Saturday, May 31, 2014

thank you jack

i like jack's drawing of the is an homage to another artist...jack called it stealing...but, i think homage is the more appropriate term.
there is nothing wrong with doing your own version of something as long as you are not selling it or passing it off as your own.

the colors and stamp and style of lettering all go together nicely.
jack is one of my penpals from the blog. i can't say exactly how many people have spontaneously written to me after running across the blog...but, it's really fun to get mail from perfect, if you've been thinking about sending mail, go right ahead. and if you do not want your mail posted on my blog, just write that on the back...and i will keep it to myself.

i didn't ask jack if it was ok to post this. if you want me to take it off...i will :-)

Friday, May 30, 2014

don't read this post.

so this envelope was in a pile of unfinished envelopes and i don't know why i wrote *come fly with me* so many times. i think jan was doing an exchange. so i added the finnbadger address and did a lousy job of copying my first writing. and i already sent him the bluebird stamp, and this was the only other one that had blue in it - and i really don't intend to mail it, so i was trying to cut the stamp off the page and leave the backing on it and i hacked into the edge and this is a really boring story and there is no punchline, so i'll go back and change the title of the post - and hope that you listened to me....cuz this was a complete waste of time. and not even a good envelope. sorry. next time you'll listen to me.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

smash sparrow

i was playing around with glaze pens on really nice envelopes. i like to draw letters without penciling anything  - sometimes -
this worked out ok.
i like how the arch shapes are similar to the stems on the berries on the stamp. i did not have a stamp in mind and was happy to find this one. i can't decide if i want to pull some of the red into the name or address or just leave it very minimal.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

tanager designer

not sure who is going to get this one. i was enjoying making envelopes out of pages from the stamp catalogue and love these stamps....then, the scarlet tanager was a very unexpected one to be so perfect. i love how the bird is checking out the cool designs. the address will mimic the font above the stamp. i suppose i should mail it to finnbadger in another envelope because he is good at making those clear labels. then i would get it back. unless he mailed it to himself. i can't even figure out how to pull up the template to make labels. and believe me...i have tried. i am pitiful. at some things...not so pitiful at other things.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

for myra

myra wanted to see the alexandra style done to alexis. i am assuming you want to see how i would overlap the letters. i did not pull out my gray glaze pen
this is a dot-a-rific
done very quickly.
the X is a little top heavy
and i could see doing the S in a more squared off shape with 5 stokes.
i'll have to try that....

finn's goldfinch

under a time crunch. not very inspired. too bad, because i love goldfinches. and it is a cheap envelope. note to self: get rid of all the cheap envelopes.

and it would have been so much fun to write his name in thistles....dang.

flip side

the flip side of yesterday's envelope.

it's phillip glass

from the blog in that link, a very nice envelope. today, blogger will not allow me to upload files.