Sunday, April 7, 2013

to wilma from jeri

this is one from the archives. i don't know if the style of lettering has a name. if jeri sees this and sends me an email, i will post additional information. jeri takes time (makes time) to go to conferences and take classes so she has a lot of beautiful styles in her toolbox. plus, she likes the stamps. and she is a quilter. so, it all dovetails nicely when she addresses envelopes.


  1. this alphabet was from an Annie Cicale handout at a watercolor workshop. not sure about a name but it is likely her original design. thanks for reminding me about it! i think of it as chiseled stone.

  2. This lettering style looks really cool and how interesting the color change is for the letters...that really fascinates me.

  3. i hope i have time to try these letters. i'm thinking it would be fun to use watercolor pencils. and of course, my letters will be pretty wonky. i have so little patience with precision (on letters) precision on paper folding is fine.

    thanks for the comments ladies :-)