Friday, April 5, 2013


shout out to annie who has been leaving some comments on previous posts. i don't know your last name, so i wrote in oakley and a fake address. i was really tired one evening, but felt like looking at fun stuff on pinterest, so i started doodling ideas that i liked. i don't have the full alphabet, but it would be fun to take any versal and try to morph all the letters in this direction.

thanks to annie for leaving comments :-)


  1. Annie is my friend and I know her address if you want it. She would LOVE an envelope from you! Her birthday is April 29th.

  2. Jean, that is a GORGEOUS "A"! It's pretty but has a funky edge to it, too. Very nice. :)

  3. I've been called Annie Oakley many, many a times in my days...and a few other Annie names as well. I'm honored to be represented here. Thanks, Jean. I am not a quiet blogger...when I like the work and appreciate the inspiration, I say so!

  4. anyone who wants an APRIL birthday envelope can send their snail address to me at jmwilson411 (at) ...or you can ask for a card for your friend. i can't offer to take birthday addresses for the rest of the year, because i will lose them
    but, i will extend the offer in may, if someone reminds me to.

    glad you like this one
    remember...i just saw something like it. i did not invent it.

  5. my mom called me annie when i was little because she thought i looked like the little girl named annie who was the friend in the Nancy comic strip (with Sluggo) i always thought annie was adorable.