Monday, May 6, 2013

smash's smart envelope

smash saw my post about how all you need is the street address and zip for the mail to go through. so, she decided to carry that to the logical extreme and do the zip+4+house number and see if the p.o. would deliver it and voila, they did.
although she had to add the words zip, +four, and house. she tried sending
50312  2560   420
and it did not arrive
they kept it in their personal collection of
*mail that is so darn cool we just have to keep it to remind ourselves that mail is the coolest thing on earth*
they do have such a file.


  1. Well isn't that the most wonderous thing! I'm going to skip commenting on that PO file you mention.

    1. We, as calligraphers, will now have to really practice our numbers. Don't forget without the clues of (zip, +4 and house) they couldn't deliver.

  2. Amazing! Who'd guess??? (I'm still too chicken to try it!) I'm missing envelopes in transit with lots more on them. Think the PO is keeping them in their personal entertainment stash? Eikes!

  3. keep track of which ones are missing. if there is a certain post office that is not delivering, you might have to put the address in a clear box, and keep all the decorating around the box. but, they really should deliver anything with a clear address. junk mail is full of extra *junk* and they seem to get all of that delivered without a problem.

  4. I don't know understand what the +4 means...

  5. we have our regular zip code, with 5 numbers and then we have 4 more numbers that indicate the street - or maybe it is just a portion of the street. but if the machine reads
    50312, it knows the area of my town
    and 2560 will send it to my street and then the only other information needed is which house on my street
    which is 420
    at least that is how it has been explained to me.
    you never know with the postal system.
    there are a lot of different opinions.
    i am still very impressed at how fast and reliable our service is