Thursday, May 2, 2013

carol the quilter

carol is a quilter who ran across my blog and was inspired to send me an envelope. you can see her work on her blog

she also asked me to include more details on what i use when i am making my envelopes. i will be mentioning more about materials, but i also caution people about buying too many things. use what you have if you already have too much stuff. although, if you have never had G-Tecs, you probably need them.

the slicci pens are nice too.
carol, you have the patience to do a lot of detail work and you will LOVE doing the details with super fine pens.

thanks for the fun card and envelope. i sent a return envelope to carol, but all i put inside was another envelope.


  1. Jean, you have really started something for me. I temporarily have packed up the fabric and am concentrating on strictly drawing pretty envelopes for now. I am having such fun! Thank you for your inspiration! (I'm expecting my "tec" pens in the mail today.)

  2. it is so nice to hear from you....and i am confident that you will reeeeally like the g-tecs. i'm guessing you are also enjoying the feedback from people who receive the happy mail.
    (i have a couple more for you that i will mail today :-)

  3. Carol has a very active, creative mind which makes for some really fun mail days! I'm looking forward to sampling some mail created with her new g-tec pens!