Thursday, May 16, 2013

hb tom - and jeri

tom sent this for my birthday last month. thank you tom. i love the button alphabet. it is a style that peter thornton invented. he was in town one time and i asked him to write it out for me and somewhere.....i have it. next time i see it, i will post it.

i do not recall if i have posted this one
and picasa has changed so that i can no longer scroll through my 900 see what has been, here it is. and it is pretty enough to run twice. thank you jeri. she sent it to my mom at mom's new address. you are all welcome to send mail to my mom.

it is a little hard to see the street address - it is 4111
jeri used one of those double tipped nibs.
and those red birds are stealworthy!!


  1. That IS a cool alphabet style! And those whispie little birds are awesome!

  2. although, they might be leaves... whatever they are, it is a nice organic shape :-)

  3. those little red birds were merely covering up spilled red paint!

  4. something i learned from a college instructor that i have put to use over and over and i pass it along to all my students....if you make a mistake, just make it two more times and it is a design element. so...thank you for confirming this tried and true design lesson :-)