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Thursday, July 24, 2014

envelope 911

 a couple weeks ago one of my favorite clients called me and asked if there was any way i could do 1,144 envelopes - rush -
i said i could do it if i found some helpers and
tome, jan, and amy were all incredible troopers. they addresses, stamped, stuffed, and sealed until they were dizzy and had carpal tunnel. i should have taken a photo of my sweat shop. i do have a photo of all the envelopes in my car, ready to go to the p.o.
but, you had to be here.

and, did i remember to take large plastic bags just in case it started to rain while i was driving to the p.o.? why yes i did. and did it start to rain? why yes it did.
you can never be too prepared.

so, these three deserve really beautiful thank yous.
i pondered a thank you from here:

but each card was $395.00
so i went with the universal symbol for first aid.

you three have my ever-asking gratitude and i owe you better envelopes.
i tried the single stroke on Tome, then the double stroke on jan hardT and finally a triple stroke on amy scotT

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

postcard from finnbadger

finnbadger is up to a blog post every day. congrats, grasshopper. i have a link to his blog, so if you read all the links on my blog, you've seen this one. the addressing on the other side is pretty standard. so technically this is not an addressing idea. but, i wanted to show it today because tomorrow, there is a cool idea that is somewhat similar and it is an envelope. this could easily become an envelope if you wanted to attach a mailing label.

shout out to my west coast buddy who knows she should have a blog. when are you going to start? anyone else feel inspired to start a blog? you don't have to post every day.

if you look at finnbadger's archive, you'll see that he started in june of 2013, with just a couple per month. but since january he's had enough to post almost every day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

more from brad mcCormick

i've posted at least one of brad's envelopes. here is another one.
if you have not been to his page, he has some very charming stories, including writing thank yous to postal workers who are supportive of his art.

i am posting a bunch of stuff that is not mine because i took a job addressing 1400 envelopes and then will be out of town, so i am trying to get all the days filled up with posts before i leave....and so far, nobody has complained when i post ideas that are not mine.
if i figure out how to take a phone photo and upload directly to the blog from my phone, i will add in some of my own along the way. i really do need to learn how to blog while sitting in airports, etc.

Monday, July 21, 2014

grade 9-12 graceful winner

it was hard to pick my favorite of the 9-12 graders. there was quite a range of topics from the very sweet, snow and being a straight A student to sympathy for the sandy hook families and self mutilation. it definitely shows the range of emotions that teenagers have and illustrates the value of using art to express yourself.
i chose this one as my favorite because i will fur-shur be stealing the idea of
big bold - border to border name
tiny address in one line (not necessarily over the top of the name)
stamp centered at the bottom
related items sprinkled through the rest of the space.
as i mentioned a couple days ago, i do not usually fill up space, but i can see how this design gives me a framework for filling up the space. that's the value in stealing. my design may bear very little similarity to this one, but the recipe is one will work in many applications.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

grade 5-8 graceful winner

here is my pick of the best of the grade 5-8 category.
bold design
good use of scale - itty bitty lady, great big notes.
charming addition of the rest of her body
logical tie in of stamp and overall design

very nice brian, this should get you into RISD

Saturday, July 19, 2014

grade 1-4 graceful winner

i just had to add this one from the grade 1-4 category in the graceful envelope contest. i really hope aiden one this on his own without any direction from an adult. is has so much going for it.
wisdom stamp - wise to put extra postage on to compensate for the p.o. having to work at finding the address
all that white space on the left
the address is sitting in the little scrabble trays
the street number and the zip code are on the clever little score sheets
and thanks you to the p.o. for not putting the barcode on the front.
so charming
and i don't think aiden followed the colors on the scrabble board.
he just used the idea and did that diagonal rainbow design
that makes it more interesting than the actual scrabble board.
so nice...
congrats aiden

Friday, July 18, 2014

surfing 101

on this blog, i have a link down there on the right to finnbadger's blog. whenever i see a new image, i go look at what he has posted. then, i glance at the images along the right side of his blog to see if there is anything that looks interesting. this one caught my eye. i will include a link to the blog where it appeared, but when you click on the link, you will probably see the most recent post which might not be this one. i really like maps and this one is just so charming. i was tempted to just copy the whole thing for the fun of it. but, was able to resist the temptation. and i love those two mountain stamps at the top.
the envelope is by phillipe charron

Thursday, July 17, 2014

graceful elizabeth's honorable mention

elizabeth received an honorable mention on this one. i would have put it in the winner's circle. it is better (IMHO) than a couple that were put in the winner's circle. but, judging is subjective. elizabeth is one of those designers who can fill up the surface. i usually have to leave some space. so, i always admire a design that can fill up all the space and still be balanced and harmoneous.

congrats to elizabeth, jeri and carol.

you may see all the winners and honorable mentions here:  there are 5 categories, in red at the top. click on each one to see the images.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

graceful winner jeri

here is jeri's winner.
jeri excels at tiny little lines and lots of them. many people would ask how long it took to make this envelope. i don't really ask that question any more because it is too complicated keeping track of time. sometimes we just sit and stare at the envelope trying to figure out if we are happy or if it needs more. sometimes we do a couple hours of layout with pencil just to see what is going to work. or maybe researching images of spider webs...that could take a couple hours...
very nice jeri :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

carol's graceful winner

this is carol dubosch's winning entry in the graceful envelope contest. the theme was the letter S. tomorrow, i will post jeri hobart's winner. note to anyone who does not want to see spiders, don't look at the blog tomorrow.

this is a winner on many levels:
super lettering
nice balance
great color palette

Monday, July 14, 2014

a video

i hardly ever go off topic. this video has envelopes at the beginning, then a minute and a half of somebody piling the dots all over the place, but, the last 30 seconds (approx) you see envelopes and it just seemed blogworthy. also, if you go to the website they post at the end of the video, you find it is the website of the people who claimed to have invented the Tyvek wallet. ( my friend jean showed me how to make the Tyvek wallet and now, it is the only wallet my husband will use. i like the one that looks like an envelope. you can google *how to make a tyvek (or paper) wallet* and find lots of different patterns that are very easy to follow. jean and i agree, these are the ideal alternative if you need to carry some money and ID or drivers license, but you don't want to carry a purse. it fits nicely in your pocket.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

finn - stacked and labeled

i suppose i should mention that this series of stacked addresses happened on the day that i was without electricity until noon. i figured it was a good use of time. then, i noticed that i was way behind on my posts. so, these are all a bit unfinished. but i have to get my blog posts scheduled ahead of time because i have a bumper crop of october brides and a couple of them are going to pay me to mix ink instead of using g-tecs. so, i'll be working away instead of having fun. but, i figure it's summer and a bunch of you are very distracted with summer stuff.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

finn - stacked series

the thing with this stacked series is that it just has soooooooo many opportunities. and i even like the simplicity of just a stack and a stamp. i broke the word columbus. i didn't pay attention to the width, just let it fall, but i knew columbus would be too wide.

at first i thought they were better stacked from the bottom, but i'm ok with them dropped from the top, too.

Friday, July 11, 2014

skip - stacking series

the next one in the stacking series. when i was looking for a stamp, i set this piece of paper that i cut out of the usps catalog on the envelope to imagine each of them and ended up liking all of them. imight collage the paper onto the envelope and then add an actual stamp on top. that ought to frustrate the heck out of some postal workers. or i suppose i could put the actual stamp over on the left.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

h.b. skip

today is his birthday. i should have done a better job of matching the colors to the stamp but i chose the stamp after i did the envelope. i had to send this stamp to him because the fine print on the stamp says:
who puts his skates upon his head and wears his hat upon his feet while accomplishing apparently impossible stunts.

that pretty much sums up skip.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

finn's 2nd stack

the left column was what i tried first. i was going to throw it away. but first, i tried another version. then i thought they were somewhat interesting as a pair. so i put a picture of the fosse stamp on the envelope. this is just one of the experiments in stacking addresses. i don't remember how many there are. part of me wants to do a series of 50. part of me thinks i'll lose a lot of you if i get too obsessed with stacking.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

8th of month - graceful 2001

8th of the month - a link to a whole stash of stuff. i thought of the gi-normous archive of envelopes on the graceful envelope website. i went to the first year, and spotted this one. i like the overlapping stamp. i don't know that i would do it, but i like. it.

and i love the blueprint idea. and i love love love putting a swash on a roman letter - there at the bottom.

the link takes you to just one section, you can see lots more by going to the main page.

Monday, July 7, 2014

finn's cancan stamp

miss cathy's envelope where she stacked my name on that circus pedestal thing (does it have a name?) inspired me to stack addresses. this was the first one.

i don't have enough circus stamps to actually use them, so i am using the pictures out of the usps catalog.

this could be better, but i like it for what it is, the first try at an idea.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

cathy's circus tiger

is this a repeat? i am having a hard time keeping track of what i have posted. this is colored pencil with gel pen teeth. it was fun to do. i don't try to be too literal when i am making representational things. i love the combination of chocolate and robin's egg blue.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

tim tumble

once again, i wonder if tim put the barcode on the postcard for the postal workers...

sorry it took me so long to get these posted on the blog. they are so much fun :-)

i can't say that i am a big fan of the big bold cancel format. i like the wavy lines...and i suppose the clarity of the info is worthwhile. but, it's a little chunky.

love the stamp :-)