Friday, May 17, 2013

stella -tornado

i was practicing *the line of infinite beauty* and it started to look like a tornado. i hope i have time to draw little pieces of furniture and cows and such in the swirls before i send it. the blue name and line must have been a ZIG Writer which has two ends, one is .5 and the other is larger. you can get a little variation in the big end with pressure and release. also, speed will make the line a little lighter, if you are not pressing very hard.


  1. Where will you put the address?

  2. to the left of the P. i understand the canadian postal workers frown on non-conforming mail, so, i will keep it very clear and in
    straight lines

  3. I do like the non-conventional style, and especially like the script. I particularly like the capital P. The whole thing flows, its fluid, and it a lovely beginning for an abstract painting with all those swirls. Thank you so much!