Tuesday, April 30, 2013

chuck - stone

so, i was trying to copy some lettering done by jeri. i didn't really look at hers, just tried to remember the idea. i really should have looked at hers. i painted in the myrick first. then decided to try the water+G-Tec technique on the chuck and that wasn't such a good idea. but, i am tossing this in here because i have 3 days of other people's art. i want you to know i am still sneaking time in to make stuff while i am racing around with the big moving project that i am sure you are all very tired of hearing about...trust me...i'm tired, too.

then...chuck sent this cool B. he drew it with a .25 G-Tec, then went back a couple days later and used a water brush to dissolve the ink. cool, eh?

i noticed that different colors of G-Tec ink are more prone to dissolving than others. there are a bunch of examples coming up.

guest artist - cheism


above is a link to his blog, and there is a link to his website on the blog

every once in a while i google *mail art* just to see if anything new pops up. this caught my eye. following the link to his website -- the type and letter section drew me in...and oh-my-gosh -- how perfect is this. my son, skip, is a skier and this alphabet is called skiphabet. it  would be fun to have letters spelling out a name, rather than the whole alphabet. too many ideas....

Monday, April 29, 2013

popular daisy

in past posts, i have shown the envelope from this blog that has the most re-pins on pinterest, as well as the all time most pinned vintage envelope. this is one that i keep seeing over and over so, i thought i would include it.

the scanner is not yet set up so, i am scheduling a few days of images from things i find on the internet.

i am not usually a fan of the patriotic stamps, but the way the lady appears to be looking up at the flower is a nice touch. also, the touch of blue-gray is very nice.

remember, if you want to steal this idea and make some vertical flowery envelopes, you will need to put on the amount of postage for a non-conforming size....which, i believe is 66-cents at this moment.

i bet she took it in and asked them to hand cancel it.

it is by Gerry Jackson Kerdok. remember, you can see lots of fun envelopes at the graceful envelope website.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

sunday guest artist

another one from the flugge collection.

Peta Coplons lives and works in South Africa. Her books for children include, Spaghetti For Suzy and Frightened Fred.

adorable...i like the way the stamp is a bit off kilter

Saturday, April 27, 2013

repeat on the topic of brush lettering

annie commented on the post below that she is interested in brush lettering. here is one that i posted a while back, that shows how quickly jackie progressed with her brush lettering.
i'll look for some more traditional brush lettering, too.

from jackie - bold brush

on the back of this envelope, jackie wrote:

"I am not - I repeat - not a world famous brush artist. obviously. (Maybe someday?)"

if the address lines were the scale of the design on the stamp, i think it would have been perfect.

it may not be the best brush lettering in the world. but, fur shur, it is not the worst
trust me...

on monday, my husband and son needed me to send in a request for tickets to a Further concert series. the ticket request must come in an envelope, postmarked on a certain day and listing which shows you want tickets for on the envelope. many people send decorated envelopes. Further is a band with members who were formerly in the Grateful Dead, so, many Dead Heads are fans of Further. GDTSTOO stands for Grateful Dead Ticket Sales Too (i think) if you go their site (gdtstoo.com), you will see that the typical decorated envelopes are all very hippy-dippy. i like my envelopes to stand out for paying homage to tie-die, but otherwise, being legible. i thought the stick figures were a nice touch and hopefully, the people who are deciding who gets the limited number of tickets will choose the father-son combo. i was going to put a cartoon of myself in the right corner...but, my choices for how to portray myself were verging on sarcastic, so, i left well enough alone.

i included the detail photo to show how well the G-Tecs worked on the tie-die. i only allowed myself to work very fast and no planning or do-overs.  they could have told me to make the envelope over the weekend, instead, they tell me at noon on monday that it needs to go in the mail on monday.

so, should i mention my son's long hair? he wore it like jim carey in dumb and dumber all through high school and i begged him to grow it longer. then he bought a hair clipper and buzzed it himself all through college. i would BEG him to let it grow out. after college, i pestered him daily. he was living at home and i can't remember why he finally stopped cutting it (i guess i wore him down). then i noticed that girls were showing up at lunch time and he was grilling yummy sandwiches for them. then he moved out. clearly the longer hair had turned him into a chick magnet. he had no girlfriends in h.s. or college. i would have told him to just maintain the tousled look, but he has let it get to ponytail length, which is probably better since he works in a restaurant. and my stick figure does not do him justice at all.

the likeness of my husband is a better likeness than any photograph of him.
i used silver gel pen on his hair because he has that silver-fox wavy hair.
way too much information for a blog that refuses to digress into personal stories. maybe just this once.
cuz it is saturday

and who likes my bent paper clip envelope holder? i was wondering if there was a website devoted to clever uses for bent paperclips. yes, there is a bent paper clip website, but it seems to be just a home page. i wish i could submit my clever use.

Friday, April 26, 2013

stella's vine step 2

ok stella-bella (i gave her a middle name since she didn't tell me what hers is.)
first i tried pulling color off the g-tec ink, but it was too dry. then i painted in some greenish tones using gouache. then i looked for a stamp. next i will paint the other half of the leaves and the descenders purple and  then i will fill in the counters with red.
i like this new concept of photographing the progress. although, it is cutting into my other chore-time.

stella - diamonds

i started doing my own version of some lettering that looked quite a bit like this and then added the lines -without penciling first- which was a mistake. it was all out of whack, so i added the diamonds and now i don't know what to do with it because it's not working for me, but it's so darn happy - papadopoulos is a challenge... i would need to do a couple hundred to really get a feel for how to make it pretty every time without penciling first. maybe i need her middle name so that the first and middle names balance the last name.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

stella - vine

i saw that vine on pinterest and loved it. this looks like it needs something else, but i am not sure what. it might look just fine after i add her real address. and the stamp to send it to canada will be that round earth stamp...which might look nice. or maybe i need an assortment of stamps. and then color in the leaves. i should try the nancy-technique of pulling color off the g-tec lines.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stella arcs

i told stella i was going to do a whole series on her name and she replied - you better get some long envelopes. so - here comes a series of squished letters.
also done while i was moving and had only black and blue pens....no color.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

kathy 2swoop

another idea off pinterest. just plug *envelope* into the search box. i am sure you will see those two swoops. i like to combine styles. i wonder if it would have looked better to have Wolf in a script rather than having it the same as kathy. and i forgot to put anything in all caps. but, i like the overall look and have been doing quite a few of these.

before i left to go to the p.o., i took some of the edges of the sticker paper around the stamps and covered up the over flowing fish bowl. i didn't even try to make a nice pattern. the visual relief of the white was enough of an improvement that i was able to send it. sorry, i don't have time to figure out how to change the direction of the photo. the georgia o-keefe stamp is so perfect with the watery G-Tec

Monday, April 22, 2013

bonus post

i had lunch at peggy's last wednesday and have been trying to make a thank you and it is dragging on. on the top one, i liked the eggy, but there are too many layers on the P and i need to just get it in the mail. i tried to do a better one, but the second eggy is terrible, but it is a nice crane's envelope and i can't bear to throw it out. i was only at her house for 2 hours and i am close to having more than 2 hours of fretting in on these envelopes. but, the part i want you to see is how the G-Tec turns into a nice wash. you have to do it as soon as you write. over time, the G-Tec ink dries. not permanent. but it will only do a nice wash right away. yes, i am trying to make som nancy-versals. i did a couple that were ok with gouache and wanted to see what would happen with g-tecs...

kathy pine trees

another idea lifted from pinterest on the evening i was so tired all i could do was lift ideas. i changed the names. and this is a fake address.
and i only had one stamp for this series. and i only had one black pen and one blue pen. and no scanner. i hope by the time this post actually appears on the blog i am settled into my new streamlined space.

p.s. this p.s. is current and being settled into new space is looking like a very complicated process. please bear with me through this chaos.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

sunday guest artist

a while back i posted several envelopes from the collection of klaus flugge, a publisher of children's books in the UK. i found more and these have more info on the artists.

Susan Varley was taught by Tony Ross. One of her most popular books is Badger’s Parting Gifts which won a Mother Goose Award in 1985. 

for those of you who think artists are just born talented and able to paint like this...note that she had a teacher. a few people are born with the ability to draw and paint, but most artists study.  

and according to a wonderful book that was sent to me recently...artists steal.
it is as if the author lives in my brain and collects my thoughts.
and now he has written them down to validate everything i have learned.
steal like an artist, by austin kleon


the subtitle is:
10 things nobody told you about being creative.

i will have to search my own blog posts and see if i have mentioned all ten.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

from jackie - witch hat

this is what jackie wrote on the back of the envelope:

I was trying to go for a sort of Halloween look on this one, but maybe I only achieved messiness.

i mentioned a while back that i prefer small addresses, but that jackie has a knack for filling up the space. this was the one i was thinking of. i like it a lot.
yes, it isn't all tidy and *perfect*...but, it's witchy. so, it shouldn't be all tidy and perfect.

Friday, April 19, 2013

k&r and chuck

these two are from the series i did on the night i was sooooo very tired from moving, and wanted to do something fun, and i went surfing for ideas. there were some very perfectly symmetrical victorian borders on some images on the sheaff website. i did very loose cartoonish loops to see if i could figure out the path of the line. these are a bit like celtic knots. it's fun to figure out the path without any guidelines at all. if you want to make them more accurate, you use graph paper or paper with dots in a grid. i like the wonkiness of these. i did the top one first and thought it was a little wimpy. it needed a punch and the lettering i chose did not provide any punch. you will have to trust me that the bottom one looked really BAD when it was just a bold stroke. i wish i had an image to show you. the fine line made all the difference, proving once again, that CONTRAST is our friend. remember...contrast is one of the design PRINCIPLES that we should always remember. learn what it is and USE it. why am I shouting today?
because i am writing this on a day that i will be teaching.

my poor, poor students...maybe they wear earplugs.

on kathy and robert, i will center the address below the ampersand and plunk a stamp in the center above the ampersand.
and no, it does not bother me at all the way i had to squeeze the T into the layout. did you even notice it until i mentioned it?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

smash - vanishing species

i can't tell whether that is me in the center of the vanishing species silhouettes -or- a letter carrier?

silhouettes - something else i would like to do, but will not have time to learn.

thanks smash.

i have been taking phone photos of envelopes  and putting them in the schedule to pop up and have been anxiously waiting to see how photos compare to scans...and then i realized that i can post anything i like any time i like, so i pulled this one out to see how it looks....
please let me know if you think photos are better than, worse than or the same as scans.

teal - scroll border

this is an ok start...can't decide what to do next. this might not count as a legitimate post. i'll try to find something else to post today.

tomorrow there will be two. i thought they looked better together.

also, thank you alyce for the *smashing* envelope. i will scan it and post it after she receives it. (and steal the idea :-)

ok here is something worth adding.
a biscuit that was mailed.

it was on the English Antiques Roadshow, the woman just talked to the host, no value was suggested, although i would consider it priceless. It is a biscuit that that was sent to her grandmother by her brother in 1915. He was in the army and wanted to show her how hard these biscuits were, he just addressed it and put a stamp on it.

 more than 10 years ago, there was a u.s. stamp that featured baseball parks. i did a series of mailings as well as an invitation where the message was printed on hot-dog-pink paper, rolled up,  put into an actual hot dog bun, then put in a waxed paper bag and there was a band of paper around that with the address and stamps. the ends of the hot dog bun showed so it looked like it was an actual hot dog being mailed. all of them went through the mail just fine. i stopped sending things like that after the p.o. had the anthrax incidents and started asking questions about  --is there anything fragile, liquid or perishable--

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

teal - unfinished

this is just colored pencil without any white gel pen. i like colored pencil a lot. but can't figure out how to finish this one. i guess the name stacey was done with a white or pale gray colored pencil.

the circles of letters were done by a friend at our monthly lettering club gathering. i had a sample of a circle of  ggggg's and thought it would be fun to do all the letters. i have some penciled and hopefully will get them done and posted eventually.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

from jackie - neuland orange

this is what jackie wrote on the back of the envelope:
(I spent all evening on these Neulandesque letters. Still not satisfied with the stamp. .. security envelope does not bother me now.)

neuland is a style of lettering done with a broad edge nib or pen and you make only thick strokes, no thins. this actually reminds me of phoenician more than neuland.

they wrote right to left, so if you can imagine this flipped (mirror image) i think jackie's "jean" looks phoenician and i hope someone has time to make a complete alphabet. also, jackie's phoenician tilts upwards which is much nicer than the droopy-ness on the phoenician.

Monday, April 15, 2013

teal with colored pencils

i tried some white gel pen and colored pencils on this teal envelope. it is a paper source envelope called peacock.

if i get organized, i will post a sample envelope from a wedding that was on april 13th. i did teal gouache on white. it was very pretty. the save the dates went in a teal envelope with white gel addressing, but no colored pencil. i also sent the bride a set of pre-addressed envelopes with thank you cards.

i can't remember if i talked to her about stamps....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

smash curly

remember what i said last week about colored pencils being lifesavers. yup. they are quick, easy and fun. foolproof. not that the design really has anything to do with the stamp. just the color. but that's enough for me.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

john neal beads

this really is the last earthscape stamp. i was thinking about the envelope that alyce sent, but was too lazy to go find it or pull it up on a screen, so, this was as much as i could remember. wavy lines and dots. i know there were more details. but somehow, this seemed like enough. maybe it was because i can't really picture john being enthralled with a whole bunch of dangles and beads. this looks a little more like a circuit board. the trees on the stamp are just dots, so, it made sense to repeat dots.

the marker letters and details are zigs. the tiny details and writing are G-Tecs.
if you don't have the set of 10 colored G-Tec, available from john, i would have to say they are on my list of *must-haves* - if you are serious about your envelopes.

Friday, April 12, 2013

new stamps

these stamps are now available at the p.o. and tomorrow is the local lettering club get-together. the topic is flowery stuff. so, the timing is perfect. can't wait to make some envelopes with these.

there is also a sheet from the modern art series covering 1913 to 1931. i like that they are not going by straight decades. the armory show was in 1913, not sure why the cut off is 1931, but i imagine something important happened in 1932. too much art history lesson for this frivolous blog.

to see the modern art stamps, go to usps.com and click [shop] and go to [forever] in case you are new to the blog, you can order all the stamps online. easier than a trek to the p.o.

fan mail

look at this cool fan mail. thanks *m*....i really appreciate hearing from my readers. and i think *m*s style of writing is way-cool. i like the playfulness and the way she only has long descenders. the e's (on the note) do not have any loop. is that intentional?
 just curious. :-)

and i like the flourished design. it looks like a rubber stamp and some kind of interesting ink pad that is like a watermark... i have to stay away from rubber stamp stores. i used to have lots...but had to let them go.


p.s. i have misplaced this envelope and have forgotten whether or not i responded to it, so if *m* emails me privately, and sends her address, i will send her an envelope. i have a lot of good ideas just waiting for addresses.
jmwilson411 (at) yahoo.com

Thursday, April 11, 2013

guest artist jackie - atalier

this is so cool. after she addressed the envelope, the ink was wet and she wanted to write a return address, so she turned it upside-down. and wrote the return. then she stamped her seal in the corner and wrote the little message around the seal explaining that she wrote it upside-down while waiting for the ink to dry.
 so here is the cool part, when it went through the cancelling machine, it went through upside down...and only her seal was cancelled, not the stamp.
but, somewhere along the line, a person imprinted that bar code along the bottom, to send it on its way.

another concept to learn and remember - turning your artwork upside down to solve problems. frequently, if there is a problem with balance, you will figure out what it is when you look at it upside down. where you decide to put things and how they fill the space is called *composition.* the same word used in music. or a composed salad. even when you follow the postal recommendations, you have at least three elements to balance. sometimes more. sometimes less. how's that for covering every base. oh, that's a reference to sports. and sports are a right-brained activity, same as art, see how everything is connected? don't listen to me. i have clearly had too much coffee.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

smash w string

smash sent this a while back. i think there must have been some sealing wax on it that came off in the mail. the string is actual string and it looks like she used watercolor to make the envelope look like wrapping paper, so it looks like a package tied with a string. so cool. i will have to find a new seal for it....

her pointed pen work is lovely.
not everyone loves both pointed pen and broad edge. then there is pointed brush. i wonder if smash-girl does pointed brush?

and ruling writer? 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

this just in

i have permission from Robert Genn to re-post his columns for teaching purposes. readers of my blog often ask me how i come up with so many ideas. besides stealing them off pinterest, i think this column highlights exactly what is happening in my brain.

When do ideas happen?

April 9, 2013

Recent research, aimed at finding specific triggers that result in good ideas, better solutions and bouts of creativity, has confirmed my own favourite times when stuff happens. Here are a few:

When we step away: Focusing at your workstation doesn't always work, particularly if you do too much of it. Leave your cubicle or studio and step into a new environment. Great stuff is ready to grab out there, floating in the ether.

When we're in transition: Waking up, falling asleep, showering, tubbing or going to the bathroom are hot times for new ideas. We need to trust the possibilities of fleeting brain waves at these times and take the trouble to knock them down for further study.

When we're drinking: Moderate drinking gives confidence and gusto. A 2012 study at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that students who drank enough to raise their blood-alcohol level to 0.075 performed better on tests of insight than sober students.

When we're doing chores: This may be one of the reasons why so many artists prefer to have their studios at home. I absolutely don't want this sort of information passed around, but I personally find stimulation in washing cars, taking out the garbage, and helping our gardener move bags of manure.

When we're satisfied: A relatively fulfilled life calms the mind and enriches the ground for idea growth. I've tried frustration, anger, disappointment, tiredness and misery, and they all work to a degree, but joyous satisfaction and a sense of élan work best.

When we're daydreaming: It turns out that daydreaming is one of the most valuable things that creative people do. Even the fantasizing of chicks that bedevils a lot of men apparently hastens bubble-up ideas from the subconscious that have nothing to do with women. What women need to fantasize, I'm not sure.

When we see green: Green surroundings, whether green-painted walls or the green outdoors, suggest new growth, rebirth, fertility and renewal--just one of the reasons why a walk in the park can be so fruitful. Feeling non-creative in the studio? Squeeze out some green.

Best regards,


PS: "When students were given creativity tests, those whose test-cover pages had a green background gave more creative answers than those whose pages were white, blue, red or grey." (Sue Shellenbarger, reporting in the Wall Street Journal)

jean's comments:
 - an additional place, in the transition category, is while driving. i can't tell you how many times i get a good idea in the car.
 - i don't drink alcohol, but i am sure that research has shown that coffee provides a lot of inspiration. i'll research this and post my findings later.
 - i would change the word satisfaction to acceptance. even if you can't make yourself be joyously satisfied with how your life is going, if you just make it to acceptance that frees up your mind to be creative.
 - he doesn't know what women daydream about....silly man....food.
 - the thing about green is what made me re-post this column. i was just thinking about green yesterday and how i have always been drawn to green. i could bore you with many anecdotes about green, but i will refrain, because this is way too much to be writing for one day. now get out there and daydream and be creative.

mary ottoson

this one was done quickly. her address is covered up. but, i liked the polka dots. i used the galaxy gold marker and the blue and green dots are done with zigs. i hope they keep issuing those ornaments stamps.

any name can be strung along like this. bounce a little and stretch and compress the spacing.

you know that song, leavin' on a jet plane...all my bags are packed, i'm ready to go...well, all my pens and markers are packed, and i'm ready to move them to the house. i need to track down the off-spring because i can't lift the drawer unit that i filled. i need him to carry it to the house. maybe i should take a picture. also, this would be a good time to actually count them. lucky for me, i have an ocd mom who is pretty addicted to counting. details to follow....

Monday, April 8, 2013

mark b hill

i'm pretty sure i have not posted this one. mark has a blog and offered to send an envelope to anyone who requested one. so i did. now i owe him one. but, i'm obsessing over what he would like.


above is the link to his website. he last posted on mar 13th, so he is not an every-day-er.

i noticed he mentioned on mar 6th that he was doing some artwork that was an *homage* and then in the post right below, he called a design *recycled.*  homage-recycled-stealworthy. all very popular ways to make art. so, don't worry if you don't have any original ideas...just choose something that you like and do a variation. another expression that all my scribe friends will remember, if they ever took a class with peter...steal and conceal. he would walk around the class and point to student work and say, "oh, i will be stealing that idea later." that's part of the fun of classes....gathering ideas from each other.

mark also mentioned that after a 5 year break from doing art fairs, he is going to do an art fair in des moines in june. i suppose i should drop in and say hi. and don't miss the photo he posted of himself - when he was a youngster, engrossed in art. it is a-dor-a-ble. on the [about] page.

one last thing....he is self taught....so, i'm right again. classes are nice but not essential....if you are motivated, you can learn a lot on your own.

and...he's from wisconsin... :-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

to wilma from jeri

this is one from the archives. i don't know if the style of lettering has a name. if jeri sees this and sends me an email, i will post additional information. jeri takes time (makes time) to go to conferences and take classes so she has a lot of beautiful styles in her toolbox. plus, she likes the stamps. and she is a quilter. so, it all dovetails nicely when she addresses envelopes.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

alyce - dangles

i love this one. i think alyce said she learned the style in a class. i suppose we should give credit to the designer. maybe alyce will leave a comment. i do respect people who design things. on the other hand, i saw something the other day about a whole language system that was knotted fringe and it looked like this, only without hearts. so, in some ways, everything started a very long time ago. does anyone know whose system of record keeping was knotted fringe?

i love google. 30-seconds after i typed the question, i had the answer:
Since the Incas had no system of writing, they kept records by means of a quipuá series of short, knotted strings hung at intervals from a long top string.

now, can anyone tell me how to pronounce quipua?

thank you alyce for the very pretty envelope :-)

Friday, April 5, 2013


shout out to annie who has been leaving some comments on previous posts. i don't know your last name, so i wrote in oakley and a fake address. i was really tired one evening, but felt like looking at fun stuff on pinterest, so i started doodling ideas that i liked. i don't have the full alphabet, but it would be fun to take any versal and try to morph all the letters in this direction.

thanks to annie for leaving comments :-)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

smash owls and butterflies

remember  a couple weeks ago when smash sent the cool owl envelopes? i had several gray envelopes with some inked names and then looked for stamps and ways to finish them. the owl one is fine. the butterfly one still needs a lot of work, but i wanted to show the layering. that top one was just as blah as the bottom one before i added the colored pencil.

remember - colored pencils are life savers.
i might actually send these. the addresses will be tiny, under the names. in one line.

and the spaces within the name on the owl envelope will have some pale blue sky tones.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the J

this is a bonus post today because i cringed when i saw the envelope (in the post below) that popped open this morning. i also saw the comment on the previous day - from Jack - who is interested in more Js. so, i did a google search for *the letter J* and there are tons of images for Js.

this one caught my eye. wouldn't it be fun to take pictures at the beach and print them out and fold them into envelopes. google *envelope template* and you will find lots of really simple templates for making your own envelopes.

you could add the rest of the name and address to the right of the J. and if you were doing the photos for envelopes, you could leave more space on the right. this image is from a blog that i have not looked at...i just chose this image as a fun one from google images. there were at least 20 more that i liked. 20 x 26 letters = at least 520 new ideas for the blog. i may not live long enough to render all the ideas.
http://cooknknit.blogspot.com/2006/05/letter-j.html is the blog that first posted the J image. it has nothing to do with envelopes or lettering.

then, to see the best beach calligraphy on earth...go to this site and browse:
if you click on the section *People's names* and scroll down to the 11th name
you will see the one he did for me.
and read what he says about his connection to writing names...

smash scribbly

i need to add some green and blue and copper and this is very unfinished - but i like the pattern. i did not have a stamp in mind, which is always a problem for me. i do better when i have the stamp first. but, i still like to play, so, the point is...there isn't any one recipe. try everything.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

from jackie - blue vertical lines

i don't know if that style of j has a name, it might be the layering of two styles. it's very pretty. the vertical blue lines are positioned over the lines of copy on the brochure that is inside the envelope that you can see, slightly, through the envelope.

go ahead and try to steal whatever you like from this one. i guarantee you can't steal those italics. and these aren't even her best-est italics. this is just her every-day penmanship. i'll be posting some examples of what happens when you take time to really focus on one style (something i have never done - but i like to encourage people to do so, if they find a style that they really like.)

Monday, April 1, 2013

ideas for susan and everyone else

here are 18 ideas for susan. while today is april 1st, i am posting this on feb 22. remember susan who inspired me to continue with the blog (see feb 17 post) her note mentioned that she had planned to address one envelope per day to herself for all of 2013. then, a couple weeks later, she mentioned that she was getting tired of writing susan and it was only february. so, after a long hard day of working on a challenging job, i was tired and what's the antidote for being tired? that's right, make envelopes. i thought i would see if i could come up with 18 ideas in a half hour. i left the pencil lines in so you can see that it is good to pencil an idea and then when you finalize with the marker, make some changes if you see a better opportunity. and this also shows how the first couple ideas aren't that good, then they start to get better and at the end they just turn into trite little cartoons. making an S into a snake is such a cliche. unless you are a snake. they like them. and this might be the year of the snake. i'm a dragon. we have our quirks. remembering things is not one of them.

so, lets see some fun envelopes addressed to susan.
but mail them to me so i can put them on the blog and then i will forward them to susan.
420 - 44th street, 50312 (des moines iowa, but you don't need that)