Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday guest artists

from the flugge collection

Philippe Dupasquier has written and illustrated over 25 books for children, including My Busy Day and No More Television!.

notice that some of the watercolor goes out of the lines. that should remind you to not agonize over perfection. when things are a little off, sometimes they are also a little more interesting. not always...but it is nice to note that sometimes it works. it's subtle. 

and today is a red letter day...because we have our first guest artist from the youthful category. she is sue mashman's granddaughter, stella. they were in london and stella sent an envelope home to the usa.

super stealworthy idea!!!


  1. Stella was delighted to see her envelope on the blog. They came over this AM to show me how to scan (that did not work out). Stella's envelope sent from my I Pad looked OK. What did you think?

  2. i think the iPad photo looked every bit as good as a scan. i look forward to posting more of stella's work.and i am on the lookout for more youngsters who might enjoy mail art.