Friday, September 30, 2016

Exchanger Thomas

Once again it would be fun to know more about this one - like the materials and the tools.

There is a layer of something raised and shiny on the flower that may not show up in the scan.

Very pretty.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Exchanger Lynne

Maybe Lynne will tell us what she used to make these little flowers. Something that dabs - like a paintbrush. But there are so many kinds of paint brushes. They are nice because the paint is not mixed to one color so there is variation in the purple. The leaves are pretty much the same size and shape of the flowers which is a nice touch and I like how there are some single purple dabs that are similar to the leaves - maybe they are buds.
Steal worthy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

For Wilma

Another greeting from a local friend.
I believe the envelope is preprinted. although anyone could come up with something like this if they had lots of time and patience.
This might be the end of the Wilma envelopes - although I may find some more. Remember, this is a linear project. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - but there is no way of knowing how long the tunnel is.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Exchangers Miss Cathy and Amy

I love the penmanship envelope from Miss Cathy and paired it with Amy's because the colors go together nicely.

Amy sent her get well message right at the beginning of my mom's illness before we knew what was wrong. My mom used to lure Amy over to play scrabble. I think they were pretty evenly matched although sometimes there was a trouncing. But I'm pretty sure the trouncing could go either way.

These are both steal worthy ideas.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Exchangers Smash and ChuckM

Two more in the Flintstone series. The colors go well together. Also, I noticed how they both did variation on the t in the t-s-t part of Flintstone.

I wonder who is living in her old apartment. Maybe we should do a mass mailing to that person. I could go over and get their name off the directory. Many years ago I thought about getting names of people who lived in senior living who had no relatives and just sending them random mail for the fun of it.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Exchanger Rachael

Another fun idea - steal worthy -
and the insert and envelope lining are very nice additions. Rachael is one of the newer exchangers. It looks to me like she has taken some lessons. I wonder if she goes to IAMPETH or the International Conference. I hope I have time to attend one of these years. It might be a good opportunity to meet some of you in person.

Extra post today. Scroll down. 2017 stamp designs have been announced.

2017 USPS Stamp designs announced

I'm pretty proud of myself that my intuition is working - and I thought it might be time to Google to see if the 2017 designs had been posted. It says they were announced 4 days ago. Here you go - just a few that look wonderful to me:

WPA Posters

Love Skywriting (Love series)Delicioso

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Exchangers Finnbadger and JeanR

Finnbadger did a similar envelope to the top one for Wilma, but it is hiding somewhere. I hope he leaves a comment and tells how he arranged the letters.

JeanR's flower is so pretty. A little like a zentangle design - only better. These two go nicely together - both inspired by one of my favorite stamps of this year.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Exchangers Carol and Alison

I put these two together because they used stamps from the same series. Carol's is cute - where she made it look like Fred sent it. I like the steal worthy stylized flowers.

Alison's notecard looks so nice with both envelopes. The pattern of stripes is done with colored pencil and is another steal worthy idea.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Biker Wilma

This is my mom on a motorcycle with a biker we met at a scenic overlook on our last big trip to Tahoe, Reno, and Montana a few years ago when she was an extremely youthful 85.

We have relatives in those places. We didn't just throw darts at the map. When you are from Montana, you never quite feel at home anywhere else. Do other people feel that way about the places they were born and no longer reside?

This is another piece of mail that was sent while she was in hospice. It was fun to find out all the different things that people remembered fondly about her. Not being afraid to hop on a bike with a stranger - yikes. I doubt I would do that. I do like the idea of incorporating a photo and will label this one to hopefully remind myself to come back and revisit this idea.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jeri's devilish humor

The Wilma Flintstone series will continue tomorrow, but I wanted to let everyone know why the Flintstone series was such a big hit with Wilma. I often put Wilma on the list as an exchanger, and then I did the sending for her. She was 88 and living on her own in a senior apartment building. She really enjoyed the mail and it was something fun for show and tell when the residents were picking up their mail.

During the month that the Flintstone mail was arriving, Wilma was going through the process of learning that she had cancer and deciding to go to hospice. It was a challenging month because up until then, she had been in such great shape. But, she was perfectly lucid, mostly cheerful, and was able to say goodbye to everyone who was important to her.

This mail from Jeri was well received. Jeri had met my mom a few times and knew that she had a wacky sense of humor. Wilma enjoyed showing it to the staff at hospice. It was great fun for my mom to receive all the Flintstone mail, and the rest of it will be popping up soon.

As I went through Wilma's keepsakes, there was another version of this card from Jeri. It was sent a few years ago when my mom fell and had a concussion. So, I think Jeri might keep these on hand and I was thinking I might have to steal the idea. I can totally see what a fun card it would be to send to someone who was recovering from an injury or illness. Tomorrow you will see why it wasn't too wacky to send to someone in hospice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Exchangers Thomas and Kate

These two are from Thomas (top) and Kate. I grouped them because they are both pointed pen people.  Thomas also has broad edge. Kate added a rubber stamp (I think) and they both added flowers.

So pretty. Thank you.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Flintstone mail from Carroll and Miss Cindy

For the April exchange I put my mom's name on the list to receive envelopes and I did the sending. Then I changed her last name to Flintstone since I thought she would get a kick out of it. And she did.

This is front and back of two of them. Top one from Carroll has some cool flower designs on the back that I shall be stealing. Bottom one from Miss Cindy has washi tape and way-cool stamps that have not been cancelled. I wish Blogger would let me post photos side by side. Grrrrr

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Guest Artist - Christopher Rouleau

Christopher specifically requests that people do not appropriate things from his website. I'm not sure if that means he doesn't want links. If he doesn't want this on my blog, I will be happy to take it down.

However.....I love this alphabet.
Love, love, love it.

I see following up in the future. Or maybe not. It is such a dilemma to know what is OK to use for inspiration.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

exchangers finn and miss cathy

these two look nice together. as previously mentioned, i need to group exchange envelopes or i would never have open spots for my own envelopes. also ---if you send something and it does not appear on the blog ---it is because i am unable to keep track of what i post or where it is.

i am pondering the idea that i clear out everything and turn over a new leaf....seems doable....i suspect it will only work if i go about this in a linear fashion and do not try to match themes to seasons....

that bit of green paper peeking out is the liner from finn's envelope (the top one) - really cool paper.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Bonus to Troy.

Another attempt at trying to add impulse posts to the blog.
OK - this works - so it gives me a lot more flexibility in posting.
this was a leftover from a job. Really wonderful shimmer envelopes. Probably Reich paper. Dreamy. The white bold lines are from the Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush. Christy asked about them and there is a response from me in one of the comment sections about the brand and answer to Christy's question - do they come in sets. Yes, there is a set of 60. I think I might rev up my Etsy shop and start selling stuff so I can buy a set. I went in with a black Pigma Micron and squared off the ends. Also added a few extra lines. Those eyes in Brooks look like the beginning of a Kilroy-was-here face.

amy and stripy goose

the top one is an exchange from amy . ransom note style is always fun. she said something about how she felt while assembling the ransom note that was funny, but now i have forgotten what it was. i like how she also has some written info mixed in with the cut and paste. stealworthy.

the bottom one is from stripygoose. i have seen her name around on the mail art blogs and pin boards. i think she just sent me something out of the blue - so i guess i owe her something. hers is clear with stuff inside. i will have to ponder how to reply. sometimes i like to reply with my own spin on their idea. other times i like to go in a completely different direction.

i am starting a new label called follow-up to try to remind myself to follow-up on ideas.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

vintage stamps for eric

i did not have a good idea for putting three pets together for eric, so i went with 10 men.
i was really into the faber castell brush markers. the marker i used on the c is a different brand and i love it - but only have one. it is very soft and squishy. i am too lazy to go find it and tell you what it is. sorry.

so yesterday concluded the first ten pet stamps. i only have 9 left - so i can't figure out where the tenth one is. compulsive jean is going to just let it go.

can anyone guess how long it took me to add up the stamps to see if i have enough postage - for some reason, my arithmetic skills are gone. i think i had a math-stroke. that's not as bad as a regular stroke - but it does wipe out your ability to add small numbers. i know another lady who has it - someone about my age. so...i'm not going to let it bother me. i have other skills that are getting so much better with age. like excuse making. really excelling in that department, eh?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

pet stamp - iguana

sorta fun - not spectacular yet - maybe a B-

where she puts the address will help (or hurt) lets hope she doesn't botch it. only grace will know.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

pet stamp - tortoise

ok - this is a little better. she needed to get scribbly. the plethora of neutral animals was intimidating her.  she just needed to find a subtle tinge of something and run with it. not that it is fabulous - just a smidge better than boring.

Monday, September 12, 2016

pet stamp - bunny

clearly jean has suffered some kind of blow to the head. this is pitifully boring.

rachael may never sign up for another exchange.

how bad is this series going to get?

this is only number 7 out of 20.
it's like watching a train wreck.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The California Amy S

I have so many Amys that I need more than a last initial to differentiate them. This Amy sent me a nice thank you and a sample of her holiday card (top) that was inspired by things she has seen on my blog. There was a very nice note enclosed.
Belated thanks, Amy - not sure you are still reading the blog. Sorry if I looked like I was ignoring you - maybe it is not too late to send a reply....

More Pink

Chuck must have had a stash of pink paper. I like the red stamp and the way the wavy lines of the tree go with the ribbons. Putting the name and address in a rectangle and tucking it behind the image is a good design idea to store in your idea bank.

pet stamp - parakeets and mouse

two more that were not overly inspired. still trying to find the groove. maybe i'm not inspired by the stamps. the jean who tends to analyze things is coming up with a blank. will she do 20 fairly  boring envelopes? she implied that there was a progression, which implies progress...but did it turn out to be a boring trip? sounds to me like she is trying to create some drama to keep you coming back - to see what happens. why is she paranoid about losing her readers?
stay tuned.....

Saturday, September 10, 2016

pet stamp - hamster or gerbil?

i guess this was something i penciled in and it was in the stack of - use it up. and after using 3 of the 4 brightly colored stamps - i realized that i would have to work with the muted tones - so this was the first attempt. not spectacular....not wretched. C+

Friday, September 9, 2016

pet stamps - betta fish

thank you again, jan, for the faber castle brush markers. this one was so easy. after struggling through 4 envelopes, trying to use up the ones that were half done and match them with a stamp - i gave up and pulled out a pile of plain white envelopes. the white background on these stamps makes them work best IMHO on a white envelope. but, it would be fun to see other options. i suppose if the stamp matched the hot pink or blue - it might look really nice. that's the bad part about this series - only one of these per book.

here is the stack of mail going out today. i finished the exchange envelopes. i put myself on all the lists. this time i had 22 to do. then i obsess because not every one of them is a favorite and i don't want to send any of the duds. so...if you think your envelope is a complete dud, let me know and i will do an extra one for you. unless i thought it was a really good one. then i won't. i will be interested to see if anyone who got a dud can spot it and will let me know. spoiler alert.... miss cathy - yours is wretched - and i will do a make up envelope ASAP. i would have ditched it, but i had put in an insane amount of time and even put the stamps on it...sometimes i think the ugly ducklings have feelings. and there was that one time that something was beyond hope and then i had a good idea and resolved it. sadly, the ones i mail won't be here to resolve...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

pet stamps - kitten

this one would have been so much better with the kitten sitting down on the checkerboard. but, as i mentioned, this was only the third envelope after i figured out that i had to get back in the groove.

i knew the kitten needed to be on the checkerboard, but i couldn't figure out how to get the address in the sky. i was so out of it - i forgot about the sun and happy little clouds.

also - i need to mention that the style of those houses was inspired by something on pinterest.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

pet stamps - parrot

this was in the unfinished stack. i am sure it was supposed to go to nancy hills - but nancy d was on the exchange list - so i filled in the parrot colors. in general, there are a lot of very tan/brown pets - so it will be a challenge to work with not bright colors and still make them lively. or not. i like neutrals.

NOTE to exchangers:
I emailed the lists for the September Exchange yesterday. If you have not received your list, let me know.
If you are not on this list, your request did not get through to me:
CindyS, CarolC, HesterW, KathieM, JeanR, TroyB, FayeJ, NancyL, KathleenRH, ChuckM, NancyD, RachaelT, EricB, FlorenceV, AlisonD, AnneL, SueM, RehjH, MartiS, JannieB, LynneS, CathyO, GraceH, PhillipL

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

pet stamps - crab

this was a cartoon in my random stack of stuff that accumulates. it was so perfect with the hermit crab. i'll do the address in black. maybe the zip in bolder red with a black border.

mostly, i was hoping to find 20 of my finished envelopes and match them up with the pet stamps and use them for the august exchange.

the hardest part was that i was not going to know which people were cat people and which were dog people. so----sorry if you get a pet you don't like.

Monday, September 5, 2016

stage 2 - limner copying J&M

stage 2 copy - i need to add red dots between the zip code numbers. this looks wretched on the computer screen as i create the post. i'll have to wait for it top up in real time to see how i like it.

tomorrow i will start the series of aug exchange envelopes that show the progression of me getting back in the saddle - or back in the groove - or whatever back-to-normal expression suits envelopes.

can we call it limner inspired? i'm hoping she says it is OK to post my knock offs of her work.

yup red dots are better

Sunday, September 4, 2016

copying limner

the envelope from limner arrived in october and it's been on display ever since. i kept wondering how limner would feel about me copying it. i intended to write and ask for her permission - and then after the big time crunch crisis and my nearly 3 month layoff from doing any envelopes at all...i finally started the aug exchange and figured i better get back in the saddle. so i did 12 envelopes in one sitting. i will post them in order to show the progression.

then i was tired - but it was too early to hit the hay - so i thought - i'm going to just throw caution to the wind and do a copy. her border is more interesting. i could have easily put more variety in my rectangles. my JC was done without any thought - and i like hers better - but, i think she must take more time. she got out some real gold gouache or something like that. i just used a gold gel pen. and - she always fills up more space than i do - which i like - but i would not say that i like it better than mine. it wasn't an exercise to create a contest - it was an exercise to show how things turn out when you are inspired by something that is steal worthy. tomorrow, i will show step 2 of my inspiration. in many ways, i wish i would have started this when i was not tired - as i think it would have been fun to see where i went with it. maybe i can pick up where i left off.

at any rate... if this knocked your socks off in a negative way, limner - please let me know and i will remove it. or if you think it's fun....maybe you can tell us what you were thinking when you put the crown on the J. to me it looks regal - but maybe you had something else in mind. and what color is JCs truck - i went with green - but there is also red, blue, and cream in the book of stamps.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

steal worthy from florence

i hardly ever do anything on a angle, but i am definitely going to steal the solid color letters - and one white letter for the address. i wish i could get it together to post the ideas that i steal right next to the source. maybe some day...... thanks florence

Friday, September 2, 2016

message in a bottle

who doesn't like a message in a bottle. this is super simple. even if you have never drawn anything - i'll bet you could draw this. i tried to link to the originator, but everything was a dead end.

there are some fun stamps that would look nice with this idea. lighthouses and boats or ships. i doubt i have any of those left.

somebody needs to show me a quick and easy way to create my own sets of stamp images so that i can just print off the ones i want to use on mail that i am not actually going to mail.....

By the way - if you are participating in the exchanges, your August envelope should be in the mail. If you are late, please let the other people on your list know when you expect to send your envelope.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

guest artist - SEPT EXCHANGE SiGN UP

 not sure how well these will show up, miss cathy met the artist at IAMPETH and these are from his instagram account which is
if you know how to go on instagram and maybe see better images.
i'm no help with instagram - i have an account - i don't know how to post

this is the official sign up for the SEPT exchange.

send me this info - in these five lines:

your email

sign up ends on the 6th
lists will be sent on the 7th or 8th
you will get a list of 4-or-5-or-6 names
including your own name - you send to the others.
there may be one international name per list
do not sign up if you do not want to send one envelope out of the USA (cost $1.15)
no theme - any medium - just decorate the envelope
send your envelopes by sept 30th
if you are missing an envelope from someone on your list, try to contact fellow exchangers by email and work it out
if you can't resolve missing envelopes, please contact me at
jmwilson411 [at] yahoo [dot] com
which is also the address where you send your email to sign up

first timers and beginners are welcome
there is a page tab at the very top of the blog with more info if you need it

i will send a confirmation email that i have received your email to participate.
if you do not get the confirmation email, resend