Tuesday, May 7, 2013

janet's bday alternate

i made an envelope for janet (in a hurry so i could deliver it by hand) but i liked it too much and wanted to add some things so i made this one in an even bigger hurry. i don't like the way the h crosses the b
but i liked the way the t ended up right under the y
and it looked like a cupcake. there was no pencil or planning on this one, just write big and fill up the space.

i used zig markers - the ones called writers, that have two sizes of tips, one like a big bullet and the other is .5, i think. i could find out, but it would mean getting up from my chair.


  1. This is like the one you sent to me. I love it and have yet to try it.......maybe today! Poor Annie! She gets all my experiments! lol

  2. This is quite fun! I like how you saw that cupcake...it's perfect!

  3. i'm glad annie is getting the experiments. the best way to spin ideas is to choose one name and write it a couple hundred ways.