Monday, May 27, 2013

bd kathy

this was my birthday envelope and greeting from kathy. when i met kathy (more than 10 years ago) i'd jabber about how i really needed a MacArthur genius grant and was disappointed that they weren't going door-to-door in des moines looking for, i'm actually glad that they were lazy and didn't find me. it would have been too much pressure and i probably would have had to talk to people. blogging is so much better...impulsive. no strings. all the attention is from people whose company i am sure i would prefer over grant-hander-outers? so, if they show up, do you think i'd have the guts to say no-thank-you? i probably don't have to worry about having to make that decision.

and she did this way before i was on this flower kick
so, clearly, it was stealworthy.

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  1. The envelope is cute and the contents is funny.