Saturday, August 31, 2013


procrastination progress report

i felt so guilty about posting something that wasn't an envelope that i went ahead an made an envelope. it is to our envelope representative from texas who sent me a snail address. i am really excited to have the name timothy to work with. it has a lot of fine letters. (my two newest reps, cathy and candy - in addition to kathy- had me a little scared that the state reps would be dominated by 5-letters-ending-in-y names)

anyhow, this is what came of the inspiration quilt below. i used jan's faber castell markers for the main name and a couple of the accent colors. then i used a navy zig writer for the outlining and fill in. one of these days, when i set up a web cam, i will have very detailed lessons on the sequence of detailing on these kinds of letters.

there were darker spaces where the faber-castell overlapped, so i added some details with a matching zig. i included some Xs after i found the amish quilt stamp. i did not find any of the gees bend quilt stamps.

the gees bend quilt below would have been my choice for a stamp. but it was not one that was offered on the page.

ok, back to work. [ha]

impulse, off topic

"Fabric of Their Lives" at Smithsonian Magazine. MARY LEE BENDOLPH: "Most of my ideas come from looking at things. I can walk outside in the yard and see ideas all around. Then, sitting down looking at a quilt, I get another idea." [Mary Lee with her 2003 "blocks and strips" from the new show]i am pretty good about staying on the topic of envelopes. this is loosely related, because the p.o. issued some fabulous stamps with quilts on them. but what i really need to share is this lady's comment on where she gets ideas:

"Fabric of Their Lives" at Smithsonian Magazine. MARY LEE BENDOLPH: "Most of my ideas come from looking at things. I can walk outside in the yard and see ideas all around. Then, sitting down looking at a quilt, I get another idea." [Mary Lee with her 2003 "blocks and strips" from the new show]

 in a few days, you will see how i take this image and make an envelope.  below is the envelope for the day.

ellen - series of 15

last day of august, last day of this series. nothing new or interesting about this one. i am writing this post on the 4th of july. so, i have my record of one-a-day intact. i am sure i will have something else to pop in as a bonus. or maybe not.... anyone feeling the need to complain may do so in the comment box. i'm sure a bunch of complaining will inspire me to come up with some better ideas than flowers....

BTW, while you are complaining about flowers, would you please tell me something. when you post a comment on my blog, do you get one of those distorted images that asks you to type in the letters and numbers you see to prove that you are not a machine? the blog-master always knows it is me when i am posting answers and i get to say whatever i like. but when i comment on other blogs, i have to type in those codes. and i don't know if there is a setting for that or if it is just automatic. thanks in advance. :-)

Friday, August 30, 2013

this just in

this came with a note saying *greetings from texas.* i think it is from the person who sent me the postcards with just a barcode and jean and a barcode and 420.

you may see them at the link below.

i would be happy to send a return envelope, but i will need an address. you may send it to me at jmwilson411 at yahoodotcom.

the envelope is made out of a sheet of uncut dollar bills. i'm not sure where a person gets an uncut sheet of money. i could do a search, but, i am staying focused on finishing that job that was due in february. i am running out of excuses. (i only own two books. how to steal like an artist and the book of lame excuses....both classics.) ok, that is an exaggeration. i have a few more books than 2, but not many. i guess i should go count them, eh?

cathy - stamp-o

this came from miss cathy (from mississippi)

my first attempt at a response to her was a disaster. i am only including it to show that i am working on some ideas for her.

i think i need to just go with the whole missississississississississippi theme

Thursday, August 29, 2013

new penpal - new scanner

i had to buy stamps. the heat index is over 100. i rewarded myself by buying a new printer scanner, to have at the house, so i don't have to drive to my mom's house to use hers. i had to drive to a second store to get what i needed and it was a long hot trip. my reward when i got home was this envelope from candy, in oregon. it is paste paper. she wrote my name in the paste...way cool.

she has a blog at

elizabeth told her about the blog and candy saw that i was wishing i had an envelope exchange pal from each of the 50 states and she volunteered to be oregon. welcome aboard candy :-)

the list of states still available may be viewed if you click [Read more] below

smash tangle pinwheel

i do not recall why i used orange to blur the address. i think red would have been better. so ingnore the orange. the idea of the address within a shape and then a pinwheel of designs is uber-stealworthy.

this would take some time. a good project if you are going to be sitting and waiting for an appointment or waiting at the cell phone store, to be told once again that all you need to do when your cell phone isn't working is take the battery out.  

but it was a nice outing after breaking my record for number of envelopes done in two days. i wish i could tell you the back story. but, alas, i am like doctors and lawyers. i must respect the clients.

but i can talk about jan and the new art supplies she brought over today for me to test drive. super fun stuff coming up. [but not til i buy a new scanner. the old one is officially dead.] sorry, i am going to have to monetize the blog. that will mean ads. sorry.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

flip side

and with the flap open

finnbadger 3

another nice one from finnbadger. he's 3 for 3.
nice choice on the font.
i should have scanned the back of the envelope. it is a really nice image.
but, the front is nice too
and the stamp is perfection
(use your best nina garcia accent when you say perfection :-)

good choice of font....if y'all don't know about check it out. great place to get free fonts.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

bird on head series

just saw this and would have given the link, but the link made my computer lock up twice

wish the scan was better

Axel Scheffler

smash valentine

what a fun design. i never got around to buying those stamps. i like that she added purple into the mix. the ivory envelope looks nice. with the white envelope on the stamp, i probably would not have tried it on an ivory envelope. it is always interesting to note color combinations. you see a lot of combinations that are unexpected, yet they work very well.

Monday, August 26, 2013

ellen - series of 15

i've done plenty of overlapping like this, but the new touch is the extended tails that give a place for the address. this is an idea i will use a bunch if i remember to.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

smash walnuty wash

i could guess all day on how this was done and what the medium is. smashgirl likes wet medium. i hardly ever get into broad wet stuff. now that i only work at home (and not in a studio) i suspect my wet days are over. i suppose i should just sell all the wet stuff. or send it to smash girl. or use it up in my classes.....
very pretty :-)
thanks for sharing.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

smash 2 military stamps

great color scheme. since this is a scan, i can't really see how it was done. if all those little herring bones are done by hand, she had a lot of patience. i think it was carol who thought that ivory envelopes were not pretty. IMHO these stamps look wonderful on ivory.

Friday, August 23, 2013

a very sad envelope

and a long story about a faked cancellation


every once in a while i google *jean wilson envelope* just to see what pops up. mostly, it is stuff from my blog. today, i found this. it is Mr not Ms, but it is still a fun little envelope.
  and then i found one addressed to Geo A Wilson, Esq which is exactly my husband's name
plus, he is a lawyer, so the esq. is even correct. and i like the quirky penmanship.

ellen series of 15

quick - not overly inspired - curious george is not even a stamp. but, he's cute. i like the three blue scribble dots that were inspired by the ball george is balancing on. and i think they look good with the tiny bit of shading underneath.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

fish on head

hey, smash-girl, i just found this. it reminds me of the owl on the head, only this is a fish on the head :-)

smash tiger border

this is a fun idea. i like the color of the background and wonder if she has copic markers. the luggage tag is an idea i will be stealing very soon.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


ellen - series of 15

i like this one enough to redo it with pencil lines so that it is a little more precise. and the bottom one isn't very inspired, but, i like it. the idea of little groups of three dots probably hasn't shown up for a while. i recall that it was one of the very first motifs that i saw and used - way back when -

note the way ellen has loops on the top and powers has only a loop or tail on the bottom.
it would be less convenient to have ascenders and descenders overlapping. not a bad thing, you would just have to figure out how to make the overlapping look good.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

carol's cake

it's been a while since i checked carol's blog....and it sounds like she is obsessed with envelopes. you'll have to visit her blog to see all of them. this is my favorite one - the way she has the cake on a plate.

if you delve into the blog you will learn more about her process. and she mentions that her copics are drying up. i think copics are refillable. plus you can mix whatever color you like.

here is the link to her blog:

i'm guessing the pencil lines are where the address will go.

guest artist - smash blue b-day

i should have posted this one back in july. but it got lost in the stack. it is a very good idea for addressing a birthday greeting to anyone whose name would fit into the space where it says *America.* it is one of the ones smash has sent to, that is my handiwork, where the address is blocked out. writing italics on a wavy line is very challenging. she has everything fitting together nicely. if you work with a different name, with ascenders, you'll have a bunch of space in the middle and i predict that will be a problem. the tight fit seems to me like an important component to maintain.

Monday, August 19, 2013

ellen - series of 15

more re-runs. maybe on the bottom one, the dots outside the flower petals is a new idea. 15 envelopes in an hour was a real stretch. and that included choosing stamps. i did all the lettering first and then had to find stamps. so, i probably only spent 2 minutes on each envelope.

if you are new to the blog and didn't see the series where the letters in names made petals (or flowers)
then...look closely. e-l-l-e-n p-o-w-e-r-s is tucked in there.

happy birthday mum

i want to make this into an envelope. that's my mom, third one in the middle row. i can't understand why they didn't have their own reality show. they look just as adorable as any of the kids on little house on the prairie or the waltons.

so, the only iMac that i have to work on is my mom's. it is almost 5 years old and is getting temperamental. i really should buy her a new one for her 86th birthday. she is the most computer savvy

Sunday, August 18, 2013

smash - nibs

i believe the nibs are a rubber stamps and it looks like she might have used embossing powder - which is a powder that you sprinkle on the ink, after you stamp the image. then you knock off the extra powder and use a heat gun or super hot hair dryer to melt the powder. it is the same process used on thermography.
i love the stamp...wish i had time to get some and use them.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

ellen - series of 15

hmmmm....seems like a re-run. maybe i should have just posted pictures during august, and taken a holiday from words.

Friday, August 16, 2013

ellen - series of 15

i lumped these two together because they are not wildly inventive. also, they suffer from being done too fast - with no pencil lines. but, they are happy and fit in with the group of 15. i sent them all in a larger envelope and they don't actually have stamps on them. i just cut out the pictures of the stamps from the catalog that the p.o. sends. if you do not receive it, just ask them to send it and then order from it once in a while.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

smash - owl on head

i would be very interested in the story behind this one. i could ramble on about all the things i see. but, instead, i will just leave it to the viewers to do your own pondering.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ellen - series of 15

mixing it up - santa with a flag. i should have found a flag stamp, but this was the 15-envelopes-in-an-hour challenge, so, i just had to fling some blue on the envelope. love seeing santa in blue - should have added a few gold dots.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

loopy stella, nancy, ruth

three more rough ideas i was pondering before i started my non-adult class. by the time this appears, the class will be over and i hope to have some fun samples from the non-adults. these show the sequence of layering. i hope i am not the only person who loves to one is the first layer....i would never mail it looking like this. second one shows how to add the second layer with a fine pen. the third one shows that two layers was enough for this one. it also shows that i did not use a ruler or any guide lines. i just winged it. which turned out ok. this is another idea that i suspect would yield some good stuff....if only i had more time.

Monday, August 12, 2013

jefferson's notepads

these are not envelopes, but this is so cool, i just had to post it. chuck found it while surfing and kindly forwarded it to me.  you can read more at the link. thanks's like you knew i was trying really hard to stay on task this morning....aaaarrrrgggghhh  :-)



another faber-castell big brush experiment. this isn't a favorite. the name is LENA, but i don't have enough As. it looks like LEN.
and i would have liked 3 of the energy stamps...
but, i like the idea of all this layering.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

sunday guest artist

from the flugge collection

David McKee's characters have achieved international fame - from fancy-dress wearing businessman Mr Benn, to Elmer The Patchwork Elephant.

and this just in
an article from the NYT
if you don't read the whole thing, just read the last suggestion at the end of the article.... 

and, if you like to surf on sunday mornings, click on the mr benn link above.
there are a series of illustrations each begging to be an envelope idea....

Saturday, August 10, 2013

ellen - series of 15

these are my two least favorite from the 15 done in an hour. so, i'll get them out of the way.

jan and i have discussed how to buy markers if you are not going to buy the whole set. we agreed that it is nice to have groupings of colors, not one of each color.  the pink and purple is o.k. but you can see on the green in the lower one, it would have been nice to have a darker green. that green is a little light for the flowers. of course, if i had allowed myself a little more time, i could have darkened the green with colored pencils.

and a ruler might have been a good idea.

Friday, August 9, 2013

ellen - series of 15

this is the first one of a series of 15 i did for ellen. i will lump them together because some of them aren't that good. i needed to do 15 in an hour, which i was able to do. as far as new ideas, i use dots all the time. on this one, i liked how the dots don't stay in the lines. that looks rather new, to me. maybe it isn't. i always loved this series of santas because of the non-traditional colors.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

guest artist - smash

very clever...having the name written with the broken string. once again, smash, your comment that your names do not integrate with the design does not apply to this one....

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

jay's ants

another one from the picnic series. the colorful lettering was done with the faber-castell big brush markers. that stamp bothered me and when i filled in the address and mailed it, i found two stamps that were pre-forever, one was blue and the other was pink, and now i can't remember which ones they were, but they looked soooooo much better.