Wednesday, May 15, 2013

jan's markers

 here are some flowers using jan's faber-castell big brush markers. i loved the envelope - until i added the stamp and address - luckily i used pencil.

i think the address belongs in that wider space between the stems.

note to ann-margret who asked what the ZIP+4 means. it is an additional 4 numbers, optional, that will route the mail to a more specific area. so, the ZIP+4 plus the house number, is technically all the information that is needed to get the mail to the house.

and note to carol and sue regarding my thoughts about my idea or an envelope where i write one name, using each and every pen and marker that i own....i think i have to do it. and yes, it will be a large envelope.


  1. How simple and HOW delightful!!! I LOVE them...each one of them! Oh Jean, so many ideas and so little time...........!!! You are too clever!!

  2. with a name like Meendering, don't you think it's impossible to ignore the temptation to put the address meandering through the stalks of the flowers?

  3. Thanks for the explanation, Jean! :)

  4. nh is a very good mind reader :-)
    i will resist the temptation to post a THIRD envelope today.
    this is getting out of hand
    AND...i dropped the hillarian envelope in the mail yesterday.
    very hard to part with it.