Thursday, April 18, 2013

smash - vanishing species

i can't tell whether that is me in the center of the vanishing species silhouettes -or- a letter carrier?

silhouettes - something else i would like to do, but will not have time to learn.

thanks smash.

i have been taking phone photos of envelopes  and putting them in the schedule to pop up and have been anxiously waiting to see how photos compare to scans...and then i realized that i can post anything i like any time i like, so i pulled this one out to see how it looks....
please let me know if you think photos are better than, worse than or the same as scans.


  1. To me, scans are far preferable, for two reasons: First, a scan eliminates the phone's problem with shooting something just right and not skewing the perspective, and second, scanning eliminates the darkness, ripples and shadows which show up on a phone photo.

  2. I agree with the above comment. The envelope is a little dark around the stamp and the shape is distorted. The scans look better, but it is nice to have the flexibility of either. Smash

  3. Incidentally the creature in the middle is my sister-in-law, not you. The silhouettes were traced from the top of the stamp sheet, placed in the envelope and outlined with a marker or crow quill and filled in with marker. Smash

  4. ok...i will go back to scans...but you will have to put up with photos until i get entirely moved out of the studio and sell it...which hopefully will take a very short time and the photos are already lined up, well into may....

  5. This is an awesome envelope. I don't know if the center pinkish tone is actually on the envelope or if it's a result of the photo, but it's very cool as a sunset feel to the scene. Beautiful lettering!

  6. the pink is my weird lighting on my desk...but glad you like the effect :-)

    thank you smash for the details :-)