Tuesday, May 14, 2013

smash butterflies + robots

another one from smash where i just have to guess how she made that cool lace pattern. i like the way it is sketchy and not a perfect print. but i have no idea how she did it. the butterflies are so pretty. i wish i had some...

 elizabeth sent this fun shot of the robot valentines she made with her grandsons. she sent it after i posted smash's robot envelope. hopefully, i will have time to make some robot butterflies.

my new *thing* is going to be cross-pollinating ideas. along with eliminating all the bothersome chores to devote more time to this obsession....

 so this is my first robot rip off. i forgot to make a butterfly. i didn't look at smash's robot. but i did google *robots* and there are tons of cute robots out there. i did not see any that were letters. so, that's my own thing.
the first layer is galaxy metallic marker - then some gelly roll silver and the last layer is G-Tec. the address is in pencil in case i decide to actually send this one and use her real address. i think *we* should all get post office boxes so i don't have to go through all these gyrations to post envelopes and then re-address them to mail them. but, trekking to the p.o. box would be a chore. if you have never read the eudora welty story *why i live at the post office* be sure to find it and read it - or listen to it on the tape with eudora reading it herself. it's a fine piece of writing.

i love that stamp. it's interesting how some very serious stamps blend nicely with silly cartoons.

oh...i just took the time to google *robot alphabet* and there are TONS of robot alphabets. many of them are as cute as anything i could do...so, i don't think i need to spend any more time on robots. although i did not see a robot butterfly, so i might have to do that one.


  1. Cute robots!

    I saw a similar envelope with lace pattern recently and it was created by using a paper doilie as a stencil! Great idea x

  2. If you want a crisper doilly image you need to get the doilly closer to the envelope with some weights before you spray it. The weights need to be in plastic bags or they will get painted. This is a messy process, but fun.
    Elizabeth's grandson has a future designing robots. I need one to do laundry
    I've been trying to figure out why we haven't wanted our addresses on Jean's envelopes
    And I can't figure it out. If anyone wants to rob me, they can just get my address on Google It's everywhere. Are we worried about antisocial Calligraphers? I do have a nice collection of pens and writing fluid. Jean, you have my permission to leave it on

  3. What a great way to start the morning! LOVE the robot envelope!! That's somewhere I haven't gone yet......but I surely will add it to my ever growing list. Clever, clever! Sparkly gel pens are on my list too now (thank you very much....????) and silver. Good thing I live about 2 miles from a Michaels. lol