Friday, November 30, 2018

Dec Holidays Start Tomorrow

The sign up for the Dec exchange is tomorrow. This envelope arrived in Dec of 2017. It is not from an exchanger - but I think she reads most of the blog posts. I keep encouraging her to do more mail art. She always has fun ideas.

The stickers for the J and O are adorable.

And, I will insert a video link here. She was a neighbor when my kids were little and knew the kid in the video - my middle kid who does backcountry skiing. That is where you fly to places that have snow and slopes, but no lifts. You spend more than 90% of your time hiking and less than 10% coming down. Professional guides take small groups to these remote places. In the video, at the end, there are two guys skiing - he's one of them. The guide is the other one. The other skiers in the group did not do that particular run, I'm not sure why. Part of having a kid like this is that you never know exactly what is going on or what went on - but you hear just enough to know that you probably don't want to know everything.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

A lovely surprise from Rebecca

When I staggered into my house at the end of my early November trip this envelope was waiting for me along with all the other fabulous October mailings.

You have to wait until Sept 2019 to see the Halloween mail - but I am bumping this one ahead because I get to do that.

Rebecca had seen the purple flowers from Ruth in my post wondering what they would look like in orange. So she took time to send a really nice example. In addition to a spectacular envelope, there was a darling Patience Brewster card. I'm drawn to Patience's style. Rebecca included a beautifully written  letter on lovely handmade paper - wrapped with dainty gold cord and sealed with wax.

Rebecca is from NC - which is on my list of states to visit. She did not invite me to NC - but I'm putting her on the list - just in case I'm in the neighborhood. A Michigan penpal added Michigan to the list. So the grand tour is now including these 20 states:

Maybe 5 trips - 4 states at a time?
I really should add France and England.
But to travel abroad, I'll need a travel pal and probably some kind of job. 
I'm kicking myself that I didn't spend more time cultivating my travel-teaching career.

Here are details of the envelope as well as all the goodies that were in the envelope.

Rebecca - if you want traffic to any website or other online presence that you have - let me know and I will include a link.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sept PTEX to Rachel - Curly

The very first use of the dragon stamp. I was digging through the stacks to find examples to take to my next class and this one popped up. It's quick and easy and would be (will be) fun to do in different weights and mixed weights.

The details on the dragon stamps are perfect for fun envelope lettering. Those spirals are nice. The red part is shiney - like foil stamping.

If the stamp-hoard was gone, these would be at the top of my shopping list.


Yesterday I said I did not recall sending a snail mail thank you to Christi. Then I found this in my download file while I was doing massive housekeeping. So, I'm pretty sure I did write a proper thank you. I must have done it in when I was doing all those Black Cow envelopes inspired by RachaelT because it is roughly the same concept. Now I can't remember if those envelopes have been blogged.
I'm not crazy about this version of Rachael's design. Sometimes it does not work to morph too far off the original. but you won't know until you try.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

My own personal stamps - from Christi

The Post Office knew this was a special envelope so they took really good care of it and did not put any kind of machine cancel, hand cancel or scribble on it. They were mesmerized. As was I.

It's been at my house since August and must have arrived on a day that I was trying new organizational methods. Today, I found it in a file neatly labeled *Thank yous*.  There is another envelope from 5 years ago - still waiting for me to write a thank you. I am pretty sure I wrote a thank you to Christi - but maybe not. I also found an envelope addressed to Alan Blackman - and I remember doing several attempts on his and can't figure out if what I found was the one I intended to send or a reject. Should I send a second one with a note explaining how confused I am?

I'll take you through the whole process of finding what was enclosed in Christi's envelope because not only was the gift of the personalized stamps so cool - the process of things inside of things and little notes and tape was EXACTLY what happens to me when I send things. It made me appreciate why I am drawn to empty envelopes. The innards get too complicated.

These photos tell the whole story. I knew immediately that it was from Christi. I recognized her penmanship. Her blog is on my blog role - which is a very exclusive list.

In case you don't know where my blog roll is - here is link to her blog.

I flipped the envelope over and saw - yup - it's from Christi.

It was not difficult to slit the envelope - the orangish one - what do we call that kind of envelope? Online merchants call them *gold*. That doesn't seem quite right.

A manilla folder slid out and inside the manilla folder was the coolest sheet of personalized stamps. There was a note on the back of the stamps. You can see it peeking out on the bottom.

Above are the personalized stamps.

At some point - and I think it might have been a couple days later - I saw this note on the manilla folder. And I recall it taking me a while to figure out what it meant. Eventually, I realized that the white part of the envelope was a white envelope. It took a while to find a place to slit into it while preserving the whole package.

There was another letter inside that envelope.
Below is a shot of the stamps exiting the outer envelope. As you can see, there is one stamp missing. I finally realized that she had used one of my stamps. When it first arrived, I didn't even notice that stamp on the front. I did notice her return stamp which is her own version of the design. She wrote that the company that will print original stamps refused to print these for her (back when she came up with the idea) because they look too much like real stamps. I'm not surprised. If I had time, I would research what the fine is for printing your own stamps to substitute for real stamps. I bet it is hefty.

And here is a close up of the pristine front of the envelope - sans cancels. Thanks again P.O.
And thank you Christi.

So - readers are probably wondering how can I possibly bring myself to use these. I'll keep you *posted* on the blog. I'm sure it will take a while to part with any of them. The hardest part will be making my envelope worthy of one. 

Wow. I just noticed that the color of the envelope is really close to the color of the walls in my *studio.* I hesitate to call it a studio since it is clearly a bedroom with a desk. The walls are saffron. That's the name on the can of paint.

That little blonde kid grew into a teenager and he bought the print. I framed it and thought his bedroom would look nice with the same color walls as the print. It is really hard to get colors just right in photos - but I think you can see how close the envelope is to saffron. So, now I have a name that I like for those envelopes. 

Next question. How did manilla folders get the name manilla?

The Manila hemp is derived from a species of banana originally from the Philippines, whose fibers are tough. The hemp is then used during the paper making process, similar to how Kraft paper uses wood pulp. So the mystery is solved,the manila envelope gets its name from the hemp in which it is made from.

Above: first random answer from the Google search.
Below: link to Wiki - with more info - all of which I found interesting. Also, all of which would bore people to death if they had to talk to me at a cocktail party. So, if anyone wants to know why I do not go to cocktail parties, or holiday brunches, that is the very valid reason - and here is the support information.

Did anyone else notice that in Wiki they have a photo of the manilla folder (see the one peeking out of the saffron envelope in the photo above?  Wiki also has a photo of a saffron envelope - which is the orangish one. So, I guess they are both manilla - even though *gold* seems to be the name you will find if you are going to order some online.

I'm so glad none of this bothers me in the slightest. That's the only up-side to having bigger earth-sized problems with no solutions.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Bonus Post - Letters from Santa

Bonus post because today's post was late. I had the time stamp wrong.

In prepping for my Dec mailings I discovered that the USPS offers a service where you can send a letter to Santa and he will return whatever you enclose in your letter - so if you put in a letter (in an envelope with a stamp on it) *from* Santa - the PO (in Alaska) will postmark it and send it to whomever it is addressed to.

Details are here:

They recommend getting the letters in the mail by Dec 8.

From Lynne to Rainbow - Cards from Tina, Nanski, RachelD

Oooops - I was supposed to post this on Sunday.

I've lost track of how many times I have written that all my photos of Rainbow's mail got mixed up. Here are some that might be re-runs or they might not.

The good news is that I know who sent these. The bad news is that the entire stack of holiday mail from 2017 is hiding from me and I have quite a few where I can't remember who sent them. The stack might pop up before December - but let's not hold our breath.

Sometimes I think I should just leave all the names off all the posts --- and pay more attention to the artwork.

I do hear from people who are flattered that their mail shows up on the blog.
I hear from a few people who forbid me from posting.
No chance I'll be able to brainwash everyone into seeing things my way, eh?

From Tina

From Nanski Drewski AKA something else.

From RachelD

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Online Printing Option - Bonus Post

Today's regular daily post is right below.

Over the years there has been a trend of small companies getting gobbled up by larger companies. There is endless debate about whether this is a good thing or not. I tend to see both sides. I love Taco John's and I love knowing that I can get my comfort food when I am on the road. I also love-love-love the food at restaurants run by locals who are making things from scratch.

I have been around printing for a loooooong time. I've seen the industry turn the corner from negs and plates and ink to digital and *stove-top.* I always called desktop publishing *stove-top.*

The internet is full of options for printing and Paperless Press has joined up with Paper Source. Paper Source envelopes have been my favorites for a long time.

At Paperless Post, you may buy designs off the rack or print your own. Of course - they offer the true *paperless* form of invitation - the eVite. One would think that in my line of work, I would be against eVites. But, one would be wrong.

I'm fine with eVites. I enjoyed my years addressing envelope, but it is a luxury and there are way more people who would like to make a living off penmanship than people who are willing to pay more than minimum wage for the service. It kept me entertained while I needed something to balance out the drudgery of actually running a household.

There are two main things I like about Paperless Press. They offer an option for designers to sell their designs without having to deal with the impossible task of actually getting the work printed. And they have really easy to use templates if you would like to submit your own artwork.

So, if you do not know about Paperless Post - check them out.
The invitation I chose to illustrate is one by Sugar Paper. There are a ton of other designs.
You can include photos - pretty much anything ---

So - you can send your own custom designs - electronically.
Or, you can use their links to PaperSource - and get actual printed items.

Check it out.
This is a link to the page where you upload your own design.

This is a link to their main page.

Big Bold Curse Symbols

Ten or eleven days ago there was a post about a day that started out with multiple errors, mistakes, poor decisions, etc. By the end of the day, I was trying to think of something really fun to do with the curse symbols. I figured I'd just fill up an envelope and address over the top. That was not a good idea. I should have addressed first. It seemed too risky to mail it as Mr and Mrs Davis  might have mistaken it for actual ranting or the PO might have deemed it inappropriate. So, it was sent inside a regular envelope. Frank Lloyd Wright seemed like a good choice for a non-mailing stamp. Stories about him indicate he was a little feisty.

Below is what my desk looks like at the end of a day. I should insert a ruler to illustrate just how tiny my workspace has become. The saving grace is that it forces me to put things away - either at the end of the day or first thing in the morning.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Sept PTEX to Maggie and Gerri - Peace Rose

This is a direct appropriation off Pinterest. I will try to find a link to the original. Amazingly - it popped up. If you click on the image it takes you to Instagram - but I am confused by IG - I can never tell when someone is posting their own work or re-posting images that they like.
I have never even figured out the difference between # and @

the original

It looked like it was done with actual paint but I wanted to see if I could do something close with markers. The first version - on top to Gerri - is a little overworked as I made some bad choices and the layering did not always solve the problem.

Below is a second attempt  (to Maggie) which is not so overworked - but a bit wimpy.

The challenge when stealing an idea is to make it your own while retaining exactly what part you found so appealing.

Originally, I did not think I would like the Peace Rose stamps - but they are pretty perfect with this envelope.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Bonus Post - I'm on a roll.

Two holiday themed bonus posts in a row.
Typically, I make a point of not even mentioning holidays since they seem to be so challenging for so many people. This year might be an anomaly. Stick with me until next year and we'll see what happens.

I was comforted to learn that I am not the only senior who was unaware of the senior discount on the airline(s?). I should add that it was a United flight. It would take a lot of research to find out how many airlines offer senior fares.
Oh wait. Ask Google.
First hit.
Senior Fares

Next item:

Is there anyone who has not heard about the dessert version of Turducken called Piecaken?
I made the Easter version one time - you stuff a jelly bean inside of a Peep and stuff the peep inside a hollow chocolate bunny.

I will not be making the new triple-threat dessert because I have been weaning myself off sugar and too many of the recipes are putting 3 different pies inside of 3 different cakes and stacking them. To me, that is 6 desserts.

My version of three desserts imbedded would be to figure out a way to put some cookies inside a pie and then bake the pie inside a cake. Or put the cookies inside a cake and put that inside a pie. Or perhaps - put cookies inside a pie and stack it on a large round brownie base (or pound cake), encase the brownie and pie with ice cream and then do a baked Alaska treatment of the whole thing.

Here is a link in case you have not heard about piecaken. I'm sure someone has done a baked Alaska version. But, I will not be spending any more time surfing sweets. I used to do that. But I decided to stop it.


Regular daily post below.

Sept PTEX to Jessica - Julian's stamp

Jessica should know that these stamps have been in the super special pile for quite some time. I'm not sure that Jesssica aspires to be a world class calligrapher - like Julian Waters, who is the designer of this stamp. But, I chose her name because I knew it would be fun to do. Both her first and last names are long - presenting special challenges with some of the styles.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Bonus Post - Happy Thanksgiving

There must have been other stamps on this envelope.
Remember to use glue stick when adhering old stamps to slick paper.
Today's regular post is below this one.

This November exchange envelope arrived from Faye. I am flattered that she is thankful for me. My idea for the November exchange was to do exactly this....include the message that I am thankful for my exchangers. I did a few rough ideas on notebook paper that didn't go anywhere. Maybe next year. I think it is safe to say that we are all thankful for each other.

My next idea was to pull out 50 shimmer envelopes and force myself to do a shimmer envelope to all 28 people. I was willing to throw away at least half of them. The concept of forcing myself to do 28 seemed like a good way to come up with some ideas that I really liked.

I'm not sure that I did. But, it was a fun exercise. Along the way, I discovered some old envelopes that were already addressed to people - so I ditched their shimmer envelopes and sent old ones. In the end 20 people will get shimmer envelopes. Some are complete duds - but they include apology notes - and in at least one case - I included a second apology envelope on the inside. The comment that I probably repeat too often: the whole point of the exchange is to experiment and dust cobwebs out of our brains. I am wildly excited to start my December envelopes.

When I had the envelopes ready to go I treated myself to a trip to the Beaverdale PO - and found Bruce, my new favorite postal worker at a closed window doing some other kind of work. I waited for a while - and he noticed it was me - and set his work aside and opened his window. While he does not make any comments during the canceling process - I think he secretly enjoys the variety.

I was able to part with some of the favorite vintage stamps that were in the stash. As painful as it is to send them away - I've been bolstered by the film I saw a week ago that inspired me to stop being attached to things.

On top of that, a very interesting conversation was launched on Sunday -  in person and then follow-up emails happened. They had a profound effect on energizing my determination. Here we were, two grannies, sounding like college coeds talking about how we knew we were adults, but wondering how were we going to rid ourselves of some youthful bad habits.

The best part of the conversation was when my kindred spirit sent me a link that is pretty funny. I'll share it with those of you who have nothing to do today and are surfing. To those people who are overwhelmed with *stuff* - maybe you are in recovery mode and zoned out in front of the computer, looking for an excuse to just relax and recharge your batteries after too much holiday.

Some timely advice for those of us struggling with our first world problems.


Sept PTEX to Carole - Nevelson stamps

These small envelopes are a nice size for double stamps. I wish I could move the margins on this so that they were all equal - but I like the PITT white marker and the soft rounded edges with the Nevelson art.

The address is in gold. I think the stamp is more copper - but I did not have a copper pen.

Also, the stamps are upside down - not sure how that happened. I like when they run the wording and the number in two different directions so that either a portrait or a landscape orientation will work.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Sept PTEX to Chuck - Eames stamps

Stamps that have been in the super-special-holding-tank. Very hard to let them go.

It's been interesting to find ways to use two stamps that I like. Not that this is stellar - but it's fine.

Non-envelope story.
Very off topic.
Except at the very end, it goes back on topic.

From time to time I rant and rave about things that various members of the family do. Since Hunter (the 30 year old with the Rainbow girlfriend) has generated more than a couple rants - I thought I should submit the story about something he did recently that makes up for a full 75% of the things he has put me through.

Mr. Wilson and I have been invited to Chicago to entertain our two grandkids while their parents escape to a beach in the Caribbean right after Christmas. Sometimes we drive to Chicago, but Dec-Jan roads can be treacherous. It's better to fly and choose dates that allow for weather delays. Mr. Wilson had looked at tickets about 3 or 4 weeks ago and then forgot all about it. I was super annoyed with myself for not following up on the purchase of tickets. Airlines know that people who live in DSM will pay an arm and a leg to get out - and it's really hard to get decent prices on the one hour flights. They also have secret computer devices that record any evidence of just checking what the price might be - and then taking advantage of already knowing when you need to travel. I have read that this is actually true - and I have pleaded with Mr. Wilson to call a friend and ask them to do the search on their computer while you stay on the line - rather than search on our computers when he knows that we really will have to buy a ticket - but he's allergic to my suggestions. I suppose someone will check Snopes and tell me that this is not true. But --- I'm pretty sure Mr. Snopes gets all his plane tickets for free - because he is covering up for the airlines. But, I digress.

We're looking for the tickets - we can't find the button that says *flexible dates* - the prices that are popping up are sickinating. We have no choice, we committed to the trip. Bummer.

As we are attempting to plug in all the information, SuperHunter stops in and is looking over our shoulders. He says: Click on Senior Citizen.
I've never seen that before.
Wow. There it is - right between babies and dogs (or something like that)
Yup - we are seniors.
We click on it and -- WOW -- that's the best price ever.
Who knew.
So for anyone who is as clueless as we are -- now you know.
Seriously, I hope all y'all already knew.

At first I was afraid to click on it. I was thinking that they might charge extra because seniors who are flying tend to be very annoying, demanding, and dangerous.

I'm so excited that I started a list of all the pen pals, I'd like to visit.
Who knows, I might actually make some trips someday.
The list of states is impressive.

That's 18 states.
If you don't see your state but want to be on the list, let me know.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sept PTEX to Jeri and and Christine - Movie stamps

Even though this is really simple, I love it. I hope you are not getting tired of this style. I did not have high hopes for it - and was pleasantly surprised at how well it evolved into things that I did like.
I love how the little cross bars mimic the little holes in the film. That was a complete surprise.

Below is what the lettering looks like before I outline it. Plus it was done with a finer pen. So if I want Christine's to look more like Jeri's, I have to go over the whole name with a bolder marker and then outline.
I suspect if I do that, it will block up and be pretty bad - so.... I might do a drop shadow in white. I think that will be lovely.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Sept PTEX to Heidi - Architecture stamp

I loved the way this one turned out. The lettering is a little weak - but I liked the gray envelope and the colors. I'll need to put another stamp on it - and then I will not like it as much. At least I have a second stamp that is the same - so it will not be curse inducing like the architecture mixed with Nevelson - but it will annoy me to fill up that space. Maybe Heidi can peel it off...after it arrives.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

From Marti to Rainbow + Me to RP

Marti sent the one on the top and I was messing around with that font that appears on the bottom.

The way Marti used different colors for each letter makes me want to re-do mine and use different colors.

There is no rhyme or reason to the order of the Rainbow envelopes. They will keep popping up on Sundays and then there will be a good chunk of them in late Dec.

Sorry if I have said this too many times. I'm cautiously optimistic that come Jan 1st, things will be more orderly.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Thank you from Rainbow and Paul

Rainbow tried to post a thank you on the blog - in the comment section - but it did not come through - and it is better to put it in a regular post - since most people (all?) do not go back to look for comments.

Here is Rainbow's message:

Hello everyone, I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to all who contributed to my favorite birthday present! I felt like a kid again, excitedly opening all your unique and thoughtful envelopes from far and wide. 

What a wonderful surprise!


And - a couple days ago there was a nice thank you from Paul Shaw. As you may recall, on October 24th, I invited readers to send a get well envelope or greeting to Paul Shaw, a calligrapher/designer/typographer who had multiple injuries from a random attack. Here is Paul's thank you:

Dear Jean,
thanks for spreading the word about my attack.Several of you followers have sent me cards and letters. I  can't thank them directly since I am uable to wrte and I  don't know their email addresses. I asked several colleges in the calligraphy world to help me thank the first group. But I will ask you to pass along my thanks to Janet Renaud of Iowa for letter received today.
Best wishes,

p.s. I had surgery last Tuesday on my fingers and last Friday on my right eye. I have a ne lens ad can see again, though the eye is still bloodshot. The  fingers should be healed in another 3 weeks and then rehab starts.The staples are gone from my scalp and I am told [I can't see it] that the scars are healing.

p..s this calligraphy was done years ago.

Paul Shaw

Paul Shaw / Letter Design
Blue Pencil
The Definitive Dwiggins
Legacy of Letters
Graphic Design Oral History Project

if you go to his website you will see all kinds of work. I did not realize that he designed one of my all time favorite fonts.... Bermuda. It has variations where the spaces are filled in solid as well as filled in with polka dots.

I just finished all the exchange envelopes - and am half tempted to throw them all away and redo them using this font. I will resist the temptation because yesterday I finally flipped the calendar over to November and was startled to see that the month is half over and T-day is next week. Dang.

and just because I feel like I have to include an envelope every day --- here is one from Pinterest that did not allow me to follow it back to the original image - so - if someone wants to speak up and take credit for it, I'm all ears.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Sept PTEX to Janet - Trees

Two days ago, the envelope to Patty showed this style of lettering. The one to Patty was done towards the end of the series. This was the first one. While there is ample evidence of zero planning which resulted in stacking and smallerizing - wonkiness is just part of life. A minor defect.

Color matching was going to be difficult - but these three layers were fine. The D is very weak - but, when I have 28 envelopes to do - we just have to put up with some ugg-mos.

The covered up street address is red - and I was pleased with my ability to wing it on the centering.

Additional comment in real time:
I have recently returned from an exhausting 2 week trip which involved me interacting with my blood relatives. Family gatherings = exhaustion. It's not them - it's me. I enjoy individuals - groups overwhelm me.

There was a fabulous stack of mail waiting for me when I got home - at least 10 exchange envelopes from October.... and then a surprise from Rebecca which will be posted as soon as I wade through the stacks of do-this-after-the-trip. I just wanted to let Rebecca know that it arrived and the whole package is fantastic. Also, JH - I was happy to get a real letter from you and will be responding by snail mail.

AS sent a lovely birthday card to my granddaughter - she loves mail. Thanks, AS.

When the last Rainbow envelope arrived, I gave it to my son to deliver to Rainbow. Yesterday he took me to lunch and there was the envelope in the car. I asked why he had not given it to her. He said,  "Oh, it got left in the car because I took it into the airport and used it as the sign that people hold up when they are meeting someone at the airport." Rainbow had been on a trip.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ruth's Design - Ellen's B'day

IF you read closely, you will see that the word CELEBRAT - was missing an E. This design is blatant pira-tactical piracy of Iowa City Ruth's work. (Piraticious?) She makes fabulous envelopes and I saw this idea on one she did for her daughter. I believe she gave me permission to steal it. Rip-off. That's the word I couldn't think of. Yes, steal would have worked, but I have forgotten how to conjugate steal or maybe I know the word is stolen, but it sounds funny.

Below is an earlier attempt where I messed up and did not have enough room for the e in celebrate. I figured I could make it come out right the next time I did it - and then copied it too carefully - and copied the mistake. This was 5 minutes after the curse-inducing debacle posted yesterday.

There were several ways to tuck an E in - but I thought what the hay - - - you made the mistake A.G.A.I.N. so why not feature it. After I put in the big E - I realized that it would no longer work for the intended recipient - but - as luck would have it, I know an E-person with a birthday in November. Now, the trick will be remembering where the envelope is and mailing it on the appropriate day.

Here is the sample that led me astray.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

@#$%^&* (Sept to Patty)

In the middle of doing this envelope, I Googled *symbol swearing* and found out all kinds of interesting things which I almost included in this post - but that would have made it too long. If you are interested you may do the search and learn more.

For the September exchange - I was still stuck with random leftover vintage stamps. I chose a new font - something quick and easy and was pretty thrilled with how it evolved. This was one of the later envelopes - and it was fine with two stamps. I had two of the architecture stamps - but misplaced one - so I put the Nevelson stamp on and then - BAM - the other architecture stamp came out of hiding. Honestly, I think postage stamps are actual creatures who torment me because they want to stay at my house and are scared about going out into the world. Well, there is nothing like little stamp creatures messing with me to unleash my inner boilermaker. Yes, I actually met a union boilermaker. Boilermakers are pretty salty. So a few words of my inner-boilermaker words came spewing out. Then I figured I would just add the actual symbols. I see Patty in person, so I'm pretty sure that she will not take my cursing personally.

Here is my dilemma. I'd like to add some great big chunky symbols. But, I'm afraid that will get the PO all bent out of shape. So - this is it. I suspect I will try one more - with big curse symbols. First I have to think of someone who will not be put off by curse symbols.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sept PTEX to Smash - Airmail

Another one from the day I got out some dreamy indigo gouache and an actual nib. Not much thought went into the direction I was headed - except for the part where I had no interest in penciling lines. It's gorgeous paper - leftover from a job and I shall miss it when it's gone.

The tiny letters are done with a .25 G-Tec. The non-matching of the blues is a bit bothersome. I used gray for the address and rather like the way that turned out.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Rainbow's Card from Janet

Janet's was so thoughtful to enclose the conversation she had with her grandson about this envelope.

Transcribed, in case you read the blog on your phone:

A conversation with my artsy, 9 year old grandson who often critiques my envelope art:
Kid: Why didn't you make a rainbow if her name is Rainbow?
Me: I wanted to use the energy stamps. And I thought everyone else would make a rainbow. And I don't have any rainbow stamps.
Kid: Then why don't you give her a Rainbow Energy Card?
Me: What is and Energy Rainbow Card and where do I get one?
Kid: I have some. They are Pokemon cards.
Me: Sounds like a good idea. Can I buy one from you?
Kid: I'll sell you one for $2.
Me: Amazon says 78-cents.
Kid: OK $1.50.
Me: I'll give you $1. Final offer.

The Pinterest Game - Re-runs

blog with christy's envelope

Pinterest sometimes sends people to my blog and sometimes not. It was fun to follow this image and discover this blog. I was playing the game: Search decorated envelopes on Pinterest and see which of my blog posts pops up first. Christy won today.

I really need to find some stamps that will lend them to a spin off of this envelope.

Below is one of mine that pops up pretty frequently