannies.

* a faux-chef is someone who just learned how to be the *chef* by working in a restaurant. Technically - they are just a cook. But, when they know how to make everything on the menu and can be the sub for the real chef -- then they get to be an honorary chef. I offered to send him to chef school. But he decided to go postal. Whaaaaa?  Rest of story to follow.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Kitchen from CarolV

Dec 18, 2019 (written yesterday.)
Once upon a time, I pulled up the blog and discovered that all my pre-scheduled posts had run and I was one day away from missing a day. It jolted me into being vigilant.

Then, yesterday, I awoke at 3:30 am, headed out the door at 5 am (in Chicago) and was back in the studio before noon. I pulled up the post for today and there were pictures, but no words. Quite a jolt.

I love the little kitchen card. A-dor-a-ble. I love little kitcheny stuff. The trip to Chicago was lovely. An Uber driver asked where we were from. Des Moines, Iowa. Then he said he did not want to offend us but wondered if we had a farm. Note to self: dream up some kind of very interesting story for Uber drivers who clearly enjoy stories. Or maybe he wanted a tip. Now that Uber added the option for tipping, I've noticed that drivers are much more chatty.

I better check the rest of the posts that are scheduled and see if any others are missing words. I promise I will make art related comments instead of road-weary-jibber-jabber.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Emus from Gloria

As 2019 sped by, the exchange lost all the non-USA exchangers except for Gloria. Gloria had some very fun enclosures in her envelope. Those emus are perfect in their position along the bottom edge.

I do not have time to research emus and ostriches - but they look like cousins. I bet it is interesting to know if they are related. Scientists have done that genome project to trace how all the humans are related - are they doing any of that with other species.

I was fortunate enough to visit Australia in 2013 and they have some really loud birds. Raucous.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sam's sideways hearts and fish-lips

Sam calls the one below Fish-Lips. These are both really nice designs. The colors and overall design are contemporary and show that good design does not have to be complicated.

Choose three elements.
Make one dominant - the second one in the middle and then -
make the third one very subtle.


Monday, December 16, 2019

Shout out to Heidi

Heidi's been a frequent exchanger and sadly, she sent this to tell me that she has to take a break from exchanging. I totally get it. She called it a leave of absence. We'll miss you Heidi.

I have her address -- and if I ever get my grand tour organized, I'm going to route myself through her neck of the woods - pacific northwest. I've been as far as that town in the midst of the Redwoods - but not any further north and I have a whole bunch of NW pen pals.

Humboldt. I love Google. Two clicks to find the name. The motel was funny. Western themed rooms. They put us in the jail. Or maybe we just wished that there was a jail themed room. My new plan is to embrace my ebbing memory and just make up whatever I feel like for memories.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Leslie's graffiti w/ World Games stamp


That sums up this envelope.

It's a good idea that could be tailored to fit with any stamp. It's getting the stealworthy label.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

JeanR - Surprises

I like Jean's quote on her card. That design element along the left side is stealworthy. You would not even have to have it line up. You could layer the letters and bounce them around a bit.

The stamp is perfect. Boring repetitive grumbling that I did not buy any of the magic stamps.

When I read this post on the 14th, I will be in Chicago observing the 4th birthday of my grandson. Heaven help us. It's not that he's 100% difficult, it's that he is full of surprises. JeanR always has such a delightful perspective on life and challenges. I will resolve to enjoy the surprises.

And full of questions. Last time I was visiting he was reminding me that someday I would die. Yes, I know.
Then he asked, "How do you die?"
I replied, "Well, your heart stops beating and your lungs stop breathing, and then everything ends."
And then he asked, "What happens to your energy?"
At that point, I had to go with the generic, "I don't know. Some things are mysterious."

Not to him.
He said, "Your energy probably goes into other people."
Now we know.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Birthday Greetings to Hyong from Janet

In Dec of 2018 I invited penpals to send a birthday greeting to my son's girlfriend. This one is from Janet.

I did not do a good job of filing the images that people sent to me....so I'm not sure they will all get posted. I really appreciate it when I readers find time to send out extras.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Fatima's Summer/Fall White on Brown

Dark metallic with white ink is so pretty. This one did not get any cancelling and the nice people at the PO refrained from the ugly Sharpie slashing.

I like the way she worked the name into the wreath. This would have been a fun one to run earlier to inspire a holiday envelope. Although, I think wreaths are appropriate at any time of year.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

CathyO + Maggie - beachy pastels

CathyO - top

Maggie - below

I know of a couple readers of the blog who spend time in beachy places during the winter. It sounds so tempting.

The seashell stamps are pretty and probably still available. Sadly - I am still trying to resolve my stamp hoard, so I am not allowing myself to buy any stamps. Seems like I've spent the entire year trying to use up stamps. The end is near. Will their be a celebration?

Maybe I should tie in the end of the hoard celebration with the 10th anniversary of the blog celebration. (In Feb -- somewhere warm)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

July Kelly stamp from Lauren

I wonder if Lauren remembers what she used for the yellow. She wrote on the white envelope and then filled in all that yellow. I can't see any overlap - so I don't think it was marker. And it doesn't look like she used Post-It tape to cover the words.

I think the card is jelly-print -- or some such thing. It seems like I don't have time to do anything other than envelopes, so I tune out all the other mediums. I'll refrain from whining about the way time flies leaving too little time to experiment and putter.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Last three 2018 Holiday Envelopes- Smash, Lynne, Anthea

These three were hiding - and I had hoped to have all the 2018 holiday mail posted prior to the time people would be working on their holiday cards.
But - this is how it's going to be. The method of organizing has given me some much needed structure - and while not perfect - it's good enough.

Oh, I just remembered why these were in a different stack - because they could have been appropriate at other times of the year. Well - they are going to have to be happy in December. Shifting posts is never fun and I've pretty much taken a vow to not do it. 

Hopefully everyone is having fun with the holidays and inspired to say:
"I do not do that anymore...."
if they feel like ditching an obligations. Trust me - ditching obligations can be very freeing.

From Susan M - AKA Smash
From LynneS
From Anthea.