Tuesday, April 30, 2013

chuck - stone

so, i was trying to copy some lettering done by jeri. i didn't really look at hers, just tried to remember the idea. i really should have looked at hers. i painted in the myrick first. then decided to try the water+G-Tec technique on the chuck and that wasn't such a good idea. but, i am tossing this in here because i have 3 days of other people's art. i want you to know i am still sneaking time in to make stuff while i am racing around with the big moving project that i am sure you are all very tired of hearing about...trust me...i'm tired, too.

then...chuck sent this cool B. he drew it with a .25 G-Tec, then went back a couple days later and used a water brush to dissolve the ink. cool, eh?

i noticed that different colors of G-Tec ink are more prone to dissolving than others. there are a bunch of examples coming up.

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