Monday, April 29, 2013

popular daisy

in past posts, i have shown the envelope from this blog that has the most re-pins on pinterest, as well as the all time most pinned vintage envelope. this is one that i keep seeing over and over so, i thought i would include it.

the scanner is not yet set up so, i am scheduling a few days of images from things i find on the internet.

i am not usually a fan of the patriotic stamps, but the way the lady appears to be looking up at the flower is a nice touch. also, the touch of blue-gray is very nice.

remember, if you want to steal this idea and make some vertical flowery envelopes, you will need to put on the amount of postage for a non-conforming size....which, i believe is 66-cents at this moment.

i bet she took it in and asked them to hand cancel it.

it is by Gerry Jackson Kerdok. remember, you can see lots of fun envelopes at the graceful envelope website.