Sunday, May 26, 2013

sunday guest artist

Tony Ross worked with Francesca Simon to create the art for the Horrid Henry books. His best-known character is the Little Princess, the star of I Want My Potty, I Want My Dinner, and I Don’t Want To Go To Bed.

from the klaus flugge collection 

if you are in the mood to read about another topic
i posted a robert genn article on my other blog

it is about the purpose of critiquing our work. some readers tell me that i am too hard on myself. i think i do a good job of being balanced. i always mention the things that i love. when i see something i don't like, i am always looking for ways to change it so that i will like it better. some people like everything i do. but, if i asked you to pick your favorites, you would probably start to see that some are *better* than others. 


  1. EXCELLENT article!!! I know exactly what you say, I am the same. You will critique your work where you know you can or should be able to do better. I will love what you didn't like so much because it's better than I can do. But I "listen" to your self critique because there is a lesson in there for me. I also know some egotistical artists who I know can do better, but they don't see it, so their art is disappointing to me. I'm glad to see this post. People always tell me I'm too hard on myself, but I'm really not...I simply expect more from myself because I'm capable.

  2. thank you for taking time to comment. your work is very nice and i had a sense that you were familiar with the value of it's nice to hear your perspective.