Wednesday, May 29, 2013

annie - step 2

the second step of annie's envelope. it wasn't too hard to correct the depth of the  -nnie part so that it was level. now the bold stroke of the A is too heavy for the rest of the A. so i need to add to the wimpy side.

and i have to decide about the two leaves on the A. should they be the same? is one better than the other? should the lightness to darkness be a gradation? it was a stroke of luck that i found a stamp that looked nice with the colors. its difficult having such limited colors with G-Tecs and i am still bummed that they have discontinued colors. that just seems like some kind of torture. why would they do that? get us addicted and then deny us. is it part of a larger plot? i have a sci-fi book or movie percolating here.


  1. I always cause matter the form! Wow, Jean, impressive save!

  2. Wow......REALLY, REALLY neat!