Friday, April 26, 2013

stella's vine step 2

ok stella-bella (i gave her a middle name since she didn't tell me what hers is.)
first i tried pulling color off the g-tec ink, but it was too dry. then i painted in some greenish tones using gouache. then i looked for a stamp. next i will paint the other half of the leaves and the descenders purple and  then i will fill in the counters with red.
i like this new concept of photographing the progress. although, it is cutting into my other chore-time.


  1. The color is very sublime :) and the stamp is just faaaabulous! love love love it! sorry to be so tardy in posting, life is a blur these days. your upbeat posts give me a place to stop and focus on the joy of creativity, thank you jean ♥

  2. these were just the warm up ideas. in a couple weeks the really fun ones are scheduled to keep watching :-)