Friday, April 19, 2013

k&r and chuck

these two are from the series i did on the night i was sooooo very tired from moving, and wanted to do something fun, and i went surfing for ideas. there were some very perfectly symmetrical victorian borders on some images on the sheaff website. i did very loose cartoonish loops to see if i could figure out the path of the line. these are a bit like celtic knots. it's fun to figure out the path without any guidelines at all. if you want to make them more accurate, you use graph paper or paper with dots in a grid. i like the wonkiness of these. i did the top one first and thought it was a little wimpy. it needed a punch and the lettering i chose did not provide any punch. you will have to trust me that the bottom one looked really BAD when it was just a bold stroke. i wish i had an image to show you. the fine line made all the difference, proving once again, that CONTRAST is our friend. remember...contrast is one of the design PRINCIPLES that we should always remember. learn what it is and USE it. why am I shouting today?
because i am writing this on a day that i will be teaching.

my poor, poor students...maybe they wear earplugs.

on kathy and robert, i will center the address below the ampersand and plunk a stamp in the center above the ampersand.
and no, it does not bother me at all the way i had to squeeze the T into the layout. did you even notice it until i mentioned it?

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