award winners

this is the best envelope of 2013.

inside the best envelope, was another envelope...

....and inside the second envelope was another one...

...and so on....

....and so on.....

.....and even one more tiny square envelope....

...and inside the tiny square envelope is a tiny card that says:

make the rose
this set of nesting envelopes was made by stella (age 11 now, she might have been 10, in may, when she made it)
everyone who has seen the set of envelopes is amazed at both the cleverness as well as the really cool drawing and painting. thank you so much stella.
sorry about the two photos that are sideways. i have no idea why they flip themselves. they all look the same when i load them...


  1. very clever and gorgeous! the painting is just wonderful. and to come from the brush of a young girl makes it even more spectacular! well done, Stella.

  2. Stella this is just wonderful and you deserve it for a job done exceedingly well

  3. I can't believe that my envelope is the envelope of the year. I spent so much time on that envelope. I made it so long ago that I did not even remember I made it.

  4. I am Stella's mom and so proud of her admirable honor and achievment with this very clever design. She is a wonderful, creative and clever 11 year old! Thank you Jean.

  5. This is a genius idea. Well-thought out and well-executed, with great colors on the main rose. Brava!

  6. What's also great here, is that the first one by itself is excellent. And I am impressed that Jean kept it under wraps all this time - kudos to her for keeping it a secret until now!

  7. This is a great example of a young person unfettered ability to think outside the box

  8. it took me a while to figure out how to post this envelope and keep it *special.* i didn't want it to get lost in the stack of 500 posts that popped up this year. it is a tour de force. thank you so much.

  9. just beautiful!! I can't believe an 11 year old came up with this! Good for her!!

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