Saturday, April 27, 2013

from jackie - bold brush

on the back of this envelope, jackie wrote:

"I am not - I repeat - not a world famous brush artist. obviously. (Maybe someday?)"

if the address lines were the scale of the design on the stamp, i think it would have been perfect.

it may not be the best brush lettering in the world. but, fur shur, it is not the worst
trust me...

on monday, my husband and son needed me to send in a request for tickets to a Further concert series. the ticket request must come in an envelope, postmarked on a certain day and listing which shows you want tickets for on the envelope. many people send decorated envelopes. Further is a band with members who were formerly in the Grateful Dead, so, many Dead Heads are fans of Further. GDTSTOO stands for Grateful Dead Ticket Sales Too (i think) if you go their site (, you will see that the typical decorated envelopes are all very hippy-dippy. i like my envelopes to stand out for paying homage to tie-die, but otherwise, being legible. i thought the stick figures were a nice touch and hopefully, the people who are deciding who gets the limited number of tickets will choose the father-son combo. i was going to put a cartoon of myself in the right corner...but, my choices for how to portray myself were verging on sarcastic, so, i left well enough alone.

i included the detail photo to show how well the G-Tecs worked on the tie-die. i only allowed myself to work very fast and no planning or do-overs.  they could have told me to make the envelope over the weekend, instead, they tell me at noon on monday that it needs to go in the mail on monday.

so, should i mention my son's long hair? he wore it like jim carey in dumb and dumber all through high school and i begged him to grow it longer. then he bought a hair clipper and buzzed it himself all through college. i would BEG him to let it grow out. after college, i pestered him daily. he was living at home and i can't remember why he finally stopped cutting it (i guess i wore him down). then i noticed that girls were showing up at lunch time and he was grilling yummy sandwiches for them. then he moved out. clearly the longer hair had turned him into a chick magnet. he had no girlfriends in h.s. or college. i would have told him to just maintain the tousled look, but he has let it get to ponytail length, which is probably better since he works in a restaurant. and my stick figure does not do him justice at all.

the likeness of my husband is a better likeness than any photograph of him.
i used silver gel pen on his hair because he has that silver-fox wavy hair.
way too much information for a blog that refuses to digress into personal stories. maybe just this once.
cuz it is saturday

and who likes my bent paper clip envelope holder? i was wondering if there was a website devoted to clever uses for bent paperclips. yes, there is a bent paper clip website, but it seems to be just a home page. i wish i could submit my clever use.

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  1. I'm glad to see this envelope from Jackie. I have been wanting to try brush letters. It's good to know ahead of time what might or might not happen. Your ticket request should get some attention!