Thursday, April 11, 2013

guest artist jackie - atalier

this is so cool. after she addressed the envelope, the ink was wet and she wanted to write a return address, so she turned it upside-down. and wrote the return. then she stamped her seal in the corner and wrote the little message around the seal explaining that she wrote it upside-down while waiting for the ink to dry.
 so here is the cool part, when it went through the cancelling machine, it went through upside down...and only her seal was cancelled, not the stamp.
but, somewhere along the line, a person imprinted that bar code along the bottom, to send it on its way.

another concept to learn and remember - turning your artwork upside down to solve problems. frequently, if there is a problem with balance, you will figure out what it is when you look at it upside down. where you decide to put things and how they fill the space is called *composition.* the same word used in music. or a composed salad. even when you follow the postal recommendations, you have at least three elements to balance. sometimes more. sometimes less. how's that for covering every base. oh, that's a reference to sports. and sports are a right-brained activity, same as art, see how everything is connected? don't listen to me. i have clearly had too much coffee.


  1. thank you...i know there are a ton of april birthdays. wish i had some method for remembering them