Wednesday, April 17, 2013

teal - unfinished

this is just colored pencil without any white gel pen. i like colored pencil a lot. but can't figure out how to finish this one. i guess the name stacey was done with a white or pale gray colored pencil.

the circles of letters were done by a friend at our monthly lettering club gathering. i had a sample of a circle of  ggggg's and thought it would be fun to do all the letters. i have some penciled and hopefully will get them done and posted eventually.


  1. I'm confused. On many of the envelopes you have your address as 430...but on an older post, you asked for envelopes for Susan to be mailed to you at 420.....which is it? I made an envelope for you and mailed to 430. Is it lost?

  2. my house is 420 and for the past 10+ years my studio was at 430 and 430 was convenient for mail exchanging. i decided to move out of the studio and sell the building, so, i am trying to switch people to the 420 address. the p.o. will continue to forward my mail from 430 to 420 and i received your envelope :-) and it will be on the blog one of these days...i try to keep at least 20-30 posts lined up in a scheduled folder so that i don't ever miss a day. as new mail comes in, i add it to the list. sometimes i will bump a post and put things in earlier. if i get mail today, it will probably show up in a may20-25 post. if i have time, i will go back and photoshop all the mail with 420, but...that is probably a stretch. it doesn't sound like fun...but, you never know....