Thursday, February 26, 2015

are these repeats? 2 messy ones to jeri

 i don't see these in the archive, and i don't like them, but i put the less successful stuff out there because anyone could look at the technique and think of a way to do it that would be more pleasing.

and who knows, i might come up with a brilliant idea to add that one last layer that makes me love them.

if these are repeats, please leave a comment and i will add a bonus post today.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

snow angel from jadie

here is the envelope from my new penpal, jadie.
my name is probably done with a ruling pen. the small lettering looks like gel pen.
jadie is a master at splattering.

so pretty

thanks jadie

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

jadie - 4 love stamps

jadie is a new penpal. the envelope she sent me will pop up tomorrow. i hope that's ok. if not, jadie, send me an email and i will not post it. do you like how much (little) notice i am giving you? i might have to institute another policy. if you send mail to me, assume it will be put on the blog.

i had a bride show up with sparkle paper envelopes and hoping to find purple ink that would stick to it. no luck. she is going to get her save-the-dates addressed with a purple sharpie.

after testing about a dozen purple inks, i was starting to like the look of dissolved ink. this was a tul pen. i get them at office-max-depot. they are very nice pens. the navy, dark green and burgundy are very nice if you need to match those colors and want to use a regular pen.

the address line will be tiny between the two big lines but i will not smear it. and it will be green because all the love stamps have a touch of green.

Monday, February 23, 2015

janet's winter exchange

i think this is watercolor. nice way to pull an idea off the stamp and that little row of red glittery dots on teh top is a very pretty detail. it's going in my *swipe file*

thanks, janet

and the white *shadow* on the address was a good way to make that lettering pop out against the background. i can tell that the gray was an essential part of giving some dimension to the branches, but, then the brown lettering probably looked a little muddy over the top. very nice.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

ann-margret - multi stamp

i need to add more stamps to get to $1.15. it was fun to find the canada stamp in my stash after i started an envelope with no stamp in mind.

i am going through all my markers an pens and testing them to weed out the dry ones.

a fun holiday envelope from ann-margret will show up in a few weeks. my incoming mail got way ahead of my outgoing mail. and i am alternating daily between my envelopes and those i receive.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

karen's little houses

what fun, and so generous, to use 5 of these stamps which are one of my favorite designs....
and the way the postmark adds some snowflakes on the left is cool.

looks like cola pen writing to me
and the little fine lines tie everything together nicely.

thanks karen

Friday, February 20, 2015

evans - snow angel

in a crazed state of mind, i started stealing ideas without considering the stamps. after i found the snow angel, i wished i had made the e by looping a scarf. too late. desk cleaning frenzy continues.

address line will be a tidy block toward the right margin. at about the level of the bird's knees.

after i posted the top left image, i added the jim and caroline, but now i can't arrange this page, so i am just leaving the previous scan in.... too bad i can't find someone to compose my pages for me. i need a bride with computer skills so i can trade services. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

from nonnie

two envelopes today. check below this one for the second one. and this one might be a repeat. it arrived in june of 2014 and i do not recall what kind of binge i was on at the time, so i do not recall if this was inspired by something or maybe it is completely original. i could easily steal those well as the general 3D effect.

either way, thank you nonnie

legend's exchange

this is from legend. i'm pretty sure i am remembering this right....he was mostly a broad edge letterer, but decided to try pointed nibs - after retiring. so, hats off to anyone who tries something new. it can be very challenging. so far, i have never had the patience to try any of the pointed pen illustrations....very nice.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

usps article

i can't believe it took me this long to run across this article.

i am thrilled to know that the USPS is appreciating mail art.

and here is a link to some more mail art
there is something interesting about that hunk of black and the white triangle.
i want to tip it to the right a little and make it into an envelope behind the lady....

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

karen's winter exchange

on dec 27, i posted one from karen to jan and karen left a comment that she gave up on broad edged names after trying two. i really think this is marvelous with a simple mono-line address. the whole design is charming. and those mailboxes on the bottom are *insane* (the way young people say that, meaning insane in a very good way)

love it

Monday, February 16, 2015

stella's drum

this stamp gave me fits. i had given up on finding something that worked with it. sadly my big copic marker is out of ink again.

but enclosed in this envelope are two three items from the stack of 67 unfinished envelopes that i vowed to finish and send by dec 31, 2014
feb 14, 2015,
new deadline - april 15, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

from jill - bonus post

another spontaneous-send-an-envelope-to-jean club member. this is jill, from indiana.

i wonder if the club will ever go viral and if i will ever reach a tipping point where i am getting more mail than what i can respond to.
also, question for jill:
is there significance to the cuckoo clock?
not that i am sensitive about being cuckoo...just wondering.

thanks jill, i know there will be stealing of this idea.

winter exchange - heading into spring

good thing i wasn't planning on any form of organization this year. i just found a stack of envelopes from the exchange that i thought i had posted, but i do not see them in the archive - so here they are....
thank you elena
scribbles and dots...they look great with that stamp.
i'm trying to think of a way to morph this into another holiday....
or, if i was smart, i'd just start my holiday cards NOW.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

love it

i almost made some noise-of-delight out loud when i thought of making recipe cards to add to this one. i had already put thicker strokes on some of the letters which was absurd. it didn't ruin anything, but it is a goofy thing to do to that font. and i kept thinking....what kind of food item can i add to this? then it hit me -- recipe cards are equally absurd. i can't imagine he ever used index cards.

i will write the address, tiny on the cards and sure hope it arrives.

Friday, February 13, 2015

my dutch penpal

i bumped today's scheduled post to insert this one. it arrived from the netherlands. anna saw one of my envelopes on pinterest and decided to mail me a surprise letter. she didn't say anything about my blog, so i have to respond by snail mail and warn her that i put her envelope on the blog. i hope that's ok with her, if not, i can take it down. she must have seen one of the old envelopes from my studio days at 430. i changed it to 420. someday i need to obliterate all the 430s, but there are so many on pinterest...there will always be 430s out there.

here is the cool part. my mailman knew to give it to me. isn't that nice? feb 4th was letter carrier appreciation day. i need to send a belated thank you.

thank you anna - there are several ideas on this envelope to inspire both my readers and myself.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

letter writing robot

this is a screen shot of some actual lettering. it is from a website offering a robotic letterwriting service.

they have some styles of penmanship that you may choose. or you may send your own handwriting and they will make it into a font.

you may then type in messages to people and the robot will write your message using a real pen and they will mail the letter/note for you.

and the price is very reasonable - $2.99US.
of course, any handwriting turned into a font still lacks the variety in characters that makes real handwriting look real. it would be fun to know if they make a go of it. i'm thinking i should start a service where people call me and dictate over the phone and i do an actual letter and drop it in the mail.

it does bother me that they have this nice bit of handwriting in a very prominent place - implying that they will send a letter that looks like this. this is very pretty....but it is not done by a robot.

should i contact the company and suggest to them that they are misleading their customers?

this is what the robot writing looks like:

IMHO they need some better cursive options.

the new envelope for today is in a post below.

last 3 potters

ok, here are the last 3 potter stamps. i really fizzled out on this series. i always like a good challenge and i kept thinking i would hit my groove. but, i never did. sometimes that happens. i'm sure i could have done an entire set of wrought iron, but what's the point of that?

so...there is one more. the book of stamps came with several little red wax seal stickers. of course, i can't find them at the moment
so...some day, they will turn up and maybe i will have a brain storm that will compensate for the dullness of the potter series.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

another flo-rific envelope

jan brought her envelopes from the winter exchange over for me to see and i love this one from flo. some people do a variety of envelopes, others choose a design and do all the same. it's entirely up to you.

i am bummed that i do not have any of these stamps left. i had several envelope ideas that i really liked, but not this, i will be looking for opportunities to steal this idea and apply it to another stamp. but, i doubt i can top this.

thanks, florence
(no doubt she is named for the city of florence, one of those cities that continues to be a great source of inspiration to artists)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

two more potters - scarf & wand

the harry potter stamps were very challenging for me. they kept getting lost in a pile of unfinished ideas.

the top one is just loose loopy silver gel pen script with the counters filled in with colored pencil.

the scarf name is just a very quick and sketchy impression of the scarf.

i wish i would have used bleach, in a spray bottle, to make speckles coming out of the wand. bleach on black paper is a very cool technique.