Saturday, April 6, 2013

alyce - dangles

i love this one. i think alyce said she learned the style in a class. i suppose we should give credit to the designer. maybe alyce will leave a comment. i do respect people who design things. on the other hand, i saw something the other day about a whole language system that was knotted fringe and it looked like this, only without hearts. so, in some ways, everything started a very long time ago. does anyone know whose system of record keeping was knotted fringe?

i love google. 30-seconds after i typed the question, i had the answer:
Since the Incas had no system of writing, they kept records by means of a quipuá series of short, knotted strings hung at intervals from a long top string.

now, can anyone tell me how to pronounce quipua?

thank you alyce for the very pretty envelope :-)


  1. That came from Milwaukee, WI? Holy cow, another artist just about in my backyard! How cool is that?

  2. wisconsin is a hotbed of talent in the envelope arts :-)

  3. It's because winter lasts SO blasted long in the Midwest, you all need to do something 8 months of the year! hahaha

  4. Love your envelopes - esp. the ELLEN series!!!

  5. i still have a huge stack of envelopes i sent to ellen to post, so check back for more :-) thank for posting.

  6. You are welcome, Jean.
    I first saw this this morning. Saturday was the guild's Spring Clinic . I taught a card making class in the morning and I took Marji's Akim Cursive class in the afternoon.
    The learned about dangles from Joanne Fink. She has a book out called Zenspirations ~ Lettering and Patterning. She as a new one coming out at the beginning of June called Zenspirations ~ Dangle Designs.
    You have done your share of spreading the envelope art love in our area, Jean!