Tuesday, July 7, 2015

versal-script K -kathy

there was an L like this with a script layered over a versal earlier. i believe i said i wanted to do more of these. i used g-tec and added a tiny bit of water with a brush. this will go in a larger envelope because i only have one glass stamp and i no longer spend hours sifting through my stamps looking for perfect combinations.

the address will be in the rest of the straight line - or two lines, as needed.

two posts today, because technically, the other one is not an envelope and some of you might call me out. or would you? does anybody care if i post envelopes?

christy-style name plate [not an envelope]

cathy o'rear was inspired by the envelope that christy did - to make a nameplate for one of her co-workers at the P.O.

and in case anyone wants to watch the mail cancelling machine in action, here is a nice video.


this is the old-style machine, but it shows exactly why the landscape orientation is the preferred orientation and there is a surcharge on portrait orientation and squares.

Monday, July 6, 2015

h.b. karen - ramirez deer

should have used gray on the deer. like the idea, did not like the paper, so left it simple. if i do another one like this on nice paper, i'd add more color.

that green stripe is uncropped background, but i rather like it. maybe i should do more borders or edge colors....one of those accidents that gives me ideas.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


 here is a card and envelope from candy-land. candy has a blog that is worth checking out.
i have a link on this blog, although, i can't tell if it is always in the same place on phones, iPads, or desktops. AES left a comment on the blog post with the plastic bottle filled with boxes, wondering how she did it.
details are here

or you can even subscribe and get a notice every time she posts. many of her ideas are perfect for envelopes. although she does engage in several other types of projects - so if you want to be faithful to the envelopes, be careful that you do not let candy distract you. some of her projects are pretty tempting. luckily, she puts out enough envelope ideas that i can maintain my focus.  thanks candy

Saturday, July 4, 2015

karen's deer

after one that was similar to this one got rave reviews on the blog, even though i thought it was a dog, i figured i might as well do some more along these lines. but it was the same day that i started making bad address choices, so i am just posting these sans address and will repost if i don't mess it up when i add the street.

it's just black with white gel pen over the top. mimics some detail on the stamp.

Friday, July 3, 2015

bonus post - alex's picklepie

this was inspired by the picklepie font that elizabeth sent and now i don't remember at what point i started posting this series. it's pitt brush markers first, then outline with pigma micron 05. and white gelly roll dots.

i hear that these envelopes are not reaching alex. the canadian post doesn't approve or else they love them so much they are just keeping them. hard to tell. our neighbors to the north are mysterious.

francois szalay colos

while this hungarian artist passed away in 1989 and there isn't much about him on the internet, i don't feel comfortable stealing his idea. but i love it and wanted to share it with you.

i imagine it could inspire other kinds of stamp stacking ideas.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

h.b. karen - 4 water lilies + energy

maybe not the best stamp choice. but, the dot-a-rific marker colors don't go with very many stamps. of course they are perfect with the happy birthday stamps that i no longer have.
this was close to getting filed in the circular file, more than once, but swirly-cues and dots ended up making it fun enough to send - along with all the others. i'll be interested to hear if there is a clear *favorite* of the ones that karen received.

 after i made the first scan, i thought it needed some white. then i saw another stamp that isn't too bad, but i only have 4 of them. not enough to mail it. guess it will go inside another envelope.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

3D mail

 this fun bottle full of boxes arrived in my mailbox. it's from penpal, Candy in oregon. she has a blog and features work that involves a variety of things including a lot of folding. these are out of paste paper. i haven't decided what i will do with the little boxes. they are so cute.

thanks, candy.

years ago, i wrote a letter on lined paper, then cut each line apart and taped it together into one very long strip and stuffed it into a bottle and mailed it. and i imagine you can find other examples on line of things to mail in a plastic bottle. i guess i should have done that as a thank you to candy. dang. i'll have to think of something else, unexpected....

here is a pinterest board with a bunch of fun ideas


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

h.b. karen - white water lily + origami envelope

stealing from myself. not a new idea, maybe i owe an extra envelope today.

or, here is a link to a site with a ton of ideas, not envelope addressing, but the origami envelopes are adorable.


Monday, June 29, 2015

from Rehj

these two arrived together. the top one if from the may exchange. the bottom one is an example of an envelope that Rehj sent for an event.

these are done on a computer and i suspect Rehj is a graphic designer. or maybe someone who just loves to play with fonts. there are times when i wish i had spent more time learning how to do things like this on the computer...but, it didn't happen. i blame it on the offspring. all that time driving to pick up fast food really cut into my creative time. and what happens to kids who are raised on fast food and kraft mac? all three turned into foodies. always rejecting the ways of the parent. and none of them read this blog, so they will not be availing themselves of all my valuable parenting tips.

but, i digress....thank you, Rehj, for participating in the exchange and sending the bonus.

p.s. i did make really good homemade marinara sauce - so they did have some exposure to decent food.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

h.b.karen - balloons

dot-a-rific markers.
stick figures.
white gel pen on the balloons.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

miss munster's stella

sometimes when you ask for a hand cancel, the envelope will go into the pile of mail that goes to the machines and get another cancel. in this case, it is a rather interesting addition. but, it might have been better without. i really like this idea where only the essential information is right-reading and the non-essential information is used as the design elements. this idea has all kinds of possibilities.

thanks, miss munster.

also, miss munster asked if i might be joining the chicago guild at any of their workshops. sadly, i have had to put workshops, conferences and conventions on the list of things that i no longer do. i miss seeing all my penpals, i really do....but, after years of neglecting my family, they finally figured out something that would lure me into the fold. grand-offspring. i was not expecting to enjoy messy crabby small people again. but, some kind of weird subliminal wiring seems to be connected.

Friday, June 26, 2015

h.b. karen - purple water lily

i think i saw an A like that somewhere. this might need something else. i just like playing with the giant copic marker.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

finn's butterfly & janet's lettering

these two stamps are perfect with the paper. very strange how the cancel is just a city, state, date, up-side-down.

i'll never understand the p.o. but i do appreciate anytime they forgo the nasty sharpie marks

thanks finn

 also, thanks to janet, who sent me a card. i don't remember what i named this style. it was one that was a request from someone who had only a couple words and wanted a full alphabet. that's one of my favorite activities. making up the rest of an alphabet when i only have a few of the letters. not sure why everyone does not enjoy it as much as i do.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

h.b. karen - pink water lily

only the second one in my series and it isn't exactly a steal from anywhere. although, it might be. i don't remember.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

from miss munster

an interesting composition. the cancellations are important. she must be thinking about them ahead of time. or maybe she has set up a work station at her post office. that's what i have always wanted to do.

thank you, miss munster

Monday, June 22, 2015

h.b. karen - linum

i think karen's birthday is today. back in march she dropped a pretty funny invitation for me to send her a ridiculous number of envelopes for her birthday. so, i did a bunch. this was inspired by the fun flowers that nonnie sent back in april. they look like dancers - which would be another idea to explore.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

smash - double bird on head

smash says she had a crow on the head that was so dreadful she had to put a woodpecker on top of the crow. the adhesive did not want to stick to the crow, so the stamp fell off....but only after the scan. i will keep the non-pleasing-to-smash bird in my top secret file. i always like horizons.

thanks, smash

Saturday, June 20, 2015

nancy's peacocks

another early one i forgot to post. i like the idea, but they just look so scraggly. once again, it is not wednesday. note to self: don't even try to be orderly.

these were g-tecs with a bit of water added.

Friday, June 19, 2015

MOMA exhibit

how could i have missed this?
MOMA had an exhibit of mail art in 2014.


i have always wanted the des moines art center to have an exhibit of mail art.....but figured they would consider mail art too amateurish...but if MOMA has done it, that should be enough validation...

and a personal note to all the people i owe personal notes to...it may be a while. i thought i was caught up - but  there was a tsunami of events that have pulled the rug out from under me and...

(i desperately want to add a third metaphor, but am running late - so maybe Jack will think of a zany ending to the sentence)

today's regular post is below

kay's ramirez flower

this is a really nice idea inspired by the ramirez stamp. it's from a new penpal. the original envelope is a no.10. i cropped off the left margin so that the lettering would be a little larger. i hope that's ok with kay. i think the design works well with lots of white space as well as a little less.

thanks for joining the exchange, kay.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

carol & kate exchange

top one from carol and bottom one from kate, both for the may exchange. the skaters are perfect on the snowy slope and kate did a wonderful job of pulling ideas off the stamp. she used the most logical bits and i'm sitting here scratching my head and wondering why i had such a terrible time coming up with ideas for these stamps. i'm pretty sure it is because i'm not a big fan of rulers and ink. the rulers get inky and then i have to clean them and i'm lazy. but, in this case, i think it was definietly the way to go.

thank you carol and thank you kate.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

repeat? cathy's parabolic olympic

sometimes i wake up and find an envelope in the scanner and i have no idea if i blogged it. if this is a repeat, i'll delete it. otherwise, it's a warning. don't try to do a mosaic pattern unless you have infinite patience. or are actually working in mosaic.

hester and rehj - broad edge designs

 another envelope pairing. i like how they were both broad edge designs. and the colors go nicely. the top one is from hester. her stylized flower is a nice blending of the themes of the two stamps. and the lower envelope is from rehj.

i can tell that the address is a font, but i can't tell if the ribbon writing is a font. it doesn't matter. i like fonts as much as i like hand lettering. i like how rehj fit everything together.

thanks to both of you for participating in the exchanges.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

jan's convertible

jan used to drive a red convertible. i had to add the other car because i messed up her address. this style of lettering is lifted from somewhere. i used a bullet point ZIG Writer and then I outlined it. not sure where i will put the street and zip. after messing up once, i have SAA
Second Attempt Anxiety. the third attempt is always the charm. i dread going through the process of doing the second bad idea.

Monday, June 15, 2015

carol's peacock

we are having peacock wednesday a couple days early because we are too lazy to move things around. as i mentioned, this is my favorite of the whole series.

h.b. to me - from tom and chuck

birthday greetings that arrived from two of my penpals. they both go back to the very beginning of my calligraphy and lettering days when i joined the local guild. in fact they were founding members. sadly the guild is no longer active...but i am happy that we stay in touch. (although i never remember their birthdays....i'm surprised they still remember mine.)

thanks, tom
thanks, chuck

Sunday, June 14, 2015

bonus post - mailman's rock sculpture

a postman built this over 33 years from pebbles he picked up as he delivered the mail.

very nice story, including photo of the tomb he built for himself and also detail photos.

this link is fine for an overview


this is the official site, with more photos and more information for those interested in lengthier chore-avoidance.


today's regularly scheduled post is below.

2 experiments for smash

in using up all the leftovers, i tried some green on these envelopes. not a good choice. then i discovered that the hudson river stamps looked good on this color envelope. they are from paper source and called curry. i wish i had done something else. now, i am out of the curry envelopes but i have more hudson river stamps. i'm sure i have missed smash-girl's b-day. but we should all be happy that my desk and stacks are approximating the level of tidiness that i desire.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

h.b. to me - from jeri

the card is on top.
love it
must try it

love the envelope
love the dot on the i
love the S
love that the O is white

below is a photo of jeri with 100 envelopes that she had in an exhibit last year

thanks, jeri

Friday, June 12, 2015

off topic

if i found one of these chairs (to the right), i would do this, but i don't think it needs the hat.

and if i found one of these (below), i would fill it with mail

record breaking number of envelopes to address this weekend - so i will be taking breaks and adding bonus posts to the regularly scheduled posts

today is the last day to sign up for the next exchange


elizabeth's ribbon

karen was interested in seeing more ribbon writing. i did a pencil line, scanned it and it appears below. then i did a back and forth thing over the pencil line. i don't think this is enough to show how to do ribbon writing. i need to get my cinematographer, jan, over here to shoot some video.

see bonus post below this one

Thursday, June 11, 2015

desk cleaning - tim gunn, clotheslines, two red scrolls, finn's train

 i do not recall if i already posted these envelopes. the top one is from finnbadger. he and i are huge tim gunn fans. i saved the postcard from when tim was in town. i blogged about going to the talk. then i wanted to make it into something fabulous for finn. but in my quest for a clean desk, just mailed it to him without doing anything. so, of course, he mails it back. he's been such a polite little grasshopper. now, it seems like he is messing with me. i have added to it and mailed it back.

this was a second attempt.
not any better than the first.
i might even start removing all these ramirez envelopes that are not blogworthy.

bonus post - weaving and quilts

a friend sent me this page out of Traditional Home magazine about a weaver who reproduced a piece of mail she had received. it was double fun to see that the address is in ridgefield, CT, home of our dear friend, Smash-girl. i wonder if Arlena and Sue are neighbors.


some of her other work is mind boggling. photo realism in tapestry. who knew.

i have some other mail inspired quilt and fabric-y images. here are a couple. still looking for some others.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

peacocks playing poker

200 followers and 400,000 views.
thank you readers :-)

today's regular post is below this one

i google a ton of obscure stuff and i can never stump google. i have never had an original idea. until this one. there was not a single picture of peacocks playing poker. i was stunned. also happy that i finally had an original idea. but i am equally depressed that this is it.

then, to make matters worse, i folded the paper too close to the lamp, so now it is a reject. and i hesitate to invest more time along these lines. even though it is tempting to google every single creature to see if anyone has done them playing poker.

serious time wasting information follows: