Monday, May 20, 2013

stella - greek key

hey stella...i think this is the last in the stella series
and i think it is my favorite
it is pretty simple
and it probably needs more
but, i just love the way it all fits together
and looks like a greek key design
(or maybe a greek key after too much ouzo, eh?)

some day...i want to do this in a blind emboss

the address will go in tiny letters, just above canada. it was done with a navy ZIG writer and then carefully outlined with a G-Tec so that the ends and corners were squared off and crisp.

it would also look nice to move the stamp up to the corner
and stack the address in three lines, further down on the right.


  1. OMG......another one for me to copy! Thank you! I love it! ('Course, I'm not sure I know anyone with that long of a last name so I can split it. lol)

  2. I love this! And I'm sure Stella will, too. How clever to incorporate the Greek key design. :D

  3. Stella has a great name for this lettering style. It does look cool!

  4. i will do the entire alphabet and post it sometime. i imagine there are other greek key based alphabets out there...but mine will be easier ;-)

  5. OOOOOOH Jean this is very very sweet-like the sweet taste of a glass of ouzo on the rocks, on a hot summer day, sitting under the olive tree, mesmerized by the cicada song and the butterfly blue sea. This is delightfully created. Thanks you soooooo much. Now off to buy some ouzo!