Friday, April 12, 2013

fan mail

look at this cool fan mail. thanks *m*....i really appreciate hearing from my readers. and i think *m*s style of writing is way-cool. i like the playfulness and the way she only has long descenders. the e's (on the note) do not have any loop. is that intentional?
 just curious. :-)

and i like the flourished design. it looks like a rubber stamp and some kind of interesting ink pad that is like a watermark... i have to stay away from rubber stamp stores. i used to have lots...but had to let them go.


p.s. i have misplaced this envelope and have forgotten whether or not i responded to it, so if *m* emails me privately, and sends her address, i will send her an envelope. i have a lot of good ideas just waiting for addresses.
jmwilson411 (at)

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