Saturday, January 16, 2021

From AmyG, CathyG and Faye(last 3 from Sept)

Grrr at the PO for the Sharpie on the stamps. 
Above is from CathyG.

Card above and envelope below from CathyG 

Card above and envelope below from Faye.
I think the card was made with metal that rusts and tea.
Maybe not.

Last three from September exchange.
I've just filled the first half of January.
It is still two days after T-day and the dream being organized is alive and well.
We shall see.
It is now afternoon on the same day that I posted all of the September envelopes and I have just discovered that all the posts say November, so, I have to go back and edit them.

It was fun to have a couple people add some names to the list of American artists who are household names. Edward Hopper and Georgia O'Keefe.
I was annoyed with myself that I did not have those two on the top of my head.
One more just came in - Dale Chihuly. Yup - he deserves to be on the list.
I guess I should Google and see what pops up:

10. Alexander Calder
9. Norman Rockwell*
8. Jean-Michel Basquiat - Dale Chihuly
7. Roy Lichtenstein
6.  Edward Hopper *
5. Mark Rothko
4.  Keith Haring -- Grant Wood
3.  Georgia O'Keeffe*
2. Jackson Pollack*
1. Andy Warhol*
OK -- the first two that popped into my head - are also 1 and 2 on this list and Georgia, is 3.
I'm not sure Keith and Mark would make every list. I'd put Chihuly in there.
But 7, 8, 9, and 10 -- I agree on them.
Grant Wood is the main one that I think this list should have.

I am shocked that I did not think of Alexander Calder -- inventing the mobile should put him at number 4 or 5.

Another list had Jasper Johns -- and I think he should be on the list -- I'm surprised I didn't think of him considering how much he used the alphabet.
Claus Oldenbeug might be in the running.


While we are talking about art, I heard something fun in an interview with the editor of Thrasher magazine, which is celebrating 40 years of devotion to skateboarders. The Olympic Games were going to add skateboarding in 2020, but the games were canceled.

During the interview a Thrasher guy (editor or photographer, I do not recall) said that they had no interest in covering skateboarding as a sport. They consider it an art. He said, "You could make guitar playing an olympic sport. It's a physical activity." He had more to say - but, it was fun for me to hear the reminder that flying through the air is a lot like slinging ink or paint.

This is not the first time that I have brought up the comparison of physical activities with art. I truly feel they feed the same yearnings. It's fun (validating) to hear other people who share my perspective.

Friday, January 15, 2021

From Haley in Sept (etegami + the red lettering that I love)

Another example of etegami. 
Have I gotten around to doing any.
And that lettering on the envelope.
I love-love-love it
and when it arrived, I asked Haley for the source
and have screen shots of the whole alphabet (nearly)
and I have been just itching to try it.

I probably lost my conversation with Haley
so I can't even direct you to the source.

Maybe Haley will see this and shoot me a quick email.

My sabbatical has been productive.
I found the link
Talk about a rabbit hole -- The British Library. Wow.

This style would look great on valentine themed envelopes.

The images are from The Worms Bible 1148
It is Harley MS 2803 and 2804
the first of a 2-volume set

Can anyone tell what that letter is in the second line, following the P?
There is a variation on the 4th line. It has some characteristics of a K.

Here are all the letters we do have - just in this one image - and the two I added below:
We are missing:
Maybe some of the missing letters were not in use at this time - but all of them would be easy to construct from the 21 letters that we do have. 

I hope Haley is not annoyed that I am sharing this. I know sometimes I find stuff and I want to keep it to myself. Hopefully Haley is happy to help fill the blog with lovely inspiration.



And bonus points to anyone who can translate the words.

I don't remember the origin of J. I thought it was a fairly new letter - but found this at Wiki:

The letter J used to be used as the swash letter I, used for the letter I at the end of Roman numerals when following another I, as in XXIIJ or xxiij instead of XXIII or xxiii for the Roman numeral representing 23. 

A nice F


This post is getting to be too long, but, here are two more links on the whole I-J thing, including the monograms for Jesus that look like an X over an I or over a P or IHS or IHC - I never knew there was a name for all those variations. 


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Happy mail from Valerie (mushy words for the readers and senders)

 I bumped today's regular post to share some happy mail. When an envelope arrives, I can often tell who it's from without looking at the return address. If not, I check the postmark. I did not recognize the style of the art or the penmanship on this one and the postmark was California, so that suggested either Lauren or GraceH - but I was pretty sure that it was not from them. When I turned it over, I was so happy to see a brand new name. It took me back to all the times I received a real letter from someone who had discovered the blog online and sent an envelope. 

The first time it happened was Smash and the second one was Finn. They came at about the same time.  It was three years into the blog and I have told the whole long story before. But, it's been a while, so I'll do a brief recap.

When I started the blog, it was to stay in touch with students. In the back of my mind, I always wondered if I would ever hear from anyone who just happened to see an image on Pinterest or somewhere else. And then (3 years into the blog), after a month that was full of unrelated but exhausting and demoralizing turmoil, I was pondering the idea of ending the blog. And then - as if the postal gods were inside our heads making things happen - a letter appeared in the mailbox. It was from Smash and all it took was one person to inspire me to keep going. And shortly after, there was an envelope from Finn. I think there was a third piece of mail, too, that I took as the ultimate *3 signs* that meant I should keep going. 

Someday, I will go back and read all my blog posts and create a timeline for all my other penpals and when I first heard from them - because all of you generate my endless enthusiasm for this endeavor. I meet most of the new people through email because they are signing up for the exchange. But, it's fun to hear from someone - out of the blue - via snail mail.

Of course, I LOVE the theme of the envelope as well as the enclosures. Thank you so much Valerie. I wanted you to know that it arrived and it made my day. I am currently not staying at my house because it is full of workmen and more plaster dust that I imagined. So, I will send you a proper thank you - once I get my house back in order.

A very nice postcard was enclosed - which I will enjoy sending to my grandson. 
He is very interested in space these days.

Both sides of a nice laminated bookmark.
My house is situated high enough that I can often get a very nice view of the moon.
I've even been inspired to drive to other places to get a good view during special events.
I don't always remember what the names are.
BigHelpfulBrother -- do you remember the one - not too long ago, but prior to the pandemic when I drove down to the river to see the moon when it was really big - but you had to go see it as it was rising?
Does that ring a bell?

This stamp was on the note from Valerie - I had to look up DDR. I was guessing that it might be something with Deutchland - and it is:

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

From CathyO in Sept (art videos)

LOL. I'm not sure I want to agree with that. I can imagine some things that we do not want to become real. That's the covid anxiety talking. I started having bad dreams about covid situations. My life is only slightly discombobulated. So, I can only imagine what it has been like for people who are having a really rough time.

These two look like they were done with a ruling writer or folded pen. As I recall, CathyO has taken an online workshop. This style looks great with the Ruth Asawa stamps

I've been reading a book, How the Post Office Created America -- and I am thoroughly enjoying it although not recommending it unless you are a history or post office nerd. I've been putting my own book report together - with the highlights - that will appear in  Feb or March - but I'm going to mention the book now because in addition to the book, the BigHelpfulBrother sent me a link to an hour long video that has a ton of information about some American artists. The title calls these artists underrated, but, if you studied art history, they are all mentioned, so I would not call them underrated. But they are not household names. How many artists are household names. Other than Andy Warhol and Grant Wood - which American artists come to mind?

The video BHB sent covers several artists - but has quite a bit on those who painted the murals in post offices and it also recommends the book I just mentioned. I haven't watched any of the other videos so I have no idea if they are any good. Seems like a lot of videos for one person to produce. 

If anyone wants to send me names of other American artists who are household names, I'd be curious to know which names popped into your heads. Alexander Calder. Claus Oldenburg. 


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

From Janet in Sept (bird ) + Chuck's mushroom (Adam Sandler rant)

I have a weird feeling that this one already ran so, I will post a second one. I like those black corners. Normally, I am not a fan of corner decoration but for some reason, these just look right. Maybe it is because they look like photo album corners.

Below is the one Chuck sent in September. I'm a big fan of containing a nice illustration on the left of the envelope even though it's not something I do very often. That is not a typical Chuck-style of lettering. It reminds me a little bit of some of Ben Shahn's lettering. I'm still writing on the 2nd day after 2020 T-day. Maybe I will have an update that makes more sense. Maybe not.


Jan 1 -- leaving a space for a rant that might come up between now and when this pops up.

Jan 7 -- As I watched the latest Adam Sandler movie, I thought to myself, "I would never tell anyone that I am watching this movie." Back in the 90s when Adam first hit the scene, my boys watched his movies and I'd watch them to see what in the world kids were watching. Most of the other moms would recoil in horror at Adam Sandler. I actually enjoyed the movies (in spite of some parts) and I thought his films always had a really good moral-to-the-story at the end. It seemed like he was trying to teach some good lessons to the people who needed them and he realized that he had to use some pretty teen-friendly humor to connect with his audience.

So, I was curious about his latest movie and started watching it. Oh.My.Gosh. Maybe it is because I am a couple decades older - but with the changes in what constitutes *humor* - I'm feeling like a true granny. As I said, I never thought I would even tell anyone that I had watched it. Although, his movies always include actual granny characters which in some strange ways might be inclusive. I don't know. I just hope none of my readers think I am completely off my rocker. 

So why am I telling you? Because when it got to the end, he was still doing what he does -- and telling a story that illustrates why it is better to *be better.* As my dear friend signs off every email:

Everybody does better when everybody does better. -Paul Wellstone

I was going somewhere with this -- and now I have lost my train of thought.


Note to self: put in the name of a movie that you do recommend.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Janet - Master of the Marker (Letter from Paula)

I feel some stealing coming on.

Not sure about that zip code placement. To be kind to the PO, she could have abbreviated California and put the zip code under the city/state. However, I can see that it looks better to fill that space.

Note how Janet took the two main colors on the stamp.
Added green - because green goes with everything and added the pale blue and orange.
Very nice color pallet.

A couple days ago, our dear pen pal Paula from Sam's post office in Hudson, NH left this wonderful comment on the blog post that had her fun envelopes. I'm guessing that not many people go back through the comment section to see if they missed anything - and I know many of you will appreciate hearing a story direct *from the trenches.* 

I edited out the part where Paula apologized for the length of the post. And yes, Paula, we would love to see photos of the mail you have received.


Hi Jean, I was SO excited (and nervous) to see my envelopes here. Thanks for including me. :-)
Christmas at our PO was crazy... Due to CDC guidelines, when I got the beginnings of what turned out to just be a NASTY headcold (and not covid), the PO put me on paid leave. For 10 days. I was out from Dec 14 til Christmas Eve, so I missed most of the insanity at the retail counter. But even before the 14th, I saw lines that actually, literally went out the door... and halfway down the strip mall. 

And as you can imagine, my cold ended up being the first domino in the parade of absences in the office. Some people did test positive, but as far as I know, none of them were seriously ill. However, the clerk staff at the sorting unit was reduced to as few as 2 people for most of the peak season. 

Our office is mostly back to full staffing now, mailing volume at the retail counter is back to a normal level, and we are pretty much caught up. Here. In Hudson. The larger sorting facilities are still behind, and working through the backlog as quickly as they can, but customers are (understandably) upset with the delays. I cringe a little bit every time a person approaches me at the counter without a package or letter... they're just scrolling through their phone, looking for a tracking number.

You guys have been so nice and so fun!! We've gotten lots of decorated envelopes from artists here, and we love them all! I'll send in a few pictures soon (if you want to see) and thank people by name... credit where credit is due, right?  I'll continue to check the blog every morning. You are an enjoyable part of my daily routine now. xoxo

Thank you from me, too, to the people who sent mail to our hard working postal workers in New Hampshire. And thank you, Paula, for the update.


Sunday, January 10, 2021

From Rachael and Jessica in Sept (Eddie's toys)

At least two people went with leaf designs in September. 
Both of these could be ideas for February, just substitute hearts for the leaves.
Somewhere on the blog, from years ago, there is a green and black valentine envelope that was inspired by something I received in December and it looks just fine. Using unexpected colors can be very effective. Maybe some of us will try some autumnal colors on our valentines.

I've had a friend for over 40 years who is married to someone who refuses to go to the conventional tourist places. He insists on going to unusual places. Tahiti/Bora Bora/Moorea was one of the more luxurious trips and while on that trip they met a very interesting couple. The man said that he was the inventor of the chattering teeth wind-up toy. A couple weeks ago, the BigHelpfulBrother sent me a link to this video about the man who invented the chattering teeth. I emailed my friend - and -yup - that 's the guy. She even remembered his name. It's a fun video - if you like cheerful, creative people.


Saturday, January 9, 2021

From KateR and Lynne in Sept (T-day pie)

I do not know if Kate drew that freehand or if she has a template. Paisleys are one of my favorite shapes. Kate is doing well with her brush lettering. 
The one below is from Lynne. These two look very nice together. I think Lynne's is a rubber stamp. Lynne, have you ever used the nib to make letters? Just an initial would be fun.

Once again, my organizational skills have let me down. 
I have no excuses.
I love the file folders on the laptop - they make sense.
But, they only work if there is a consistent method for labeling the contents.
Perhaps there is a way to establish a new system.
It is Nov 28 as I write this.
Two days after thanksgiving.
There are still enough leftovers that I do not have to make any new food today.

On Thanksgiving, I actually posted a photo of my empty plate after I ate my pie at about 11 am.
It is a joy to do whatever I want.
The last thing I want at the end of a nice meal is dessert.
Desserts work best as a midmorning snack when you need energy to stay focused in the kitchen.

So, I posted some photos on T-day as my day was unfolding. I posted around noon on T-day and then the following day, the post was not there. I had accidentally posted them to the CursiveClub blog. So I deleted them. I did want to let my friend who sent the flowers know that they lasted nearly two weeks - and were a welcome addition to my T-day table. Thank you again.


Friday, January 8, 2021

Stamp cake to Lauren (complacency + enduring hardship)

Paul Antonio update: He is home from the hospital. 
He will need to recuperate before he reschedules his classes. 

Why do I have two pictures? I guess I forgot that I took one at home. Clearly, the second one was taken in the car, sitting in front of Bauder's. It's an old-time soda fountain within walking distance of my house. They also combined their business with a guy who had a very popular local donut shop - and he lost the lease on his building - so the soda fountain took him in. Now, I have to figure out ways to talk myself out of chocolate long johns. The soda fountain makes all of its ice cream on site. They have been featured in national publications more than once. If anyone cares to drop in for a visit, I will gladly take you to Bauder's to celebrate. Next year, for Lauren's birthday, she might want to just hop on a plane and visit Des Moines. I bet she's never been here. Just kidding Lauren, California is way cooler than Iowa. Although, we're way out of the range of forest fires. Floods, tornados, and derechos - not so much.

I was disappointed in how this envelope turned out, but, I will refrain from listing all the things that are wrong with it. It's all pandemic related.


The daily rant. 
More of a plead.

Geesh I hope none of you are becoming complacent. It's pointless to relate some of the truly discouraging things that a person can find to read these days. If I were to go back to the early days of the pandemic, I recall re-posting a commentary from someone who had been somewhere in Europe during some kind of lockdown that lasted a couple years. It was not health related, as I recall it was political. He wrote about the types of things that people did to get through it and explained some of the feelings people went through. Maybe I should go back and find it....  

It seems like complacency keeps sneaking in. I know I have to give myself a little reminder from time to time. It is so tempting to think that it might be OK to venture out and do something. But, it's not. Be vigilant. If you just feel like sending me a really long rant, go right ahead. I am currently sitting in a pied-a-terre - in the middle of winter in Iowa, filling a lotta hours with the blog. 

Maybe I should learn how to insert an accent on pied-à-terre.
That was a copy/paste.

I found the post that I mentioned earlier. If you have lots of time to kill -- you might want to read it again. I did  - and it has a lot of information. I imagine most of us can relate to some of the things the man talks about - his ordeal was 4 years.
Link to a previous post  about enduring hardship.

Real time P.S. 
Complacency nailed one of my son's friends. He had a small gathering of 8 people on New Year's eve and one guest had no symptoms, but exposed everyone and the host has tested positive. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Ornaments to Leslie (Candy from Leslie to Lynne) (Jillian Kaye envelope)

 Leslie actually thanked me, via email, for this envelope. It's been gone for a few days - and it's one of those that looks lame. Maybe it looks lame in the photo. Sometimes they look better in person. Or maybe I am just bored with my letters-on-ornaments ideas. Maybe I had mixed feelings about those stamps. Maybe it's the pandemic. One thing we will miss about the pandemic is being able to blame e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g on the pandemic.

I'll post something from Leslie to make up for the blah-ness of this one. Leslie kindly sends me pictures of the envelopes that she sends out. I'm a little iffy on whether or not these are repeats. The Celebrate stamp is perfect with the image.

It's getting harder and harder to find *fun* things to rant about.
I'll keep looking - but in the meantime, you'll just have to put up with the fun stuff that I find during my modest amount of surfing.

I do not recall if I have ever posted anything from Jillian Kaye. There is a ton of stuff on her website. This one jumped out because the navy envelope would be perfect with the new LOVE stamp. There is a tab at the top of the website that goes to her blog - but she has not posted since March of 2020.

****Happy Rant****

Since the vaccine became available, I've heard of a few groups who were advocating for their workers who were essential and should get their vaccinations - right after health care workers -- like bus drivers. I agreed that they should be high on the list. But, it seemed odd that I never heard anyone mention postal workers. Yesterday, my son said that he had heard that postal workers were going to be included in the second group of essential workers - right after health care workers. So, that's good news. Or maybe it's a rumor. I dunno. I'm still not sure who is dispensing accurate information.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

To Marji in Dec - valentine font (app-rant)

This valentine font probably appeared in 2020. I pulled it out to see if I could change the doodles and make it a holiday font. It's hard to be objective about my own mail. I'm writing this on Nov 30th. It would have been easy to add a gynormous rant about how I lost my holiday list of addresses. It will be easy to print it out again - what I can't replace are the tic-marks that indicate which ones I sent.

Normally, I could just go back and look at the photos - but I had not taken photographs of all the envelopes.  Grrrrrrr. So, here I am, trying to decide if I send another holiday greeting explaining that I lost my list. Grrrrrrrr. There is no way I am going to do that. I guess people will just have to decide what to do if they do not hear from me. I suppose I could email them. I don't even know if people like emails any more.

I've been listening to a book called Millennials With Kids. It was an odd book to choose to listen to. I figured it would be perfect for putting me to sleep. Instead, it is very interesting. Those millennials have changed the way a lot of things work. I think I heard the name that is going to be used for the following generation, but I can't remember it. The millennials pretty much grew up with all things digital and internet-y. They have turned organizing over to apps. 

The apps track all the various foods they buy which can coordinate with recipes and meal planning as well as which foods are on special at which stores. You can outsource a lot of thinking and organizing beyond meal planning and shopping. But, is that a good thing? Wasn't it a good mental exercise to arrive at the grocery store without your list and have to flex your brain to try to remember what was on the list. I remember how my mom and I would celebrate that our brains were still young and healthy because we recalled every single item that was on the list we had left at home. Currently, I am so brain-disordered that I can be holding the list in my hand and fail to pick up an item or two that is on the list.

Back to millennials - now with the pandemic, they don't go to the store. All this technology seems helpful. But, what if it backfires. What if people forget how to be organized on their own, without an app. And the bigger question I have: now that they do not have to think about any of this stuff, what are they doing with the brain power that has been freed up?

Hopefully thinking of very creative ways to care for their elders without stuffing them in retirement prisons.

This seems like a rant - so I am not going to add a rant today -- check back tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sept - three animals and Ernie (to Faye, Nanski, CarolynC) (SC flag rant)

I know some of you like Naomi Bulger - here is a chance to paint along with her:

I’m looking forward to a gentle afternoon of painting tomorrow, Wednesday 6 January at midday (I’m in the AEDT timezone, which I *think* is 5pm Tuesday if you’re on the west coast of the USA, or 8pm if you’re on the East Coast), and I’ll go live on Instagram if you’d like to colour along with me. Kind of like the Mail Art Social Club, except we’ll all be using the same template (unless of course you prefer to colour something else!) I’m @naomibulger on Instagram if you’d like to join in.

 I should have sent apologies inside of these two - because the stamps make no sense with the animals. In addition to using up all the orphan stamps, I am using up orphan envelopes. These are practice ones from a job that might have appeared previously. I do love the style of writing that I chose to go with the animals.

Below is an envelope that does not thrill me - except for the part where orphans are going out the door. The Sesame Street stamps have been so much fun. Several of them have saved the day when I forgot to consider a stamp before starting an envelope. 

I will be very curious to find out - if --when I am finally free of orphan stamps -- I actually remember to consider the stamp before I even begin. If I could tabulate the dumbest mistake that I make the most often, I think that might be it.

I deeply regret that I did not make the stripes horizontal.


Redesigning flags rant.

I just read the article about how South Carolina never had one particular palmetto tree design for their flag and they decided to standardize their flag. We already know where this is going. The proposed drawing of a palmetto tree upset so many people that they are going back to the drawing board. Good luck with that. 

If you do a Google search for *palmetto tree clip art* you will see lots of them. I can't imagine that there is any way to come up with one that will please everyone. Trees, by their very nature are not cookie cutter shapes. The design that very few people like is based on sketches done by a flag designer in 1910. That seems arbitrary - to use her pencil sketches.

You probably wonder where I am going with this rant? To me, there is no way to design anything that will please everyone. Logical solution. Don't even try.

How does that work? Simple - leave things the way they were for umpteen years. People get to pick and choose which tree they want. What's wrong with that? There are other elements that help define it as South Carolina's flag. Why not let people have some ownership in the design? It's not like flags are anything more than doo-dads. 


None of my really good ideas ever go anywhere. I belong on that planet of misfit toys. I guess it's just an island. Either way -- I'm sure I'd feel right at home.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Kate's Etegami (pandemic rant - new strain)

Good news about Paul Antonio - Telmo says that Paul has stabilized. He is still in the hospital. But things are looking better.


Today's rant is going to be front and center and top of the page.
STAY HOME if possible.
That new strain of the virus that has nailed England is on the rampage in the US. Maybe only 3 states (when I wrote this a couple days ago) - but when it is literally on both coasts - it's inevitable that it will hit every state. It's here. Luckily, it isn't more lethal than the original strain - but if the health system is overwhelmed with numbers of people, it's going to be pretty grim. I know we were all so excited about the vaccine and we were all ready to turn the corner -- but my intuition tells me that we just have to hunker down and be more cautious and vigilant for a while longer.

In addition to seeing way too many heartbreaking obituaries locally, I am hearing too many stories from penpals and friends that are unsettling to say the least. I'll spare you the list of details and just have a little rant that if the pandemic seems blown out of proportion - it's probably because it has not touched you personally - and trust me -- when it starts nailing people you know - it's real.

****end of rant

This postcard arrived in early 2020. KateR and I had been discussing etegami, a very cool style of drawing simple pictures and adding some words. I was hoping to cover the topic in 2020 and I don't even know if this already ran. Maybe 2021 is the year to launch the etegami project. Feel free to Google *etegami* if you are interested. It's done with a brush. A brush marker works nicely.


This address was on an envelope that arrived at the 420. I love quirky penmanship but instead of keeping my notebook of examples, I am going to just keep images of most of them.
It would be fun to watch her write. It looks like she writes along the edge of a ruler - and then has some *flings.*


Sunday, January 3, 2021

From Rita - August Celebration theme (Rita, CarolynC and Nanski)

Somehow these two were hiding - or I have had a lapse and they are repeats.
I am 99% sure that there is one item at the end that is not a repeat.

Rita had the perfect rubber stamps to go with the celebrate stamps.
Her card is done with alcohol ink.

CarolynC had the idea of gluing the punched out circles from a paper punch. 
There are also stars. Very cool idea.
And below that is a note from Nanski that did not stay with the envelope.
Little drawings are always fun. She did a good job of coordinating with the Celebrate stamp design.

For anyone who has noticed that there have been fewer rants lately -- it's not because I have nothing to rant about. I actually have more to rant about. So many rants that I am struggling with how to choose which type of rant is the most blog worthy. We have the current events. We have the truly silly things that come up. We have the weather. We have all my exciting discoveries from my limited daily surfing. We have my dwindling ability to open sealed containers. Grrrrr.

The only thing for which there are no rants is my posse of readers. As mentioned previously, I am not a mushy person. However, I do get pretty mushy when I read comments that people leave on the blog and also comments in personal emails. All y'all are so wonderful. So here is a mushy thank you.

Reading between the lines - it's clear that I have some topics for ranting. So, I'll click over to tomorrow and insert one. I have all the blog posts filled up through the end of February, so I can start inserting some January rants.


Saturday, January 2, 2021

Bonus post - Penmanship contest

 Scroll down to see today's regular post.

Here is something fun for those of you who are interested in penmanship. 

I am posting it for those of you who have an extra stamp laying around and time to kill. You might not have any interest in penmanship, but it would still be fun for these people to receive some fun mail. I plan on sending something - although it will be a personal note to Mike Sull, one of the judges. I've known Mike for a long time and would expect that he will not choose an old friend as a winner. It just seems like having a bunch of responses would be fun.

It would have been interesting if they had made the judging *blind* so that Mike couldn't tell who submitted the entry. I did win a penmanship contest one time. I was alway curious if there were any other entries. I think I have posted my certificate on the blog previously - but here it is again.

Link to penmanship contest

The deadline is Jan 16 -- so if you are interested - jump on it. And maybe send me an image of your letter, just for fun. It occurs to me that there might not be any readers interested in penmanship - so, even if you do not send me an image of your entry - I would love to know if I have any penmanship aficionados at all in my loyal posse. I won't be hurt if none of you care about penmanship. I am perfectly content to be a member of a fringe group.

The Paper Seahorse is also interested in mail art.
If you write to them, they will reply.

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May Envelopes from Janet to the Del Matronians

My plan for 2021 was to be vigilant about filling in the days in order without jumping around. So, we have a post with May 2020 envelopes that is not grouped with the others. The envelopes are addressed to my BigHelpfulBrother, his wife, his sister-in-law and his Mother-in-law. Those last three are natives of Louisiana and only the wife has adjusted to winters in Iowa. The others put up with it - no complaining. At a certain point, when you are shivering, the complaints are too cold to come out. I know they all enjoyed their mail and we are all looking forward to spring.

Thanks again to Janet and everyone else who sent mail their way.
The ideas I would be most inclined to steal are the leaves and that cool white in-line on the lettering on Donald's. I guess I'd be more than happy to steal those flowers. The aqua looks really nice with all the other greens. Once again, the Sesame Street stamps are adorable and tempting. And a border around the stamp -- one of Janet's signature details.