Friday, May 31, 2013

john's hat

i see john at family gatherings and he says he checks my blog every day (we'll see if he sees this one). he is multi-talented and multi-occupational. i think he loves his firefighting *hat* so i thought i would find the u.s. postage stamp that commemorates firefighters and


they did one to commemorate 9-11
and in 1949 (?) there was one to commemorate volunteer firefighters. but other than that, firefighters seem to be really neglected. and then i checked on policemen...and there are a couple. take a bite out of crime and law and order....neither focus on the people who do the work...
i don't really have time to start another campaign. but i think someone needs to alert the panel that chooses themes for stamps that policemen and firemen and firewomen and policewomen need commemoration on stamps.

maybe there are some that i, if anyone has seem them, please let me know and i will edit my post.


(second post for the day is below)

i used the big-brush faber-castell marker for the name and my little gray g-tec for the little lettering.


  1. I love this envelope...the hat and the lettering. I agree with you. A few less floral commemorations and few more every day heroes is definitely in order.

  2. Jean,

    I do love your site, Thank you for thinking of me.