Friday, April 12, 2013

new stamps

these stamps are now available at the p.o. and tomorrow is the local lettering club get-together. the topic is flowery stuff. so, the timing is perfect. can't wait to make some envelopes with these.

there is also a sheet from the modern art series covering 1913 to 1931. i like that they are not going by straight decades. the armory show was in 1913, not sure why the cut off is 1931, but i imagine something important happened in 1932. too much art history lesson for this frivolous blog.

to see the modern art stamps, go to and click [shop] and go to [forever] in case you are new to the blog, you can order all the stamps online. easier than a trek to the p.o.


  1. There is also a round stamp available with the world in the center - I think thats so cool!

  2. is the one for international my friends in canada will be getting one.

  3. I guess a trip to the P.O. is in order!
    The rate used to be different for Canada than the other foreign destinations. Now that they are the same, you can use the international stamp for up to 2 oz to Canada and 1 oz to other places.
    Unfortunately, you also need to use this for a postcard too.