Wednesday, May 1, 2013

tracy - vine

this was a quick demo on how to make flowers with a brush marker. i have a lot of zigs, but any brush marker will work. you just tap the edge of the brush tip on the paper and then keep rotating the paper, adding petals. keep your hand in the same position and move the paper.

 the addressing is with a G-Tec and i will add the street address. i would have added some fine outlines on the flowers to make them look more like the stamp, but, after i put the stamp on, i decided that it was too risky to start adding things. the fine lines might look awful. tip of the day: do all your experimenting before you apply the stamps. do i hear a chorus of *duhs* from around the globe?

p.s. i did go back and add the fine lines and it was an improvement and i did not mess it up. sometimes those big bold risks are worth taking. in my world, adding tiny outlines is a big bold risk. extreme outlining. a new sport in my own personal olympics. other events include finding an x-acto blade in the bottom of a waste basket and making a perfect masking tape oval on a track. great, now i have to start a new blog for the graphic olympics.


  1. Although with a name like that, you might get a lot of "interesting" entries!

  2. ooops...i guess it should be the Design Olympics...thanks for the warning...i'm very careful to keep my blog benign.