Tuesday, April 2, 2013

from jackie - blue vertical lines

i don't know if that style of j has a name, it might be the layering of two styles. it's very pretty. the vertical blue lines are positioned over the lines of copy on the brochure that is inside the envelope that you can see, slightly, through the envelope.

go ahead and try to steal whatever you like from this one. i guarantee you can't steal those italics. and these aren't even her best-est italics. this is just her every-day penmanship. i'll be posting some examples of what happens when you take time to really focus on one style (something i have never done - but i like to encourage people to do so, if they find a style that they really like.)


  1. Oh!!!! I stole this one, alright ... I have found it hard to find stealable "J"'s over the years. Italic has been my writing hand since 1981 and I would love to see some of her cursive italics. Jean, I'm sure you keep your eye out for usable J's. I write most of the standard hands (I hope in a unstardard way) and no matter the hand, the J's, just by their one stroke nature, are mostly pretty simplistic.

    Love and appreciate your blog.


  2. yup. i, too am always on the lookout for pretty Js. i have some tucked away that i will pull out and post on the blog. keep watching :-)

  3. Each time I look at this J, I marvel at the balance between simplicity and grace, and that absolutely perfectly placed thin vertical line to the left of the solid J which curves in all the right places, and then saucily dons a hat....my mind's eye sees how, with just one more stroke, that hat could be a fedora, or perhaps a deerstalker....