Thursday, July 31, 2014

elizabeth's bubbles

one more fun one from elizabeth. i'm not sure how she made the bubbles. i remember using a straw in a pan of water with paint, blowing bubbles, and then putting paper on top of the bubbles...maybe she did something like that. it looks much better than kid art. maybe using high quality paint yields a better result. i had a couple snarky adults in one of my classes who kept telling me that all the techniques we were doing in *mixed-media* were the same things they did in girl scouts. i did not have a good response...i thought about getting snarky...but refrained. i always think about how beautiful the 40,000 year old cave paintings are. i doubt any cavemen went to art school...but those drawings are remarkable. plus, they didn't have dick blick. this is part of a longer rant...but, i'll spare y'all.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

new video

scroll down to see the new envelope for today. this is a second post of the day.

then, if you have time, go to the video tab at the top.
there are two new videos posted that show tiger lettering.
tell me if the film quality is OK.
it is not HD and i need to know if i should go back and resave in HD.
what do you think of the choice of music?

i did not put a password on these two.
they should open with a click.
lemmekno if nothing works.

elizabeth's cheese

i thnk i let out a little audible *squeal* of delight when i opened the email with this little gem from elizabeth.

so cute. fun stamps. nice composition. i'm sure susan had a happy mail day when it arrived.

thanks again elizabeth.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

elizabeth's emily

how cool is this? elizabeth carved an entire alphabet for her valentines. i had to really study the OXOX to see that they were stamped and not written. the variation in the black lines makes each one different, so it looks handwritten.

and that is one-fun-address with the 3 tumwaters. love the rennie mackintoch monoline.

thanks for sending :-)

Monday, July 28, 2014

alexandra's dots

a while back i posted an envelope that went to alexandra. then i found out that she was thrilled with her envelope and tries to grab it off the fridge and chew on it. so, i figured i would send her another envelope. she is only 8 months old. she chews on everything. i stuck with the waterproof markers and pens. so there is no gold on this one. i probably won't post any more of these. they are one trick ponies. but i thought this stamp was so nice, it deserved to get blogged.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

elizabeth's patricia

another one from elizabeth. happy neuland. notice how some of the letters touch or overlap. and some have space. and while they are a little tippy, the tipping and bouncing is very subtle. you can tell elizabeth has spent a lot of time with neuland. i can't tell which tool she used to write the letters. something big. and it looks like it is gold gouache. very pretty. thanks for sharing.