Wednesday, May 15, 2013

beth flower thank you

beth and i enjoy little dot flowers. she asked how to make the Os smooth. you probably need to move your whole arm. your arm doesn't have to slide anywhere, but if your arm is on the desk, you can actually move the bone, inside the skin. that sounds a little creepy. but there is some sliding back and forth that you can accomplish. you need to do that on some letters, instead of just moving your fingers or wrist. some people try to keep the finger movement to a minimum. this is hard to describe in words. i need to start shooting some video.

i really like those three letters that are nudging outside the lines - the T, N and Y
and the black is nice touch on the thank you.
and i like the way there are little strips of white peeking through.
they act like a highlight.

thank you for the thank you :-)

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