Saturday, April 13, 2013

john neal beads

this really is the last earthscape stamp. i was thinking about the envelope that alyce sent, but was too lazy to go find it or pull it up on a screen, so, this was as much as i could remember. wavy lines and dots. i know there were more details. but somehow, this seemed like enough. maybe it was because i can't really picture john being enthralled with a whole bunch of dangles and beads. this looks a little more like a circuit board. the trees on the stamp are just dots, so, it made sense to repeat dots.

the marker letters and details are zigs. the tiny details and writing are G-Tecs.
if you don't have the set of 10 colored G-Tec, available from john, i would have to say they are on my list of *must-haves* - if you are serious about your envelopes.


  1. Jean, I guess I have become a serious envelope writer and I need a set of G techs, but I can't find them on John Neal site. Could you supply more info. Smash

  2. the website is

    the item is

    M08-S10. Pilot G-Tec-4 Set of 10
    M08-S10. G-Tech 4 Set of 10.

    9 colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, light blue and brown) plus black.
    Metal tip. Smooth writing, don’t skip. Recommended by
    Sheila Waters and others. Not widely available in the USA.
    Non-waterproof. Pilot G-TEC-C4 Ultra Fine 0.20mm

    i also like to have the .25 size in black for super tiny writing.

  3. This is quite a fun lettering design.
    Question: Is it not bothersome to post actual addresses?

  4. i am not sure what you mean. in the case of john, that is a business address and i think he is fine with people knowing about him and his business. i do not post any real addresses for people. i use fake addresses for anything i post that has a person's actual name. is that what you mean?

    or, on some of the mail, the people have moved, so, they no longer live at the address that is on the blog.

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