Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hillarian jackie

here is my thank you to jackie, done in the hillarian style. oh-my-goodness. i can't begin to tell you how ugly this one was. i did not think i could save it and then it all pulled together. so, lesson for today, don't ever give up. i was not able to fix the c. it is too small, but, i can live with one mutant per name. the space inside the a is nice and it would have been nice to have that much air between the other letters. yes, all those green blobs were added to hide the one that was an accident.

and here is a scan of the gem i posted a few days ago because scans are better than phone photos.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Jackie envelope! That must have taken you forever! Wow

  2. Your Jackie is SO cool! It's just fun to enjoy each letter and it's ornate decoration. I'm so fascinated by Jackie's Jean. I'd love to see that demonstrated...I know, I said that before. :-)

  3. i probably spent an hour on my envelope...and half of that time was just staring at it, wondering how to fix it.
    i'm pretty sure jackie writes JEAN with a resist - then adds watercolor - and probably does it is a few different sessions to allow each layer to dry. but watercolor is usually a pretty fast medium. once you get good at can just whip it out. but, the part where *you get good at it* takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. unless you have a really good teacher. then, i think it only takes halfway to forever.

  4. I love the Jackie envelope also. It's going to end up "Susan" in the collection.
    The Jean envelope is great too. I'm having trouble with water colors on my Cranes go to envelopes. They will only take a minimum of wet before they break down and pill. Does anyone out there know of a better solution?

  5. Thanks, Jean. The envelope is wonderful! I love how you and Nancy Hills each have such unique styles in your work, even when you try to impersonate each other. I wonder if I would be able to tell who did what if you set up a viewer challenge? Stay tuned (i.e. see sidebar), Annie. I might eventually post step-by-step photos, or (shudder) videos on my blog, if I can ever manage the technology. It'll likely take a while - my so-called real job keeps me from my mail art and painting, plus I am still not very good at (or motivated about) techie things. It has taken me this long to figure out gmail, after my last email meltdown, which was scrolls ago. Jean has the w/c step-by-step right, though - but there are some little tricks that I could better demo in a video or in person. I'll have to find some Crane's envelopes and see what the w/c fuss is about, Smash. I've never tried a heavy wash on them, just broad-edge/gouache or pointy pen/Ziller ink.