Thursday, May 23, 2013

chuck - hillarian

here is a riff on nancy's hillarian flourishing.

thank you nancy :-)
for the inspiration

you need to click on the photo and enlarge it to really see the detail.

the address with be stacked on the left. i used a .25 G-Tec...

in the comments yesterday, Smash mentioned that her Crane's envelopes are not holding up with watercolor. I prefer William Arthur to Crane's and it has to be the kind used for engraving or thermo NOT letterpress. Crane's just bought Wm Arthur and I am pretty nervous that the primo William Arthur paper will be phased out. IMHO...there just isn't anything like it.

Of course, you can always buy watercolor paper and make your own's very easy.

Jackie: i am pretty sure you could tell the difference between my envelopes and Nancy's if you saw them in person. her colors are much brighter. mine are a bit muddy. Nancy uses more colors than i do. I think my dots around the letters look different....but she might start copying mine when she sees the one i did today (not this one - one she hasn't seen)

Nancy: i don't have any trouble with .25's clogging. but, i am vigilant about putting the caps on. i am very impressed that you have been getting such fine lines with .3s. very impressed!