Friday, May 24, 2013

amy's - hillerian env

if you click on it and look closely, you will see that it is sloppy. i was experimenting.
and trying some new brushes. i am a big fan of the windsor newton series 7 brushes. they are expensive. i tried the windsor newton sceptre gold II
and.. i was not disappointed. i still think series 7 are better, but, students aren't always eager to buy the most expensive supplies.

amy is getting a dee-luxe envelope because she helped me when i had the final big fat sale to empty out my studio.  i am almost done with the big move and i have been scanning again. the phone photos will soon be a thing of the past.

i added some more white dots after i took this photo. and sadly, i do not have time to do a rescan. too many new ideas coming up. this one is so *last week.*


  1. Jean you are too hard on yourself. All of these envelopes are winners. Love to check them out first thing in the morning with my cup of Joe. Where did you put white dots, it's perfect the way it is

  2. you're right, the whole point is to have fun. some of the details were done in haste and when i compare them to nancy's, i can see that i *prefer* precision. but, i also know that precision takes more time. so, i'll be more accurate about what i am critiquing. i added a few dots in the areas that have dark red and dark blue. it probably didn't make a huge difference. thanks for posting :-)

  3. ok...i went back and clicked on it to see why i was being critical and there is a lesson here. on the confetti squares, they are not perfect at the corners and the lines extend. i think that looks great. on the rows of little circles, within the shapes that form the letters, the circles are obviously done in such haste that they are not connected and those kinds of circles do not look nice to me. they look like sloppy handwriting. i don't need a circle to be exactly round, but, i just don't like it when it is starting to spiral. the solution, if you make a circle that does not meet is to go ahead and make a thoughtful spiralish detail. but these are just sloppy Os...something that i do not normally do.

  4. OMG...I'd be dancing with joy if I had made that envelope. I LOVE it.....(and I'm so happy you did an "A" so that I can at least try to copy it to make one for Annie). Thank you! I guess I don't understand the brush thing though. That name appears to me as though you used those fine pens again.

  5. i did do the first outline of the letters with the super fine blue-black G-Tec. then i went over those lines with a brush and red gouache, and covered quite a bit of the blue line. the brush is pretty tiny so it almost looks like a marker, but you can see some variation in the thickness. most of the designs are with the brush. a few details over the top are with the G-Tec again. it is amazing what a fine line you can get with a very nice 0 or 00 or 000 size brush.

  6. I love it! It very much has a watercolor look. I even love your extended lines on the confetti squares! I think what you see as sloppy, I see as artistic. the eyes of the beholder.