Saturday, May 18, 2013

this is cool

these two postcards arrived a couple days ago.

the message on the back says: I'll see Smash's ZIP + 4 + house
and raise her a name+IMB
Greetings from Texas....

so - here is the new
Postal Hall of Fame


who's next?????
don't miss the post below...
this is the second post today


  1. So this means both postcards arrived to you by way of the barcode alone, pretty much?! You people are serious postal gamblers! lol

  2. yes... it must have been the bar code.
    now.....we have to figure out who the texan is.
    please drop us a *howdy* in the comment section :-)

  3. IMb. Intelligent Mail Barcode. USPostal Service
    This is the smartest address ever...
    My guess is that this code was taken from a posted envelope to Jean
    Scanned into the computer and printed onto a new envelope and dropped into a mail box

  4. I have been “pushing the envelope” of the post office for about 4 years now. Having sent out well over 100+ post cards with less than a 5% failure rate, I am very impressed with the ability of the Post Office and the carriers to deliver the mail. This particular test was to see if a post card with the least amount of information on it could be delivered. As you can see it did.

    The IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) was created using the USPS online encode/decode program. Jean’s address decodeed to:


    After downloading the USPS IMB font, I just needed to print the IMB on the post card.

    How did it make it to Jean? The IMB was able to get the post card to the post office in Des Moines, then into the tray of the postal carrier, but if was up to the carrier to figure out the rest:)

    If you use a readable address, a zip+4, and either a POSTnet barcode or the IMB, you will have a 99.999% chance of that envelope being delivered. A readable address and Zip+4 might bump that percentage down to about 99%.

  5. OH + WOW
    this is so cool
    i have to cut and paste this to it's own post.
    thanks so much

  6. My guess, Jean, is that your letter carrier had no trouble figuring out who was supposed to get these postcards. LOL