Thursday, April 18, 2013

teal - scroll border

this is an ok start...can't decide what to do next. this might not count as a legitimate post. i'll try to find something else to post today.

tomorrow there will be two. i thought they looked better together.

also, thank you alyce for the *smashing* envelope. i will scan it and post it after she receives it. (and steal the idea :-)

ok here is something worth adding.
a biscuit that was mailed.

it was on the English Antiques Roadshow, the woman just talked to the host, no value was suggested, although i would consider it priceless. It is a biscuit that that was sent to her grandmother by her brother in 1915. He was in the army and wanted to show her how hard these biscuits were, he just addressed it and put a stamp on it.

 more than 10 years ago, there was a u.s. stamp that featured baseball parks. i did a series of mailings as well as an invitation where the message was printed on hot-dog-pink paper, rolled up,  put into an actual hot dog bun, then put in a waxed paper bag and there was a band of paper around that with the address and stamps. the ends of the hot dog bun showed so it looked like it was an actual hot dog being mailed. all of them went through the mail just fine. i stopped sending things like that after the p.o. had the anthrax incidents and started asking questions about  --is there anything fragile, liquid or perishable--


  1. My gel pens should arrive today and I'm so excited to try some of your pretty designs. Keep up the marvelous inspiration, please??? Yours is the first blog I go to every morning now.

  2. happy gellin' - i have quite a penpals who check the blog first thing...and it is always very nice to hear that people appreciate the ideas. i enjoy gathering them and passing them along. :-)

  3. I'm happy you enjoyed the envelope. Also happy to know it arrived. My husband looked at me funny because the stamp wasn't in it's traditional upper right hand corner.

  4. OMG...that biscuit mailing is CRAZY fun!