Saturday, May 18, 2013

jackie's gems + jean's junk

top shot: the envelope from jackie that i had to disect to read. she has a message on the flip side of the paper, then it is all neatly folded into an envelope.

middle shot:
the post office kindly delivered it without cancelling any of the stamps.
i need to scan it and repost it so you can see it better. i did get back to scanning, so, in june, you won't have to put up with photos any more

my envelope, to the right, is a hot mess.
i was stealing the ribbons and dangles from alyce.
there are just too many things going on.
first i left the t out of stella, that P is too big, the dangles are too flat. so, ignore this and enjoy the artwork from jackie...

bear with me...
re-organization and move is progressing
and some new stuff is almost ready to launch....


  1. What a talent!!! "Gem" is a perfect description.

  2. you can see more of her work on her blog
    driftless page
    there is a link in the right hand column, on my blog, below the [Labels] section.

  3. I like the STELLA one. If I had made it, I'd think it was perfect!!! Jackie's stuff is gorgeous! Too many sewing obligations lately for me to "play" lately. Sooooonnnn.......

  4. I'm just staring and admiring and examining them both! I'd love to see how Jackie made that one. It's SO cool!

  5. how does she do it? i know this much...jackie has been an artist for a couple decades (maybe 3?) and she buys really good paper, good watercolor and gouache, good brushes, she practices a lot, she studied with some serious masters, and she doesn't get distracted with a lot of outside activities...and she came under the spell of jean-mail...which does not really deserve any credit...except, i think i did contribute to the *attitude* of generating vast quantities of work - and malcolm gladwell has that really cool chapter (in outliers, i think) about how people who spend a ridiculous amount of time doing something end up being good at it. so...when jackie and i were in the middle of sending a lot of mail, it was a tipping point (another malcolm gladwell book title) and i try to not get all preachy, but sometimes i can't help it...i really do enjoy the way envelopes are time-well-spent. plus, the people who receive the envelopes get a very nice ray of it is a win-win activity. i think she puts down some resist and then watercolors over the top.

  6. took me a minute to realize that the white dividing the blue color blocks also spelled out JEAN. Really cool...