Monday, May 13, 2013

janet's birthday - favorite

last week, i posted the really quick cupcake envelope i made for janet and mentioned that my first attempt at something very quick was one that i liked too much to give away that day, so i made a second one. i still haven't finished this one because i have too many ideas. so, i suppose i should make copies and show how many different ways i can finish it...which would be a lot....decisions, decisions.

the two main places for the stamp are in the crook of the J and under the crossbar of the E.

here is my reply to the envelope from smash that i showed yesterday

 i took one of her creatures and turned it into the S and another creature made the last name with his footprints. it is all done with the G-Tec .25 - in the blue-black color that i just love. maybe john neal will stock them. they are pretty spectacular. the ink seems to be more cooperative in the wash technique that i have been loving. i used a little gouache or watercolor for the pale green.

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  1. Love what you did with the creatures. You are very creative
    Can't wait to see the finished Janet envelope. I must say there has been a tremendous improvement to my snail mail over the last few months. Tues is my day for the post office and I have a few robots going out. You need to make a call for them and put them all on the blog within a couple days of each other. Love this whole process