Tuesday, April 16, 2013

from jackie - neuland orange

this is what jackie wrote on the back of the envelope:
(I spent all evening on these Neulandesque letters. Still not satisfied with the stamp. .. security envelope does not bother me now.)

neuland is a style of lettering done with a broad edge nib or pen and you make only thick strokes, no thins. this actually reminds me of phoenician more than neuland.

they wrote right to left, so if you can imagine this flipped (mirror image) i think jackie's "jean" looks phoenician and i hope someone has time to make a complete alphabet. also, jackie's phoenician tilts upwards which is much nicer than the droopy-ness on the phoenician.


  1. I like Jackie's uplifted letters as well. They look really cool. I also like the line graphics she's added AND her handwriting is awesome!

  2. yes, jackie has mastered italics and that has made her everyday penmanship really superb. i always loved those S's in Shakopee. sadly, she moved to an S-less address.