Saturday, May 4, 2013

barry morentz

many years ago, when i had my first teaching gig, in NYC, i was startled to see the name Barry Morentz on the class list. he was already a very well known lettering artist/scribe. i wasn't intimidated, just curious as to why he would sign up for a class in *funky styles with markers* with a complete unknown. so, i asked him...and he said something about how he was always open to new things. it was a pleasure to have him in the class. i don't think i had any opportunities to *teach* him anything. but, he was clearly collecting all the stealworthy ideas that i was tossing out. i also remember some other people in that class who were not famous, but they were spinning ideas and we all had a good time. for him, it was like playtime. and we should all remember to take a little time for play.

i could not find many images of barry's work online. i think he has been so busy with his career that he never needed to put up a website. but...yesterday he shared this video with the people on CyberScribes (a list serve - Yahoo Group - open to anyone interested in lettering) and i wanted to pass it along because it is really pretty. i noticed how often he changes speed. he starts and cruises along and then at a certain point, he speeds up. i really hope i find time to make some videos, too. it really helps to see that whole speed thing. it's hard to describe it in words.


  1. Oh joy, Jean! My envelopes arrived today and Gregory wasn't even cancelled! I love them! You are waaaaaayyy too talented! Thank you for inspiring me to branch off from my sewing passion for a bit! I am having such fun and thinking of all sorts of people to bless with this new art form!

  2. so happy to have such an enthusiastic audience :-)