Saturday, May 25, 2013

ABC flowers

a while back i had some flowers where the petals were the letters of the alphabet. after doing a couple of those, i knew i had to do the whole alphabet.

these are all G-Tec. except the yellow centers of the flowers are a fat ZIG writer tip. any bullet tipped marker would work or you could draw a circle or there are 17 other ways to make the centers of flowers.

i did not think too hard about where the centers were. then i wrote the letters around each dot.

then i drew the stems using a ruler and triangle to make them exactly perpendicular to the edge of the envelope.

the addresses will maybe float in the air or go over the stems.

here is a little work in progress


  1. Jean, My name has never looked so good. I'm trying to print it so I can put it on the light box and trace it. My skill with this techno stuff is in the dark ages. OMG the printer is printing the entire blog 18 pages and I can't stop it. Fortunately my skills in lettering are a little better. Thank you

  2. :-)
    and i was sooooooo happy to receive mail from both you and stella yesterday. can't wait to reply and post her very eye-catching envelope to the blog.
    sorry about the 18 page over-run. you can always remove the paper which will stop the printer and then go into the control panel and delete the job.

  3. What cute flowers. But!...what a wonderful mess "Susan" is! And I mean that in the most complimentary way! This is awesome to see how you start this style. I love it! And I'm looking forward to the finish that I can now appreciate SO much more.